Yusaf Mack Beats Down Internet Troll


    According to Fameolous; the victims leg was broken while receiving a beatdown at the hands of Yusaf Mack.

    The victim released this statement:

    “I rather have a video of some beating me up then a video of someone seeing me take a d*** up my a** any day.” The man says he will retaliate against Mack … “Me and him gonna fight again.”


      • Don’t wish evil on the man. Pray for him to come into a right state of mind. He is confused and being misled. Homosexuality is a spiritual illness…..pray for the brother’s deliverance and not his downfall.

    1. Good gawd. A pansy thug administering a beat down in a beauty parlor.

      What has this world come to?

      #at least he didn’t bite his ear off

    2. Dang! Steve Urkel beats the breaks off Weasel… in a beauty shop, no less? What in the entire 7734?


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