Karrueche Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown

karrueche tran chris brown restraining order

A judge just granted Karrueche Tran a restraining order after she claims her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, threatened to beat her up and kill her.

In a sworn statement to the judge, Karrueche says earlier this month, Breezy “told a few people” he was going to kill her. He also told friends if he can’t have her “then no one else can.” This is no surprise considering he also posted a

This is no surprise considering he also posted a video online pretty much saying the same thing.

He also threatened to “take her out” and “shoot her.”

She also said back when they were dating, Breezy “punched me in my stomach twice,” and “pushed me down the stairs.” This was during the time Chris was on probation for beating Rihanna.

The legal docs claim Chris has threatened to harm Karrueche’s friends also, and he recently threw a drink at one of them. She worries that he will act on all his threats, and that’s why she requested the restraining order.

Are you surprised CB is still violent and unstable and threatening to hurt Karrueche?


  1. Did she not see the pics of how he fucked up Rhianna’s face? Let me guess? She thought she could change him or was too blinded by his celebrity to see that he is a punk ass woman beater. I don’t have any sympathy for her. Nope!

    • ^^THIS^^

      She did not think she could change him. She saw that fool as a come up and now she is paying the price for fucking with what she already knew was a psychopath.

  2. Chris crazy ass better focus on his career fake ass blood only reason they let cb claim piru is because he paying them like wayne and camron and Jim Jones doing paying these real thugs to be a part of their thing souljah boy paying to be a crip. Shame fake ass Michael Jackson wanna be thugs Chris can’t even fight he throw bottles at drake like kids he can’t even handle gay ass weirdos like frank ocean or Tyler the creators freaky looking ass

    • Not really criminals are still breeding black women with impunity. Black women may have dodge Chris Brown but they never dodge Tyrone the drug dealer/breeder. Why can’t they dodge them though?

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            • Yes but black women kill black fetus 3 times the rate of other races and have the nerve to say “don’t shoot my baby” “black lives matter” Wake up sistas

              • No they do NOT abort more redumbshit…spewing white rhetoric does not equal truth.

                Just too bad for all of us your trash mother did not abort you.

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                And since you know there is an agenda, you do realize how stupid everything you say against blacks is right?

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              • You are a pure moronic idiot.

                For every thing WE HAVE DONE that has been thwarted and all of our leaders who have been ASSASSINATED and you continue to say dumb shit like that?

                Being able to breathe air is too good for you.

            • And why do black women always say other races of women do it to? Shouldn’t black women be the standard of virtue since you guys are claim to be queens? Black women seem more like followers/servants looking for a guide in life.

              • Humans are humans redumbshit which means no one group has the lock on any thing.

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          • That is all you ever say.

            The coon is you for spewing hate because no sane Black Woman would ever want YOU.

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              • No black women are NOT coons just trash like you who only knows how to tear down groups of people, because they hate themselves.

                If you loved any part of yourself you would not be such a tiny prick or seek attention from people on blogs.

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                Misery loves company and you certainly are a miserable asshole.

      • 19:30 – Reformist, this is the Anonymous who made the initial comment, and to answer your question – I’ll just say… You mistake girls with real women! Maybe that’s why you still burnt over whatever happened to you. Little girls with emotional problems who are in developed women’s bodies are not to be counted. Learn the difference. Or maybe you have some growing up to do yourself. Like attracts like.

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    • Karreuche is not black smh . Sometimes you women be sound it dumb or is you referring to rihanna wicked ass. She wicked just like Chris . Y’all call anyone black.

    • If she wanted a baby don’t you think his thirsty self would have impregnated her? Karreuche is a princess/hustler she knows that a child would rob her of her youth, freedom and career. Her being single with no kids helps her career more and Chris is angry because of that

  3. In the meantime, CB’s baby needs prayer. Between her and tori spelling’s kids, trouble lay ahead because of idiot parents.

  4. Karuchee better lay low if she know what’s best for her. These dudes don’t care about no restraining order. Her social media is may cause him to snap. When a man says those words, believe him! Forget a restraining order, she need to lay low. I had 2 exes tell me this and after the first one, I learned to take the second one serious. I deleted social media, moved to another state, change jobs and dropped mutual friends.

    She either better marry him, hide or get fat!

    • You are the female idiot version of redumbshit.

      You two should hookup and create special sauce kidz.

    • I made a comment defending Reformist and his points of view.

      It was removed.

      No deviation from groupthink is permitted here I guess.

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  5. He does something to this girl, he will lose custody and baby mama will get full custody and all his money. It’s a matter of time.

    • Karreuche seems like a cool chick and really down for the man. I think he knows he messed up and opportunity to have a loving partner and he is mentally paying for that blunder. She is very feminine also

      • She is not feminine…she has a hard ass face just like the trannies you are attracted to, but are in denial about.

        • Actually Karreuche is so desirable because she embodies everything the average American women doesn’t. Feminine, slim and speaks really fluent English (no cussing/cooning) and dresses fashionably

            • Strange part is that Karreuche gets more instagram comments taking pics of her face and fashionability then the average black instagram model gets for being completely naked. Without showing skin black women dont get much attention #facts

              • If she gets traction it’s because she was with trash…if it weren’t for cb no one would know who this tran-ny is.

                The fact you think you know that further cements what a low down in the gutter loser you are… #youwillnever beanytihngmorethananinternettroll.


  6. I think stories like these are distractions for the public . Who cares about their old relationship or whatever you want to call it. I don’t think no one cares like that. Didn’t I hear rumors that she was or still is his handler that is very telling . I don’t believe this dumb story. Ifshe is is handler now I know why the story was put out . It was said he spoke on something he shouldnt have apoke on and afterwards this story popped up mmhh yea okk. Go figure. Folks stop stanning for these people and that includes karreuche as well.

  7. Ive called it, a few other people have called it, but I really don’t think Chris Brown is going to make it to his 30’s. He’s a fucking trainwreck just waiting to jump the tracks. His life has been spiraling out of control for the last 5 years, and it’s now just starting to accelerate. He’s making himself a target to be seriously set up for taking a massive fall; i.e a sacrifice. He’s clearly doing meth and coke, and maybe some other shit; because his behavior is becoming more and more erratic. Though I cant say I feel too bad for him. He has all the money and power to change his life, but instead feels the need to keep fucking it up. One of his mistakes is going to be his last…

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