Future Confirms Larsa Pippen’s Affair & Takes Shots at Scottie!

future larsa pippen scottie pippen diss

Now that Larsa and Scottie Pippen are back together and working on their marriage, Future is finally confirming those affair rumors.

The Atlanta rapper just released his self-titled album, and the track called “Rent Money” confirms he and Larsa were more than just friends.

After Future was cited as the reason behind Scottie filing for divorce, Larsa was pictured up in the club with the rapper and lounging poolside at his Miami house.

Peep the lyrics:

“…Gimme pounds, gimme bricks, I’m a nuisance
I make the blogs with ya b**** cause I’m ruthless
I make the blogs with ya b**** cause I’m ruthless
Yeah, I get cash money like I’m Mack Maine
I just put a rapper b**** on game
I be smokin’ rapper weed with my gang
I just slam dunked ya b**** hall of fame…”

Welp, there you have it.

You think Scottie’s gonna clap back?


    • Exactly!
      Future thinks its a badge of honor, to pull another mans woman.
      When in reality, he is a hoe with 5 bany mama’s.
      She got tired of playing with his tired ass and went back to her husband.

      But future dont see that HE is the loser in all this.
      HOME always beats out Mr Feel Good!!!

  1. SMH, not sure why anyone would leave their husband and father to their kids for a rapper. Least of all Future with ALL his baggage.

      • Yeah she’s just another – what I like to call – ‘pale imitation’. Black beauty is from day one.

        • Have to agree with you on that …when black women take care of themselves they age beautifully

      • Looks like Micheal at times Iam sorry but that’s fact the hair don’t help either lol

    • Latin chicks have big booty naturally. Think JLo.

      Larsa is hot as hell and has a great shape for a mother of four at her age and you guys know that.

      • The jury’s out on J Lo. I suspect filler or fat transfer for sure!

        She (Larsa) has a great shape due only to surgery. But you can go ahead and rep her if you like. I have yet to see any authentic Latinos. Most I do see are fake.

        • Scorp, JLo had the big ole booty back when she was on In Living Color is 1991.

          Fat transfer booty enhancement wasn’t invented until the mid 2000s.

          JLo has plenty of African blood/DNA and she comes by her booty naturally. Do you not remember how different she looked back in the day? After the film Selena, she had surgery in LA to “De-Africanize” her facial features so she could be cast in mainstream leading lady roles. (this is a fact I learned from a doctor in BevHills who does business with my spouse.) They thinned her lips and reshaped her forehead and jaw.

          But they left her big booty “as is!” And damn if that didn’t become her signature feature.

          • No sorry I don’t believe it. Many ppl don’t. From what I have seen of her she had no butt in I.L.C. There is a website ran by Dawn Ali that shows you her before and afters. Google it! She had a flat butt. In the 90’s ppl started having work done Kylie Minogue being just one example.

            • She does not have a butt now and never did just wide hips and since people are not used to seeing those on anyone not black they call it a butt…smh.

            • I used to work on ILC in make-up/wardrobe under head hair Victoria Wood. I have seen JLo’s perfect 100% REAL ass. So I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I have seen it in person. All the shit on the web about her doing shit to her ass is jealous bitches

  2. Only us black men take pride in sleeping with another mans wife. This is disgraceful. Us black men need to break out of this “raised by a single mother” complex

    • Exactly it doesn’t matter what race you date just so long as you are doing whAt is right by your family..too many broken homes out here

      • Don’t agree with that fool he is a white troll, whose only goal here is to start shit.

        • For fuck’s sake shut up with the white troll bullshit.

          Reformist IS BLACK. Deal with it.

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              That idiot is what you pretend to be a self-hating SOS.

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              • Yes but did you realize that 90% of successful black men sound and act “white” while the ones who rape, murder and sell drugs sound ghetto/drunken sailers?#blackmenrock

              • ^^Why do you pull BS stats out of your ass? You do realize you sound more stupid than you are right?

      • Yeh bro like this coon this and coon that needs to stop…raising family regardless of colour should be paramount. I Coming from a broken home would love to see more black families stay intact.

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            • LMAO…that is what I want to see that simple country pig wallowing in the swamp of shit you crawled out of…LOL..

              White Bitch mad because he got called out!!!! LOL… 🙂

              • And just because you live here does NOT mean you run anything…

                Mad because your mom is a WHITE trailer trash WHORE, and you will never be better than her, lol.

              • And these are the type of women us black men are allowing to raise our kids. No wonder most turn criminals deadbeats and strippers #Blackwomenarebadmoms

          • LMAO Scorpiess….what does that mean. But to answer your question I am Nigerian heritage but born and raised in Atlanta

            • I knew your bitch ass was country…but a black african you are not.

              And she is saying you are not from amerikkka dumb ass.

              • Been in a Toronto for a year and the difference between Carribean black women and Black American women is startlingly

              • ^^If they were so great you would NOT be on here all day everyday.

                So the problem must be you and them.

              • Reformist

                We used to have a lot of Island ladies on this site, but they all gone with the rest of the good people. Now it’s just ugly filth mouthed American black women.

              • ^^Shut Up Sodomizer Disciple…they are no more interested in you than him. You are both garbage.

  3. They’re fighting over her?

    I mean I could see if they were fighting over a thick Asian chick. They’re so soft…and they’re so tight and they get so wet…they get creamy when you rub their back…their lips are so yummy

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