Who’s Jacky Talking About?

who is jacky talking about

Today’s blind item is widely recognized as a Real Husband of Hollywood. But sources say if the reported “secretly taped sex capade” were to get out — said to reveal our mystery man sharing a smashing scene with one of Tinseltown’s very active female reality stars/escorts … Don’t believe me? Just ask Game — it’s suspected that our blind item’s real wife of Hollywood may Parker him, potentially turning dude into a real divorcee of Hollywood.

We’re told that’s exactly why our mystery man has been making it rainy for his reported co-star in the “secretly taped sex tape”, said to be droppin’ “a chunk a month” to “keep the footage on the low”. WHAT’S MORE? Though we can’t confirm the exact number of the monthly “blackmail monies” sources say dude’s droppin’, according to credible industry insider he’s been “making the payments for upwards of a year.”

The Drop:

“She invited him over to her apartment in Miami — not knowing she had hidden cameras set up to get them f*cking on tape. He’s been paying her a lot of money not to leak their sex tape ever since.”

He’s a leading RHH cast member (and a reported “unhappily married man”) who’s said to “spend a lot of his money on prostitutes.” Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Boris, he seem to think because he attractive, he the shit.. But he doesn't realize, that being attractive is not it made up to be.. My thingee is who's the man behind the face.. She knows he's cheating and he's no better for it.. Men want their cake and eat it too.. SMH
    Most of them in Hollyweird are leading doubles lives, some triple, counting the sex they have with other men.. Color me crazy, but I will take my chances alone and disease free…

  2. Not to sound like a dumb person but Boris I always thought was a very faithful man and had a happy life with Nicole but I guess he is just like any other man out there .I would like to know is there any men in this world that is still faithful if it is God bless you' you be good to him and you be good to her.

    • Right it's sad especially nowadays smh finding a faithful good man is like finding a needle in a haystack. I don't want to say all men cheat but unfortunately far to many do.

    • All men DON'T cheat. A lot of selfish, spoiled, immature, stupid ones do, but there are respectful grown-ups out there and they just don't.

      • Truth! There are many men that have a foundation of integrity, morals, the golden rule , natural love, etc. That's a very broad, untrue statement to say all men cheat, however when you look for those that are cute, has money, no foundation, and doesn't stand for or believe in anything, those are the usual suspects.

    • We got tools and women got holes for a reason, play your position, don’t let steve harvey gas your head up.

  3. Firstly "Jacky" isn't talking about anyone since this blind comes courtesy of Mr 'Marc Rippin'.

  4. Who is the girl that's a hard one to many women in Hollywood are a reality Star could you give more clues?

  5. That's probably why Nicole is supposed to be so paranoid. She was married to someone else when she got with Boris, and we all know how that goes.

    Anyway, the c-list and below celebrities just need to start a show called "I f+cked up, so what?" Get a fake counselor to guide them to redemption. That way, people get paid instead of paying off hoes and fixers/PR team.

  6. Does India Love have an apartment in Miami? It can't be a Kartrashian because non of them or Chyna live in Miami.

    This makes me sad because I love Nicole.

  7. The reality star bitch is P. Rainey, she's the slut who sued Game on some dumb shit.

  8. ..thought Nicole was a lesbian?? Didn't jacky reveal that? Thought this marriage was a farce…

  9. Things aint nevva how they look! Beautiful family and there is nothing but deception. I raised an eyebrow when he made that mess of a movie with Kenyatta More. Their opening scene seemed like just a bit too much fun for them.

    • If that is the case of why men cheat then why not leave why not be up front and be honest yes bugging the hell out of someone takes a toll I seen that with my own eyes but at the end it always ends up being very bad and ugly why not have a clear conscience to just tell the truth then to cheat how you get them is how you lose them no matter what just be honest that's all.

  10. I think it’s Khloe. She was on an episode of “Real Husbands”. These Kardashians must be STOPPED!

  11. Is that blurred picture at the top supposed to be the one of the pictures taken from the apartment of which the sex tape took place? Does anyone know?

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