Who’s Jacky Talking About? – July 5, 2016

who's jacky talking about july 5

Today’s ‘acting’ blind item is busy in the midst of doin’ damage control. This, after he caught a serious skool’in at the hands of a publicly professed wordsmith. Don’t believe me… Just ask Golden State Warriors shooting guard, Andre Iguodala. That’s what sources say led our mystery man … 1 Erykah Badu … and ‘Five Guys’ to implement the clean-up plans he currently has in effect mode. From what we’re told, that would include a concoction of bogus Billboard stats … a couple of Kendrick drops … as well as word out there of ‘virtual relations’ with one Barbadian pop princess!!!

“_____’s team bought his number one spot on Billboard 200 Chart, for 9 weeks.” — Industry Insider

Now, he’s said to be struggling to pick up the pieces. And, sources say ‘sensitive’ doesn’t even to begin to properly describe the 50 emotional shades which have reportedly sent him to the depths of a dark depression.

The Drop:

“He thinks it was Game’s crew that was responsible for his home being robbed while he was celebrating his Memorial Day pool party.”

Now … can you guess the name of today’s blind item? Let’s Go!


  1. rambling words that mean nothing…not coherent…try again. what are you trying to say?

  2. Read it again, slower this time.

    You guys are too used to TMZ where they just lay it out for teenagers. This BI actually makes you put pieces together. But the Barbadian Princess part was the giveaway.

    • Nah, Drake got hit up too. While his house was being robbed during his pool party, two girls pretended to be fighting. This was a decoy that allowed people at the party to go inside his house and sneak off with jewels, and a few hundred thousand dollars. Then it leaked on line that he was set up the whole time. This just happened in May I think.

    • Yes, he was robbed of 250,000 on memorial day. They say it happened when two chicks staged a fight.

      • Drake just needs to be more CAREFUL OF WHOM HE HANGS AROUND WITH. I know that feeling of having someone steal from you/me it's not a good feeling.

        Drake just needs to STOP acting like someone he's not for.. Publicity purposes.

        Drake is only hurting himself in the process. ???

        I know that Drake is smarter then that.. So wise up Drake you know. ?????

  3. So much for pool parties?last time i checked still my phone still single nd frauds cant tell me when nd what to do #grifterstrollinghomes. zzzzz lifestyle work for what again …undercovers kill me??

  4. Let me see if I understand this. So Drake's record company bought up all the singles & CDs so it would be #1. That's interesting and that's very possible. So now, Drake is on the hook for the cost of the company buying the CD's; is this right?

    • it's a shame we have to put the pieces together instead of "jacky" just stating the facts! this blind is a hot mess!

    • It's a common practice. The days of real popularity for big acts are gone. Since the early 00s, companies and labels have been manufacturing popularity to achieve real popularity. Over time, they just upgrade the hustle when new viable channels appear. Before it was buying CDs, concert tickets, and radio spins. Now, it's also buying club spins, Youtube views, downloads, Tweets, blogs, and threads on popular message boards. They know there's a lot of people who will claim absolutely ANYTHING they think is "hot," and they exploit the mess out of them.

      Payola isn't new though, it's been going on as long as the industry has been around, but back then, it wasn't a crutch. Back then, people only did it for a little promotion because they couldn't get away with that stuff. Listeners wouldn't bump garbage. They didn't care what was "hot."

      • I have news for you Anon the entertainment industry have been manufacturing popularity since it's inception. It's always been about smoke and mirrors but the difference is everyone in and around the industry was smarter and more talented so they were able to hide it better.

        • BULLSHIT.
          If something was wack, the majority of people dismissed that sh*t back in the day. People today don't even f*cking know what talent looks like. Idiots.

          • Today, audiences are so f*cking lame that companies/labels know the "artist" doesn't need ANY talent to be sold to the masses. They don't have to spend ANY money finding and grooming talent.

            It's also a great position for the company to be in because the person's entire career rests on the popularity *they* manufacture and finance. The "artist" has no power or control. They're a complete whore/puppet.

          • I don't know about that 7:42. There were a lot of mildly talented entertainers from back in the day who became superstars. The Beatles, Diana Ross, Britney, TLC, Mary J-who couldn't sing for shit when she first came out, Madonna are some I can think of off the top of my head.

            • Almost all of those entertainers were successful because they appeared at the *perfect* times culturally. These were moments in history when major shifts were happening, and they rode the wave.

              The Beatles were foreign, stealing really popular black music, and had a "rebel" style in their era. It also takes some amount of talent to be a cover band, and steal people's styles. It was the early 60s, right on the edge of hippy/counter culture shit and major civil rights action.

              Diana Ross was a glam black woman at a time when AA were constantly being physically attacked, and most of media was even worse than now. She was one of the first black women doing that on a big stage, and she's from the hood. Let me state again, Diana Ross is a hood chick. She also interpreted music. She's not Patti, but she had her style.

              Shitney Spears came out when Payola began its rise to standard business. Three years later, the Ashanti/Alicia Keys era, it was standard. Everyone acknowledges that Shitney sucks.

              TLC had style, and interpreted music. Were they amazing? No. Did they do shit others didn't? Yes. There were lots of girl groups in their era, there's a reason people noticed them.

              Mary J can sing, she just did too much drugs.

              Madonna was riding Prince's wave of sexuality and MTV's rise. Plenty of people pointed out how talentless she was/is, but she stuck because she was associated with a cultural moment. If you slide her entry by 5 years, she never would have got on.

  5. Drake should have known better than to give a party at his house. When you have that much you have to rent a place to throw a bash. Sorry Drake.

  6. I guessed it was Drake from the Barbadian Princess & Memorial Pool Party, but I have no idea what the blind is about. Can someone explain what the point guard, Erykah Badu & 5 guys have to do with this? Clean up what?!?!?

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