Khloe Spotted Hooking Up With Trey Songz

khloe kardashian trey songz

Khloe Kardashian’s divorce from Lamar Odom is in the works, and she isn’t wasting anytime finding a new black celeb to sink her teeth into.

This time, Khloe’s leaving the athletes and rappers alone to hook up with Trey Songz. The two were reportedly spotted out together, shoving their tongues down each other’s throats at a club in Vegas.

Sources (a.k.a. Kris Jenner) say Mr. Steal Yo Girl and Khloe went out on the Strip on Saturday night, and they were spotted “making out in the early morning hours.”

They then took the party to Drai’s after hours nightclub and continued with their very public displays of affection.

It seems like Khloe has a new man every holiday. On Memorial Day, she was rubbing her fake buns all over Odell Beckham Jr.’s junk. That romance obviously didn’t last, and now she has moved on to the Z-list R&B singer just in time for 4th of July.

Do you think this will last, or will Trigga pump and dump?


  1. "as she isn’t wasting anytime finding a new black celeb to sink her teeth into."
    -> I just can't stop laughing !
    What a perfect description of this despicable excuse for a human being !

  2. This heifer is going to catch Mono. I doubt that she is looking to settle down. She seems to drop them before they get a chance to drop her.

  3. Odell is gay as hell, and so is Trey. I guess she's getting checks to help them fake people out, or maybe they like her because she looks like a dude.

  4. She only wants her picture on the gossip blogs and grocery tabloids. She ain't looking for Mr. Right.

  5. This woman is only looking for a roll in the hay and the paparazzi to follow her around like her other dummy members of her family. What decent white man is going to lay down with her.

  6. Boy these industry pass around's sure do get around the block. MK ULTRA's a muthaf*cker!

  7. So…this chick is spotted hooking up with a different man every week. What's new about that? If anything this particular hook up was an attempt to offset the gay/bisexual rumors that plague Mr Songz & to keep this tramp's name in multiple tabloids every week. Please note she & the rest of the barbarians she's related to receive a regular stipend from multiple media publications.

  8. Gay SONGZ hooks up wit all the hoes , male and female… so now if you weren't sure and were on the fence about Klhoey …you now can rank her amongst the hoez .

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