Joseline Hernandez Fake Pregnancy Exposed as Pub Play!

joseline hernandez pregnant

Joseline Hernandez has gone back into her bag of tricks to get some attention. Just weeks after a failed attempt to expose Stevie J. for sexing men and trannies, Joseline is now claiming to be pregnant…but her latest antic has already been revealed as a publicity stunt!

Joseline posted a picture of herself with a round tummy and the caption, “Happy #MilfMoney #baddestputa #puertoricanprincess #lahhatl #LilJoseline”

But exactly one week ago, she posted a photo of herself with a completely flat stomach.joseline hernandez not pregnant

Nice try, Joseline.


    • Yeah it is ridiculous and pathetic !
      This attention whore is so miserable …

  1. I feel sorry for her. That tat of the little girl with her head blown off says a lot.

  2. Men can't get pregnant bih! *plies voice* she doesn't even have a real pwussy! That musky pwussy was made in a lab bih! ???

  3. stop with this deception we all know this is bullshit for this drag queen trans

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  4. No transgender women can't because they were born naturally a man but a transgender man can because they were born naturally a woman that how that goes.

  5. Jose needs to stop the ??! Men can't give birth! Egotistical silly male to female transsexual!!

  6. No transgenders cannot get pregnant…but eye heard they pay well for pretty bitches… coming from an AG oops Fem of course , some still have their penis attached nd alot of urban down low men are intrigued….some become sugar babies , gay for pay or just gay period. Hey people do the most for other people's money..but what do eye? eye know….#lovingthelife . Dont worry about me Doug? pets the movie coming out 2.

  7. maybe it's her before and after for that skinny tea all the celebs keep trying to push! Lls

  8. I Think it is if Jose ah man then so be it I don't fu*k wit nothing that is not of God. you Neva know I was thinkin Jose could be women howeva Stevie knows puff we know puff be fu*king Men so birds of ah feather … I believe Jose when he said Stevie is Pan sexual … New shit I jus found out means you do it with people , animals anything …

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