TI Sued By His Own Restaurant Employees!

ti scales 925 restaruant sued

T.I. is in hot water with the employees of his SCALES 925 restaurant in downtown Atlanta. According to AJC.com, 12 of the restaurant’s employees claim they were not paid properly for services rendered.

T.I.’s business partner, Charles Hughes, allegedly deposited money from SCALES 925 into his personal bank account, so when it came time to make payroll, the employees’ checks were bouncing!

The employees also claim Charles used a faulty time and billing software called ALOHA to keep track of employee hours. The software would delete hours or not keep track of time worked that exceed 40 hours per week. It also added a tip amount of $35, even though employees didn’t make $35 in tips, and they claimed they were coerced to work off the clock for three hours before being allowed to go home.

The lawsuit reads:

“During Plaintiffs’ employment with Scales, they would routinely work more than 40 hours per week. Although Plaintiffs would routinely work more than 40 hours per week, they were not paid overtime. Plaintiffs complained to Scales about not being paid overtime; however, Scales would simply ignore their complaints.”

“Scales would also take money out of Plaintiffs’ paycheck claiming the money was used to pay the busboys. However, the busboys told Plaintiffs they didn’t receive any money in their checks from Plaintiffs’ wages…Scales would also require Plaintiffs to pay $4.00 out of their paycheck for broken glasses even if no glasses were broken.”

The employees want T.I. and his business partner to finally pay up!


  1. Most people are socially inept nowadays, that's why I'm not suprised about the allegations made about T I's business acumen. These people have the money, but don't have the training or education to maintain their business.They always bypass the experience needed to run a business by hiring a hack that may be a friend or some fool from the streets that don't know shit, and is a brute. I believe everfeverfy allegation. Restaurants are extremely expensive to run, profits come slow most times, and most fail within the first year..If your name and rep is attached have some integrity, and pay your employees.They have bills too shit!

  2. The rapper owes almost half a million to the IRS. IDK what their plan is to pay it but people have gone to prison for this, especially black people and recently. This may not be the time for investment 'losses' and experimental businesses. I always question who is handling the money when things like this happen cause it is not supposed to happen when reputable professionals are in charge, that's why you hire them.

    • Anonymous @09:59,
      When have you EVER heard of a partner of a business depositing the business tally in they're PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT? Where is business conducted like that? TI better pay those people before the labor board comes after him.

  3. Off topic: Wendy Williams said, "Why aren't there any historically white colleges? What if there was a National Organization for white people? Black people have the NAACP "

    I'm not making this up! Wendy Williams really said this!

    • If she said it it must have been tongue in cheek. Wendy isn't smart, but is she really a dumbass ignorant fool? Even 7th graders know that all the state universities and private colleges were white at one time.

    • Though she knows there is line not to be crossed like saying that NAACP was funded and created and still controlled by the quasari-semite joowish bloodlines (((TPTB)))

  4. Wendywoman's audience is white so she panders too often. A HWU is not needed since they already exist – just not labeled that way. The NAAWP is called prison – worldwide.

  5. TI is just bad news all the way around. He is like a cursed object or something.

  6. I am willing to bet that this restaurant is a front for money laundering(as are many many restaurants and bars.) That's why they are depositing money off books and irregularly. And frankly they don't care about the employees or the food. It will close or burn down in a year when it no longer serves its purpose. Anyone see Goodfellas?

    • saw it, yep. and you're right…stay tuned for an arson article related to his restaurant because that man aint restaurant-business management material whatso-damn-ever.

  7. my people, well most, are always trying to scam and get over on each other…i'll never grasp nor comprehend that. and TI ass struggling to raised that army he got to support and now a newborn baby too, so he's out to scam any and everybody he can now…sad. and the food is filth there if you've ever eaten there like i have. TI..uhhh..just dont know what to say about this kat any more.

  8. Hollywood owned black entertainers starting how "proud" they are to be black on one hand and treating their kind like slaves on the other hand … how original !
    TI has been nominated "trainee of the month" by his quasari-semite joowish bloodlines masters…

    • so true. started distrusting him and no longer liking his business practices ever since his ATL movie days…after those days of that movie that is. yeah, he's now Hollwyeird-owned – you can tell because he is now just as shady and no=good as they are.

  9. This nigga Charles Hughes trying to rip me off right now. Punk ass. I just found out he's got a con on me and I'm pulling the plug. Coming fo yo ass.

  10. TI and Charles both ripped me off on a side deal outside of the night club. They left me hung to dry. Set me up to fail.

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