“Single Ladies” Actor Convicted of Child Molestation

Harold Moore child molestation

Actor Harold “House” Moore who appeared on season three of VH1’s “Single Ladies” has just been convicted on child molestation charges.

According to sources, Harold was found guilty of inappropriately touching a 15-year-old girl after sneaking into her bedroom late at night on Nov. 25, 2012.

The victim claimed “the defendant had touched her on previous occasions that made her uncomfortable by tickling her on parts of her body and adjusting her bra strap.”

He was arrested back in 2012 and had been out on bond. He has still been landing gigs in Hollywood, and recently appeared on an episode of Hawaii Five-O. He was also slated to play Dr. Dre in the new Tupac biopic.

Before becoming an actor, Harold worked as a behavioral therapist. He calls himself “an advocate for youth development and education.”

His sentencing hearing has yet to be scheduled.


  1. Not surprising! The brother looks dirty! Notice how most people with money look all dried out, mean, and worn out. Most look sunbathed, stank and dusty. No matter how much paper they have they still don't shine. They look ashy, because they lost theIr "SOUL GLOW" ! They've engaged in drugs, alcohol, and behaviors that's sucking the very essence of GOD out of their ass. This ninja got the nerve to work with"youths" with behavior problems. Please!

  2. Fuck this nasty low down bitch azz. He was trying to groom this girl by "touching" her. It wasn't sex, but very inappropriate and he knew she was too young to really articulate what was happening. This is how these sneaky pedos operate.

    These are the kind you hope winds up stabbed in a garbage strewn alley after being thrown from a speeding car.

    Fuck him!

  3. wow, alot of assumptions without the facts. this is a young brother, trying to make it happen, who mess around with the wrong mans ex- the 15 year old is actually his sons older sister. who's father is instrumental in this charges. i've had men fix my daughters bra strap when someone else can see it.
    why would dude seek into his girlfriends daughters room when he can have any grown azz woman he wants. sounds like jealousy to me. she's 19 now I hope she tells the truth and repents for trying to see her brothers father to jail for a lie. before you judge research dude, you'll take back this bull crap comments. ps he doesn't have alot of money. his career has been taking off since background dancing with destiny's child and working with tyler perry on lots of projects.

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  4. Yep coon privilege is real when the coon in question works for the quasari-semite joowish bloodlines masters of Hollyweird …
    This will get away with it just like R Kelly did …

  5. and this pedophile is supposedly married to that chinese-looking chic, or she Filipino one. the chic who had a li'l role in one of Ms. Tyler Perry coonage tv shows…forgot the name of it but it's canceled though. yet another molester lurking the streets and not a damn thing is going to be done to him due to being Hollyweird-owned by yt.

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