Ray J Fires Shots @ Bobby Brown: No Little Boy S*** with Whitney

Ray J Bobby Brown Whitney Houston

“If I am with Whitney Houston, I know I can get a private jet. I know that … free … so I’m gonna push the line until it happens.” — Ray J

HSK Exclusive – Additional audio revelations, reportedly sourced from the crates of author Maxwell Billieon reveal Ray J dedicating a diss track to none other than Bobby Brown! Apparently, the recorded conversation went down during Billion and Ray J’s planned preparation to pen a relationship book — leading to him revealing some of his own personal relationships, namely his so-proclaimed pimpin’ he presented to Whitney Houston.

… as far as my attire, as far as where I took her, as far as the security team that I brought around her, as far as what I had her wear, as far as the money that I invested in her to fly private from Vegas to New York or L.A.” — Ray J

Ray J is heard in the sound recording talkin’ about how he would “turn down the bad boy … especially publicly” as part of his mack daddy detail (specifically, when it came to Whitney). Then, he somehow leads to convo to private jets … livin’ dat life … and digg’in on Bobby Brown, insinuating the “Every Little Step” singer is either BROKE — or — just plain CHEAP!

“That’s why I am me, because I know how to prep the women.”

Peep how Ray J breaks it all down:

“It was always private jets. It was always first class everything, beyond … like, it wasn’t no little boy s***. Put it like this, Bobby Brown might not have taken the bill (inaudible) that was 700-dollars.”

Take a Listen to the mack talk … straight from the horse’s mouth:



  1. Off topic: A blogger from Lipstick Alley called Wendy Williams a Tyrannosaurus trans-sexual self hating bitch. I'm laughing my ass off. That was funny as hell.

  2. The fact that this information is being released from a black man about a black woman who is an icon is just distasteful. Even if he is doing it for money, it's wrong. One day someone will drag him down and maybe he can live to hear it and read about it!

  3. I believe Ray-J was Whitney's handler. I believe Ray-J played a role in Whitney Houston's death (Clive Davis ordered the murder). I still want to know about the letter that Whitney gave to Brandy. Ray-J must have powerful, devilish hollywood connections. How has he lasted this long in the hollywood mafia's playground and he has only had one major hit record?

    • He was her west coast dealer just like Nick was her east coast dealer. Yeah he DID play a part in her death since she was fulla blow in her autopsy.

      He was NOT her "handler." what a joke. The only things Ray J can handle are grams and ounces ffs. He couldn't even manage a come up on the most explosive celebrity sex tape debut in history which lead to the now billion dollar KKK fortune. Shit, even Tyga's lame ass has pulled a come up off them bitches.

      • That's obviously not the type of handler he was referring to. Handlers as in MK ULTRA. Look it up. Ray J is a handler, who's also been passed around the industry.

        • The Truman Show,
          I wasn't for sure you knew the truth about Ray J but apparently you do. Most people aren't aware of that part. His sister has not been spared in any way either.

    • Ray gotta deal drugs how else do you explain being around tom greens crazy ass

    • IDK if we EVER will find out about that letter. Maybe when Brandy dies…if she is smart, she already tossed it. That letter is PRICELESS at this point.

      And yes, he did (Ray J) play a part of that death…I believe he gave it to her, whether he sold it to her or went it bought it for her. That whole thing is just SHADY! And he is so silly he better watch himself because he is maybe thinking ppl forgot, but NOPE!

  4. Just another person staying relevant off of a dead woman's name. SMH

    In other news, RIP Alton Sterling.

  5. Ray j sold drugs to her after he had her whoring that's it but bobby already pimped her out when ray was a little boy anyway Whitney was through anyway

  6. Ray J trying to sound like he's a has all this money. He was on Sinbad's it was cancelled then he was on his sister's show that didn't last very long. Then he had one hit song! Please have several seats you are still Brandy's brother

    • LOL @ Brandy's brother. Yes. He is SOOOO annoying, I wish he would go away. And he can't even sing! SMH!

  7. Bobby Brown needs to get some of his "hood niggas", run up on Brandy's little brother, and give him a dedicated, unadulterated stompin' beat down!

  8. Ray j had his hands in on whitney houston death when those two people got out of the car in came into that room ray j got paid for it bcuz if he didnt listen to the powers that be they was gonna take out his family n killed yall remember they drug up his sister brandy norwood n made her crash that car the range rover n she killed a woman and the powers that be got her off with no jail time i wanna know what that letter was that whitney houston past to brandy norwood with monica right there and that old fat devil clive davis before they took her out i guess Jennifer hudson was suppose to be the new whitney houston lol so far from it that aint really pay off now j hud can really sing but the music industry is foul n evil peace

  9. He is scum. And that is why he is with a reality star woman to this day. He has not been able to come up more that a ghetto reality tv show. He played himself, cause at least if Whitney was still alive he might still be in those private jets, now this lame is flying coach.

  10. Ray J is just another illuminati owned coon doing what his quasari-semite joowish bloodlines masters tell him to do.
    When will we burn down ALL OF the entertainment industry ?
    I dream of a giant bonfire where all of the entertainers and their master will be thrown in one after the other …

  11. Notice he said " he knows how to prep women" prep them for what????? Likely scarifice. He follows it up by saying " Thats why i am me…..His rise to fame is only predicated on who and how he scarifices. Don't make your life sound so wonderful when you know it's a undescrible misery. To know everyday someone can nominate you to be scarifice for their fame. I have never seen so many wealthy people so broken everybody has a drug problem, eating disorder, struggling with alcohol or in and out of rehab. Seems that being wax rich ain't all its cracked up to be. You can't put a price on peace of mind even rich people can't seem to obtain it even with all the private jets, even with fancy dinning and first class everything. They end up dead in a hotel bathroom, dead in a elevator, dead at home under the supervision of highly paid mefical staff, dead in a hotel closet from asphyxiation or nearly dying from a drug overdose at the bunny ranch. Wtf is going on???? For all those reading this comment, you may have to work hard for your money and save to take your vacations but Glory be to the most high God you can go to sleep at night.

  12. Anyone who has anything to do with this little POS, after his rants, true or false, will find themselves in dark light.
    Your day will come buddy, and only your parents will stand by you.

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