Cam Newton Plays For Strippers & Dodges Kids at Florida Youth Camp!

HSK Exclusive Cam Newton Drop

“My husband and I are extremely disappointed. I-M-G must stand for ‘I’m a God’, or something.” — Outraged Parent

HSK Exclusive — Cam Newton may have just received a pair of nominations from the ESPY Awards …. Cam Newton might have recently been named “the NFL’s LeBron James” … and, Cam Newton may have gained grand proclamation from @BuckyBrooks, charging him the “No. 1 choice off of “The Top 100 Players of 2016” — but the aftermath of a Florida youth football camp reveals “game changing” effects. That’s because a group of little leaguers and their parents have surfaced to share the deets of their recent personal encounter with the NFL star quarterback…

“Kids from the hood came to see Cam … but he treated them like they had a disease or something. You could sense that it was tense. I mean, it was obvious the kids weren’t enjoying themselves. At one point, one kid even whispered ‘He’s a jerk’ under his breath.”

Multiple sources have checked in to file Cam Newton complaints, sharing “game changing” highlights of the football youth camp session — hosted by IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, on June 16th. That’s when Newton reportedly delivered “half azz coaching” to a group of pre-teen athletes. Of the featured highlights, the Carolina Panthers star quarterback is said to have “thrown major shade” at the pre-teen kids he signed up to coach, and was expected to inspire!

“A little white girl tried to take a picture of him, and he [Cam Newton] covered his face with a towel.”

Cam Newton IMGFan selfie

Apparently, baby momma Kia Proctor was not at the IMG Academy event. Know why? Because the details we’re gathering point to Cam Newton as being the type of youth football that displays more interest in “taking selfies”, while running game for Tampa strippers, than he does for the kid athletes looking up to him! That’s because word from the streets has it, “Cam showed up that same night at the strip club to make it rain on strippers.”

People Don't Pay To See Modest

The Drop:

“A lot of us parents are pissed because we all paid good money for our kids to be enrolled in the camp. I mean, a lot of families and kids drove up from from all over Miami to see Cam … and he stayed clear away from them! It was a complete disappointment.”

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  1. He's on that Nickelodeon show where he 'tap-dances' for the kids and yt. If he got paid off for blowing the Super Bowl, maybe this is his reward.

  2. Fuck that nigga. Cam white bitch having ass don't care about kids from the hood. Tight pants wearing fag.

  3. These boys need the hood only when it suits them…if yall stop buying the product and stop sweating them they would humble themselves…They should be barred from the hood and shunned from the black community!

    • There it is. Anonymous @ 08:39, when I say that people get mad but that is the first order of business in situations like this is to immediately STOP BUYING ANY PRODUCT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY ATHLETE/ARTIST/CELEBRITY WHO BEHAVES IN A MANNER YOU FEEL IS UNBECOMING ESPECIALLY WITH REGARDS TO OUR CHILDREN. Cam will not care but his sponsors will.

      Cam makes $11 million from his deals with Pepsi, Gatorade, Microsoft Corp, General Motors Co & Under Armour not to mention the deals I may not know of. This is in addition to the $31 million the Panthers are paying him this season. He signed on the dotted line knowing he was expected to make appearances & host clinics among many other engagements. Those parents should flood Carlos Fleming's office with letters regarding this event & requests for their money back. They should also advise him of their intent to contact Cam's sponsors as well including Nickelodeon. Carlos is not going to want to deal with it but he will….for several reason$$$.

  4. Cam is a fag huh? FOH with that bullshit. There are enuff BM who are suspect, but Cam isn't one of them. Yes, he dresses fashionably like Russell Westbrook, but that doesn't equal gay.

  5. You never want to actually meet anyone you look up to or respect in "The Biz". You will always be highly disappointed. Most live in their own world, have a 6th grade education level and literally don't take showers for days or use deodorant (men and women) while wearing $5,000 outfits. Instead, look around you for good people to look up to. Cam isn't gay and is one of the few AA Athletes out there who loves his Sisters (but dips his feet in the other pool every now and then).

    • CrashC,
      While I completely second your entire comment that still doesn't give Cam the right to treat those kids the way he did. I am one of those parents like those discussed in the article. Some of us parents would be real rich if we had all the money we've spent on keeping my son in organized sports. I can go down a list of NFL players who have hosted camps, clinics & events over the last 16+ years. Antonio Pierce is at the top of my memory because his was free every year & held in Compton. Antonio provided printed t-shirts, Gatorade, snacks, training drills, invited his celeb friends & NFL players from his & other teams. THEY ALL talked to the kids about a wide array of things outside of football.
      This is just ONE example but there are many. Cam should be reprimanded for his attitude &
      conduct. He should also be made to refund those parent's money OR do the camp over for free.

      I feel bad for the parents & the disappointment they're boys experienced. Cam should be so shame but surely he isn't…he's made it $$$ & not looking back.

  6. My son's team was very upset he didnt even engage with them.This was a football event. The sad part is if you do a lot of these things like we do, you often run into proplayers being involved. My son has been coached by Max Starts, Chris Johnson, Vince young, etc….at certain camps. They always let the kids take pictures with them and interact with the campers. We have paid money and driven far for this.
    I loved Cam as a parent, but when my son and his teammates told me don't waist my time he is a jerk!!! It's sad when kids who look up to you call you a jerk. I can now say he has lost me as a fan.

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