ABC Gives ‘Uncle Buck’ Da Boot – Will Packer Takes Up Femin-ISM Next!

ABC Gives Uncle Buck Da Boot Will Packer Takes Up Femin-ISM Next!

“Will doesn’t give a sh*t, he’s onto the next. And, he’s gonna exploit the sh*t outta the womens empowerment program. That’s why he’s hanging out with Jada Pinkett Smith.”

HSK Exclusive – SAY UNCLE! It has been exactly two weeks since we told you Uncle Buck’s days were numbered, and just yesterday, ABC came to the table with a July 6th, 2016 announcement revealing the network’s decision to cancel the Will Packer Production. This, after the show saw just one season on the air!

“Tuesday’s Season 1 closer will serve as the show’s series finale.”

Despite the original viewership numbers clocked and reportedly garnered through the Will Packer prime time blaxsploitation, industry insiders give the ‘Uncle Buck’ movie adaptation “an average grade of D+.”


The Drop:

“Mike is too raw for the ‘Mickey Mouse’ network. ABC has a string of Black shows this summer … but Anthony Anderson better save his money cuz they’ll cancel his azz like they cancelled Mike and Uncle Buck.”


  1. Sometimes I wonder what the producers' motivations are. Are they interested in producing entertainment for black people and/or the masses or are they strictly ego driven searching for accolades?

  2. Good. It was racist propaganda. ABC is cranking out racist shows. I hope all black shows are pulled from ABC. *F_CK* ABC.

    • You have a problem with black people yet you're here on a black blog? Why?! Please love yourself and act accordingly.

      • 1. You're an idiot.
        2. You don't understand English.
        3. You're an idiot.
        4. I don't like ABC doing black shows because every single black show over the last 5+ years is nothing but racist bullshit.
        5. My comments are not available in Espanol. Use Google translate, skeezer.

    • Yes! It was a bunch of stereotypical bull shit! All that white washed, we are the world, everythang is alright, don't worry be happy crap from the 80's and 90's! Mike Epps and Nia Long on ABC was corny anyway! IThe show was too much like Blackish, except for the constant hijinks,and misunderstandings, like a black Three's Company! Lmao! Most of the "Black" shows on TV make us look stupid, ugly, and nasty… I get your point! It was quite clear!

  3. black people love kissing to jhews ass for movies roles, tv sitcoms , etc damn mike epps did alot to get that starring role i mean alot damn dude

  4. Well at least NBA is Fixed will be happy.

    He wants every black show which doesn't match his lofty expectations off TV and out of the movie theaters. Meanwhile black actors are scrambling for work and the black presence in the dramatic arts grows smaller. Is THAT a good thing?

    The Cosby Show was lightning in a bottle. It was a show which blacks and whites loved and it showed a prosperous well rounded black family. That was a once in a lifetime thing.
    In order to succeed, a show has to pull in a multi-cultural audience, and hence a show like Blackish does very well. Is it perfect? No. But it is not deserving of the rank condemnation it receives here.

    • I don't give a damn about black actors. Most of them are coons who have literally kissed the white man's ass! If you think I'm lying, ask Halle Berry!

  5. ^^^ I said it before and I will say it again, damn near all black people in hollywood are coons! Think about this, the tv show is called Uncle Buck. During the antebellum slave era, a lot of black men were called bucks. White slave masters practiced a sadistic ritual called "Buck Breaking." This is when black men were castrated in front of the black women. Mike Epps' character is called Buck and he dressed like a mammy; this is similar to him being broke. In conclusion, that Will Packer tv show was offensive and should have never been produced!

    • This show was based on the movie uncle buck and uncle buck was played by john candy…so stop reaching for extras.

    • I overstand. John Candy was a clown, so I knew what to expect from Mike Epps on this show, which is why I didn't watch it.

      Black folks get a check and will run out and buy any and everything their little hearts desire. Mike Epps bought a Rolls Royce. I hope it's paid for, because Uncle Buck came and went. Perhaps, he shouldn't have been posting pics of his new ride on Instagram. You know how jealous these devils are. The minute they think you're getting caught up, more or less getting ahead, they're working OT to stop your progress.

    • NBA…
      I wasn't expecting you to break it down that far even though I already had on my own. Most people aren't going get catch your point on this for various reasons. Some posters aren't old enough or simply aren't knowledgeable in certain areas of our history. No one can be faulted for that. I didn't learn about "Buck Breaking" during my 13 years of Catholic schooling nor did I learn of it on my almost 7 years of college. My grandfather told me about it while we were wiping wax off his truck. If not for that conversation years ago I wouldn't know WTH you were talking about!

      You may have to cut folks here some slack & provide links to the info you discuss sometimes in an effort to "share, inform & enlighten" those who may not know or be aware. I can see people misunderstanding you on this one.

      • No one misunderstood, but everything is not about shucking jiving and cooning. The man is a comedian so if you do not like his style of comedy DO NOT WATCH THE SHOW.

        I did not watch the show, but if it was that f*cking deep that you all have to pull out all the stops to prove a point, so be it.

  6. I'm not surprised the show got the boot. The casting was bad. Mike isn't funny and Nia is a bit stiff. They should get rid of Blackish too. Black people can do better.

    • I have never watched Blackish. The previews were enough to prove it was a plain white washed so called black sitcom. Classic reason why I don't watch mainstream tv.

  7. bottom line. the show was not well written. the acting was awful.
    Mike Epps is not a leading man. Sometimes he is funny. but not that funny.

    We can't have Will Parker saying "oh well, off tothe next one"
    just tryin to get a check, is unacceptable

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