Mimi Faust’s Niece Accuses Stevie J of Molesting His Daughter!

mimi faust stevie j daughter eva

Yesterday, Joseline Hernandez threw out another bogus claim after Stevie J refused to claim her imaginary baby. In a fit of rage, Joseline called Stevie and his father child molesters, and now, Mimi Faust’s niece and former nanny is backing up those claims!

In an Instagram post, the family member says she noticed red marks on Stevie and Mimi’s daughters legs. She said the little girl was experiencing pain when urinating, and when she brought this to Mimi’s attention, Mimi tried to get rid of her!

mimi faust maid stevie j child molestation

mimi faust maid stevie j child molestation 2

Do you believe her?


  1. Too late for that girl her dad is gay her mom is a lesbian who did porn and joseline is a dyke

  2. The better question is: "What do you think?" You wrote the article in a biased fashion, stating: "Joseline Hernandez threw out another bogus claim…"

    Apparently you have already made up your mind. Why are you asking our opinion?

    • The bogus claim = Stevie J. being the father of her baby. We already posted we don't believe she's really pregnant! After Stevie denied being the daddy is when Joseline called him and his father child molesters.

      • Sooooo, Steebie supposedly molested his daughter, Joseline knew it, continued to sleep with him and claims he's now HER baby's father? This hoe is bat shit crazy and Stevy needs to sue her reckless, no talent ass.

        • You summed it up pretty good. And she did it all on social media instead of going to the police, child protective services, or the child's mother.

        • Amen amen amen and at first she had my vote I was like wait a minute if she knew and never reported it that mean the fish birch need to be charge as well dam money over a child mi,mi wow

      • Do your research. Joseline is pregnant. She posted an ultrasound and showed video of her growing belly.

        Journalism 101: You should refrain from accusing someone of making a bogus claim when you don't have the facts. As it now stands, you are the one making bogus claims. You need to print a retraction and an apology.

  3. Auntie should call the police if she believes that this happening. Sometimes these mothers want to sweep stuff like that under the carpet. I sure hope this is not true… Hurting children is a no-no in my book.

  4. i believe her. Stevie looks like a doggone sex crazed molester who will get it from even a vulnerable, defenseless child…child meaning under the age of 18 and below…and even from his own flesh and blood supposedly. report his gotdamn ass, even if the state does nothing like they didn't do jack crap for you. and report dikin ass Mimi too because i truly believe she is sweeping something as serious of an allegation as this under the rug because the bitch has never been bright in the head nor been able to think for herself and think on her own sadly. report their damn asses i say.

  5. If the glorified babysitter knew or suspected anything this vile and didn't report it she should be charged as an accessory to the crime.

    • The system would not have cared, especially if the mother was not on board.

      What she should have done, if she could get her alone, was take the child into the hospital herself and ask if they could see if the child had been genitally traumatized, so they could proceed with a rape kit.

      • I disagree. First of all, you can't just randomly take OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN into a hospital and ask them to examine her like that.

        I know that for a fact because my cousin couldn't take her granddaughter in…they demanded to speak with a PARENT. She kept saying "I'm the grandparent" and they shut her down QUICKLY.

        Secondly, if the nanny called the police with her suspicions they are mandated BY LAW to start an investigation and contact child protective services, the hospital and the like.

        This chick didn't do that because she and Joseline are both LYING.

        • Unless you are in that family you do not know that for a fact. Now if it was just that man saying this maybe, but in this case you never know.

          And if she was under her care at the time and the child made those claims, it is possible the hospital could have suggested her filing a report for they do the kit.

          There is such a thing as a mandated reporter and in your case if it was not a sexual abuse situation, I could see why they would say that, but they not in this one given the circumstances.

          Again solely reporting to child services would not have yielded any results on there own, because I know the system and the follow through is atrocious.

          • I didn't say solely report anything to child services. I said report it and maybe should of clarified to the police.

            I know about being a mandated reporter and if the nanny had reported it to the police she would of gotten some results.

            And if you think any hospital will let you take a random CHILD without their parent and perform a rape kit…think again.

            • I said they (hospital) may have made her file a report with the police so they could do a rape kit…they damn sure would not just turn her away.

              And the police would not have done shit but turn it over to child services, who would listen to the mother, so I still says she should take her to the hospital, to start the process.

          • She said she filed a report about being molested herself that went nowhere. She didn't say she filed one on behalf of Eva. And she should be ashamed of herself for dragging that innocent child through the media like she has.

            • If it is true she should NOT be ashamed. What I am tired of is people acting like this shit does not happen.

              Whether any of this is true remains to be seen.

              • Amen!! and for real @17:55
                Im not saying that Stevie did anything, but i get sick
                and tired of black people going in AUTOMATIC denial
                and defending alleged possible molestors everytime there is a story
                Most black people are so in denial when it comes to things of this nature

  6. You never know who u end up with i hate when women say i been with him for 20yrs so i know him or what he would or wouldn't do. U can be with someone for 50yrs and still not know a person. Just because he got swag he dress good and look good doesn't mean anything…i think that's where people get it mixed up at. MO……

  7. This sickens me, and it's a little too close to home for me to be objective. But I will tell you this, if the child was subjected to sexual abuse by her father, she will come to hate her mother in the future for failing to protect her, as well as failing to seek prosecution when she suspected it was happening.

    And for the record, this happens way too often with regular folks. This ain't just "Hollyweird."

  8. Why didn't she call the police? Child molestation is very serious. I wouldn't be surprised by evil Stevie J and Joseline because they had it in for Mimi. This is why you can't have ever one around your kids. Also put cameras in the home to catch these predators.

  9. Why is something so personal as this on a social media website , these are children who have to live with the aftermath is this mess. Ppl kill me thinking you have to post everything out there for the world to consume. No home training at all. It's more or less to badmouth and shame Steebie than it is to seek vengeance or you would call the authorities and keep it private for the sake of the child. Bye Felicia.

    • If these people did not choose to expose their life; lifestyle on TV maybe all their business would not be out in the street.

      This is the price you pay when you choose to be a fame whore.

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