Kim Kardashian Secretly Meets With Divorce Lawyer


If you believe the rumors, Kanye West will be a free man soon because Kim Kardashian is secretly meeting with a divorce attorney to end their marriage.

According to sources, Kim has been having private meetings with celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, and she’s ready to pull the plug on her marriage ASAP!

“Kim is miserable and wants this marriage to be over. Kanye has absolutely no clue that any of this is happening, but Kim has already asked to have divorce documents drawn up. [Kim] talks to Laura all the time, not only as a lawyer, but as a friend,”

So when will Kim finally file the papers? No one knows, but she’s reportedly so upset that her marriage has to come to an end (lol, yeah right) so maybe she’s waiting until after the holidays.

“She really thought Kanye was her soul mate and is absolutely devastated… She’s done.”

So much for in sickness and in health, right?


  1. Well I hope he takes her for all he can. She earns more than him so he should seek spousal support. I hope he realises that God / Satan has looked down / up and smiled at him and offered him a reprieve. Get long gone Kanye and don’t ever look back.

      • Sasha I agree to a certain extent. But you gotta keep this guy quiet..He gone need a couple of mil to do that.

      • Well the only way to make sure he stays quite and doesn’t spill all there secrets would be to pay him off. Kanye might have signed a NDA but in his current incoherent state there is no guarantee that he will keep to it.

      • Rumor has it that there isn’t one. He didn’t want it, which means she gonna clean up

    • That might work – for him to out himself, but I can’t see him doing it. A big pay off might be better all round.

      • Yeah is is a devil worshipper but – he crazy. He can’t control what comes out of his mouth. Whatever dirt they have on him, he is only one man. How much dirt do you think he has on alllllllll of them? – even that weird looking Jonathon Chebang (sp) one? I believe that he could ruin them.

        • That just proves my point; he’s a loose cannon. Why are they so scared that they have had to 5150 him? He is a liability and there is no telling what he might do. I think that the only option is a sacrifice – him.

      • Kanye’s a puppet, and his puppeteer is Kris Jenner; who is also the rest of the kardashians handlers. He’s not a mason, but he knows the deal, and he knows he’s in deep shit. Can’t feel too bad for him though. This was what he wanted, so this is what he got.

    • ” They will blackmail him and threaten to out him.”

      He’s got plenty of dirt on them that would totally upend their television empire. He can talk about Bruce/Caitlyn, Rob and Chyna, Tyga and the young ‘ho, Kourtney and Disick, Khourtney and Lamar/James Harden, Kris and her young, gay buck and lastly Kim’s past with her various men, her fake pregnancies and more. He’s in the driver’s seat and he knows it. His disappearing probably has them freaked out, wondering what he’s up to.

      Even if he’s signed an NDA, he can use the crazy card in his favor (I was crazy your Honor – crazy when I signed the NDA, crazy when I disclosed their wicked ways…..I’m just CRAZY your Honor and Kim knew it when she fake-married me! You can’t hold me responsible.”).

      Either that or Kanye’s contract with the Kardashian production company is over and he knows it’s time to go. He’ll get a lump sum payout for keeping his mouth shut about them. I doubt the kids are even his.

      I believe NOTHING that the K-Klan says. They’re about as trustworthy as Cheeto Mussolini is.

      • Oops – wrote Kourtney twice, but Lamar’s former other half isn’t Kourtney. I’m not even willing to look it up, but you know who I mean. The one who recently had MORE surgery and now looks like a constipated Anna Nicole Smith.

      • I dunno. It could go either way, but it’s kind of hard to tell who’s really in control in regards to the two of them; especially with the shit that both are equally involved in.

  2. Lasted longer than I thought women wait til they have kids before they decide to divorce these days well when you marry a whore because the Kardashians have no talent what do they do they just a bunch of rich biracial who f*ck black.dudes and Khloé still married to lamar

  3. Surprised this site hasn’t mentioned the death of Big Syke from the Outlawz.

  4. There will be another rich, dumb ass black man who will try to wife this fake ass female demon. If the KKK jezebel helps the hollywood devils murder Kanye, I won’t feel sorry for him!

    • Some black men would see it as being ‘chosen’ – what an honour; you’ve arrived mate! I have no sympathy for any black man that is only too willing to give his life for their cause.

      You get what you deserve in this life.

      • They feel chosen becos being raised by single women who f*ck loser’s makes u a feminized.
        men ain’t supposed to feel chose.

        • This comment maybe grammatically poor but it is content rich. Kanye is just another lost black male with no black male support system around him. And as you said it’s all because of his Mothers bad choices.

        • where the f*ck is Kanye’s father and all this? I think that goes under Mothers bad choices!

          • How do you figure he abandoned him…people have strained relationships all the time. His mother could have very well kept his father out of his life, happens all the time.

            Nonexistent relationship does not equal abandoned.

  5. Wonder how the klan explains away the tragedies that befall all their men. Daddy’s name associated with all their phuckery. Anyone coming after him is fair game. Shameful.

  6. Good, this bitch and her wicked family have done nothing but try to break him down, and ruin him. Kim and her mother are his handlers, and they’ve damn near destroyed this man. They’ve been pulling him down further and further into the rabbit’s hole, and it shows from everything to his music, to his past behavior. Get as far away from this bitch as you can, and never look back man. Hopefully now he’ll get back to making some good music, and focusing on himself and his mental well-being. All the Kardashians do is destroy black men-well anyone who get’s close to them, and further corrupt them morally.

    • I see that you’ve been on here a while, so I assume you know what I mean when I mention “handlers.” These Kardashians are high powered witches who have ruined every black man that has come under their wing. Of course these dudes actions ultimately did it to themselves, but you can’t argue that these women were the facilitators and the catalyst. Of course a being a ultimately wealthy family in Hollywood, high powered connections and abilities are going to come naturally. Once you get into that realm of course, one slip of the tongue and it’s curtains for your ass. Kanye’s life is in danger. He’s gotten himself way deep in, over his head, and it’s going to be hell and high water for him to climb out of this hole.

      You should already know that black men do not have much power in hollywood to begin with.

    • Yeah, that’s the most f*cked up thing about it, and one wrong move, she can take him through the ringer of the court/family court for all it’s worth, and get full custody of the kids. The absolute worst thing is her and her family getting sole custody of North and Saint. With all the depraved, sick shit this family is into, it’s really heartbreaking to even try and fathom how these kids are going to turn out.

  7. She has no brand without him.

    Those skanks want fame, not money. They’ll do anything for it.

  8. In sickness and in health. Til death do us part.

    Guess none of that is true. WHY THE HELL DID THEY GET MARRIED?
    Marriage is not a thing to be played with.

    • I’m thinking Cristiano Ronaldo. He earned £181M just this year alone. I am sure she would want to get reacquainted with him for that much moolah.

        • @Sarah. Precisely. He wants a wife and she enjoys the life. They are both extremely rich and famous. She wants more of the uber wealthy life. They both want kids, they are both industry through and through. The only obstacle I see is that his mum is still very much alive and Kris would want her gone.

  9. This is what they both get. I believe they cheated with each other while she was married to Kris Humphries. Also, the way she acted when she was divorcing Kris was foul, but look at who we’re talking about. You did once love this person didn’t you, you married him, why be an ass about it? I hope Kris is somewhere laughing his ass off going, “Whew, thank God I’m out that mess!” Kudos to Kim for the soon end of her THIRD marriage. 😀

    • @Barbed Wire. Increase your standing by marrying an Armenian?? You need to visit Europe! Them and Albanians and Romainians are the Niggas of Europe! Nobody is impressed by dating someone whose family travels in a horse and cart. An ex Italian girlfriend of mine stopped talking to a work colleague when she found out he was Albanian. You only get kudos for dating northern Europeans.

        • @Chickenhead wired… Yeah you do, you are below average on more than a few accounts.

          And to the Brit do not bother trying to communicate logically with this thing, it thinks it knows it all when it does not know shit, but how to cluck and display pigeon-like behavior.

  10. This is straight up bullisht. Kanye ain’t goin’ nowhere and neither is Kim. Those two (with North and Saint) got an Empire. In addition to the fact that Kanye and Kim’s egos together couldn’t fill up MetLife Stadium, so two materialistic, superficial, egomaniacs will stay together and press on.

  11. Always blaming the woman. smdh. Why is it when a good girl gets involved with a corrupt man, they never blame the dude. Everyone is like, oh she’s stupid, she should have known he was a playa, she should have known that’s how convicts do you, she should have been on birth control. Our men ever responsible for their choices and/or decisions??? He knew what the fuk she was when he slipped his pitiful dyck in her. FOH. Society’s double standards will have you out here tweeking.

  12. Some gay guys don’t like women and only see them as a portal to deliver babies for them. Some white women only want nonwhite babies because of a fetish.

  13. Those K bitches are toxic. Why guys put a ring on their fingers, when we all know they are all a bunch of low down Ho’s. SMH

  14. Look how she is NOT kissing him in the picture? What woman kisses her husband like that? Exactly.

    • Put a black pointy hat on her and she’d start cackling. Witchy look ass. That nose ??

    • She probably can’t feel her face because 90% of her is fake, and she’s full of drugs.

  15. If these white women plan to get a lot of money as you suggest, why marry the minstrel? Why not the man who OWNS the record company and the publishing rights?

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