Kanye Abandons Kim & the Kids, Flees Los Angeles


According to sources, Kanye snuck out of his Bel-Air home in the middle of the night.

The rapper abandoned Kim and their children, rounded up a team of security guards and drove out of L.A. in an SUV.

“Kanye’s got to fix himself. He went away to give Kim some space but he’s hoping to save his marriage. At this point, Kim is tired of dealing with his issues and she doesn’t want Kanye around the kids.”

I guess Kanye read the reports about Kim secretly meeting with a divorce attorney?

Let’s hope Yeezy is somewhere safe (with his meds in hand).


  1. Hollywood’s version of Treadstone has been activated. Kanye is going to be whacked in Paris, like Wambosi in the Bourne Identity!!!

  2. I don’t think they’ll whack Yeezy just yet. He’s still very valuable to them, and still has a lot of power of influence amongst many young fans. Its good however that he’s doing exactly as I said he should do in my comment on the last Kanye article on this site, and get the f*ck out of Hollywood, and get some real peace of mind. That Kardashian bitch will otherwise be the death of him.

    • bullshit there are good black fathers the media likes to put that image that black men ar eno good with the help of the black woman so i guess white men don’t leave there kids there are black women with white men and leave them too stop the bs man

  3. run my nigga run fast as you can kanye before you get whacked hide nigga pull a tupac nigga and in cuba c

      • Oh good gawd. Tupac is DEAD. I know someone in that Vegas hospital who saw his dead body being autopsied.

        It’s tragic that he’s gone, but he is gone.

        • Who’s this someone. Provide proof, because there’s plenty of ACTUAL documentation that confirms that Pac was NEVER in ANY hospital.

          • even the outlawz know that pac faked his death and a cop recently he was paid to help pac faked his death pac planned all of this he knew the time and place if tupac is dead why are the fbi and cia still going after his family?

          • there is so much dis information about tupac and biggie, diddy and suge becasue everybody trying to documentaries and books and put their spin on it even people in the fbi trying write books about it just for the money becasue epole want the truth just like biggie moms and faith evans know that didd y set up biggie come on man

  4. There are some seriously odd people on this site.

    He isn’t going to be whacked and he didn’t “sacrifice” his mom.

  5. white billionaires dont want kim nomore she had babies with a american negroe. she might as well get her one of them mexican cartel niggas, at least she would get that cartel $$$$, nowadays the shit betta than industry $$$!!

  6. I see her hooking up with a past lover. An extremely rich European footballer ..

  7. Jim Morrison fled to Paris after he was told he was gonna die after Hendrix and Janis joplin

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