Kanye Turns Into a Becky, Makes First Appearance After Breakdown


Kanye’s transition into a white woman seems to be complete following his mental breakdown.

After reports stated he had fled his Bel-Air house in the middle of the night to give Kim some space, the rapper popped up at an art installation at the Pacific Design Center looking like a Becky.

What do you think of Kanye’s new look? How soon before he goes on another rant? Do you think Jay has called him yet?

So many questions…


  1. Blonde hair marylin monroe alter. I think he’ll end up like her – dead in bed. Kanye you’re in trouble son.

    • He’s in very bad hands indeed. I know more than anything, he wishes for the life of him that he never got involved with Kim. Since getting involved with her, his music has gone far downhill as well. Everything these Kardashian witches touches turns to poison, and dust. What a sad state of affairs. Im just glad Im not in no way involved in the entertainment industry, or at least that half of it. He’ll act out again though. That’s definitely something that will happen again, and possibly soon.

        • I only hope he wins because I hate and despise Kim Kardastardly! – and ALL her family / hangers on.

  2. There Definitely something wierd that happened to him while he was in the “hospital” he comes out and dyes his hair blonde smh reminds me of Britney Spears when she shaved her head bald.

  3. This a strange picture. He is sitting between what could be two masonic pillars with a blurred ‘disassociated ‘ image near his head. Very strange.

  4. leave him alone please damn. just stop talkin about him altogether everybody. let him work his shit out in peace.

    leave him alone please damn. just stop talkin about him altogether everybody. let him work his shit out in peace.

    leave him alone please damn. just stop talkin about him altogether everybody. let him work his shit out in peace.

  5. He looks like a Stepford wife and he has to be out and about to get paid. He is broke and needs the money! J aint trying to check on him yet cause J bout broke too!

    • I heard Bey was the broke one. J made her use her money for all of his failed buisness ventures. Sounds about right. He is her handler so she probably had no say in the matter.

      • Very true. Money doesn’t buy happiness, and happiness at that is very fleeting. Money for these people only seems to make their situations, and mindstates worse.

    • I am telling you that even $ can be smoke and mirrors, these people know how to market

      • Like most so called wealthy folks, the Carters have been living off credit and that credit is running out quickly.

        • What are you talking about? I see some of y’all are o
          Intrigued with conspiracy theories.. Lol

  6. All these white folks laughing at Kanye he thought he was a god he thought he had his pass to white heaven

    • CACs are paying hundreds for a pair of his wack shoes. The only person laughing is Kanye, all the way to the bank.

      People said the same stuff about Mariah, and now she’s one of the highest earners in entertainment after being in the game for how long.

  7. Knew this idiot was falling when he kept bragging bout how good he was and said he was just as good as Disney I’m like go make some cartoons bitch

  8. Somebody removing comments. I’ll say it again. He’s broke cause he has to perform by attending somebody’s show. He looks like a stepford wife.

  9. Jaybay is broke too so he can’t help his brother Konway. Everybody performing till they drop in this biatch.

    • The true nature of the music industry. That’s why I chose not to enter. You basically sell yourself into slavery. As if being in the land of your captors isn’t enough!

      • Me too. I was ‘tempted’ but as a child of God my soul is NOT for sale!

        You’re a long time dead.

    • Everybody performing till they drop in this biatch. ~18:57

      LOL!!! That’s the truth.

  10. His hair actually looks cool. Blonde hair looks better on dark skin because of the contrast.

  11. The true sign of a broken man. It’s a shame they snatched him up and reprogrammed him as quickly as they did. All for speaking the truth. This is also a warning to other celebrities, should they get out of line, the same will happen to them. What a sad life.

    • FRFR! All these c00n ass hyprocrites running around talking about the white man is the devil. Yet they constantly conjuring up some excuse to sleep with the female devil. Then wonder why their souls (melanin, talent, swagger, rhythm, etc) gets sucked out of them. Once an idiot like that is isolated, the bees swarm in to take him apart piece by piece and leave him as nothing but a shell.

  12. No amount of money is worth living in servitude for eternity for. Yes it might initially be ‘nice’ to have it all but at what expense? Being anally raped in hell by Satan’s three pronged penis for the rest of your existence on God’s green earth is not a pleasant thought and a few million – or even a few hundred million – will never provide the necessary levels of lubrication. Ouch.

    • The music industry is nothing but a legalized version of the pimp game. The only difference is the pimp makes a lot more money and the ho doesn’t realize they are being pimped until it’s too late. But these fools keep lining up for this mess.

  13. Acting like a Becky? This Sasha R is retarded. I suppose he will be acting like a Shaniqua when he is sat in child support court.


  15. That negro went from kanye to Yeezy to yeezus to Becky wit the good Hair….Talk about reprogramming Seeeshhh!!??????

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