Kim Cheating on Kanye With Oakland Raiders Marquette King?!


Kim Kardashian allegedly already has her backup black paynus on deck following Kanye’s recent trip to the mental hospital.

According to blogger Terez Owens, Kim has been hooking up with Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King behind Yeezy’s back.

There aren’t any receipts just yet that prove Marquette has been blowin’ Kim’s back out, but as soon as the news broke, Marquette posted this on his Twitter:

Looks like he’s here for the gossip whether it’s true tea or not.

Leave it to a Kardashian to scoop up the only black punter in the NFL, right?

Do you believe the rumors? Is this why Kimmy is in a hurry to divorce Kanye?


    • Could it be that Kanye set up the robbery for Kim being a bit of a hore and making demands with threats?? Could it also be that Kim and PMK found out and tried to pull a Lamar and Scott on Kanye after getting his contacts?? Could it also be that Kanye is well aware of this and is going above their heads? Kim would be a fine sacrifice to a man who gave up his mom for power. Allegedly.

    • You may think all these guys are ugly but LOOK at what they’re getting, a succubus!!!!

        • Personally, none of them are ugly….they need to leave those evil things alone…just sayn and stay within their own nation….before those things take them straight to hell!

  1. These niggas are stupid af messing with these witches oh they will learn when they hit the bottom of hell.

    • You are right that is why I respect black men who date only feminine and natural looking black women. The rest are like the kartrashians fake looking and manipulative. Looking all these fake butt injection black women get just to look like buffoons

        • All you are is a two-faced psycho.

          You dog Black women who are down for their own on one thread and come here talking, some whole other BS…

          Kanye is that you?…smfh.

        • Scorpiess called you out on your own Bullshit Barbed. You never mentioned the “right reasons” caveat in your Dec 12, 2016 at 12:38 comment did you!!! LOL

        • Scorpiess called you out on your own BS Barbed. You did not mention the “Right reasons” caveat in your Dec 12, 2016 at 12:38 post did you!! Total bullshitter !!!

          • Barbed Wire is a coon. She is the typical black womne who wants black men to stay loyal to the black women but black women should have the options to swirl. She is the type of black women that resembles the kartrashians stupid and manipulative

    • I ain’t saying she a gold digga, but she ain’t messing with no broke n****.

      • This man contract is 16.5 million – punters make good money. I don’t know what would lead you to believe punters don’t get paid “big money”.

          • Thank you anon 19:18.

            16 mill in 5 years may sound like a lot to the readers here, but it is what many regular Joes in LA make at their white collar exec jobs. It’s a good living, and broke girls might go after it for gold digging purposes. but for a KKK girl it is laughable.

            • And neither is he. 16 million is his contract over several years ad it is not guaranteed.

            • Agree with anon…besides that we are not talking about the 99% among the 1% that nig is broke…

  2. You know those Chica’s have to make their final move to do those negros in make that final twisting motion in his back.

  3. You lose how you get them…Kanye and Kim both cheated on Amber and Reggie bush (in which Amber and Reggie. It’s hooked up as revenge)!! Whatever you put in the universe comes back to you!

  4. You lose how you get them…Kanye and Kim both cheated on Amber and Reggie bush (in which Amber and Reggie. It’s hooked up as revenge)!! Whatever you put in the universe comes back to you!

  5. If this is true( but more than likely it’s not) Kanye should not be surprised by her ho activity. Too bad he tried to turn a ho into a housewife.

  6. This women doesn’t care what Black man he is as long as he is a Black man that is famous or semi- in the lime light…athletic..that will want her…but he MUST be all BLACK!

    • Not true. Sott Disick was a nobody and now he’s a well to do man.

      Bruce Jenner was an over the hill Olympian when he married PMK and she rebuilt him(got him off the female hormones) and sent him out on the speaker’s circuit and his net worth quadrupled to 135 mill in 10 years.

      She did not turn him into a woman either. This has been confirmed by his previous wife Linda Thompson who is Brody’s mom.

  7. Legacy money? 16 mill over 5 years after taxes and expenses equals what Kim sends on her makeup artist.

  8. This dude is clearly using her for some more shine. He has waaaay better options, but messing with this man-looking broad will get him publicity. Plu$ he can $pend her money instead of his.

  9. this ninja already proud.

    that picture took a lot of effort


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