Kanye Meets With Donald Trump


Kanye waltzed his crazy azz right into Trump Tower today along with a camera crew to speak to President-elect Donald Trump.

In the video, Kanye is skipping through the lobby with his golden blonde hair and a huge smile on his face, looking deranged as hell. Kris Jenner’s boy toy, Corey Gamble, can also be seen walking alongside the rapper.

The two attention wh*res then took their meeting back downstairs and posed for pictures. Trump said he and Kanye had been friends for a long time, and they were discussing “life” for about 15 minutes.

Photographers asked Kanye a series of questions that he refused to answer. When asked if he would perform at Trump’s inauguration, Kanye smiled and said, “I just want to take a picture right now.”

Kimmy, come get your man.



WTF do you think Yeezy is filming? An episode of KUWTK?


  1. But George bush doesn’t care about black people right? His black ass got with Kim had mixed kids and now he thinks he’s just as white as she is smfh dumb f*ck u will always be a negro that the whites make fun of. He is their puppet until he dies. Kanye doesnt even have black ppl in his circle anymore I use to feel sorry for him but for what? He don’t give a shit about Black people barely wanted them in his dumb ass fashion show so let the white elites have his ass smh I bet his poor mother is tumbling in her grave.

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        • But I don’t get it Kanye life doesn’t involve you so why are you worried. And if your allowed to say whatever you want can I say that most black women in America look like overweight hippos FACTS.

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          • True black men are failing their son and black women are failing their daughters. Weave wearing is a disgrace to black culture

          • Because we’re on a f*cking gossip site, and kanye whatever the f*ck, is the current topic for discussion, so we’re discussing it. If you didn’t care, why are you here? Answer that

  2. I am trying to figure out how this ‘meeting’ benefits Trump. No matter what Rump does he comes out smelling like a rose to his people. I haven’t seen one N word comment anywhere so now I am scratching my head.

  3. I know Kanye’s been reprogrammed, but it’s nice to see him smiling, and not attacking Paps, and ranting, it’s just sad how he got there.

  4. In the words of Bob Marley Time will tell; think you are in heaven but you are living in hell

  5. Isn’t Kanye running for president in 2020. It makes sense why he’s cozying up to the president elect Donald Trump.

    • Okay…Was he serious about that? I guess he looked at the political rings and saw ‘Reality Star’ Donald Trump, Hollywood actors Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger and thought he just might have a chance.

      • Yes he is…the sad part is he could win!

        If you know anything about prophecy the quality of future leaders is meant to go down into the toilet.

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  6. Not really about money–more about protection. Actually Kanye is trying to save his own life and increase his power and status. I told you all earlier he is appealing to the upper level for protection bc cause those white boys have more status in the Cabal then Hova, Yonce, and all of those Kartashian witches combined. (Kim and PMK are just starting to try to sink him in the press with the whole ” Kanye is crazy and Kim doesn’t know if he is safe to be with” rumors. We all know what that means, cause they do the same shit to any man that they want to ruin.) If Kanye appeals to the right people, he can be a #1 coon and not a target with an X on his back.

    • Always on target and with great insight! Funny thing is, my bro mentioned the part of this being about protection earlier. Kanye has really stepped on some toes, and if he’s not careful, we could all be hearing about him on the 6:00 news of him being found dead of a “drug overdose.” He’s smart, so I’ll give him that. Trump is a real interesting wild card, who is on a higher level than HOVA, so it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

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