Kanye Explains His Visit With Trump


Everyone was puzzled how Kanye West went from the loony bin straight to Trump Tower to meet with the President-elect, and now, the rapper has explained why.

In his first time tweeting since his mental breakdown, Kanye says he met with Donald Trump to discuss “multicultural issues,” including bullying and the violence in Chicago.

He then ended his tweets with the hashtag #2024 – proclaiming he’ll be sitting out for the 2020 election, but he’ll be running in 2024.


Do you think Kanye has a chance at winning?


  1. They did him just like they did Britney. He looks like a brand new lobotomized dummy.

  2. Please Don’t believe that Kanye has been reprogramed. HE IS PLAYING THE GAME. He wants to be the #1 coon. Remember the video “Power?”

    • As things would seem now, you definitely have a point. He is playing the game. This whole shit may have been a massive publicity stunt. If that’s the case, then double f*ck him. Whatever happens, happens. These people have zero integrity.

    • Well, knowing a little about the medical profession myself, Kanye is def. not on psychotropic drugs nor is he insane. That was all media hype- thanks to PMK. It is all a game and he wants power and is playing shit like chess. Don’t think that coon is stupid and not ruthless. If he was nuts he would still be in the hospital. That little stint that he did might have been complemenmts of PMK cause he got into a mega fight with Kim about the kids. Remember he appealed to DT BEFORE the put him in the looney bin. He was telling secrets of the “Hillary” side before he was “committed, remember?(for lack of a better way of of putting it). It looks like there is in-fighting and he is choosing the side that he thinks will give real protection. Photos tell you nothing. Just needless propaganda to lead the masses in the wrong direction. I can take a photo where I look like a crackhead but I assure you, I am far from that.

    • in case you guys don’t know trump is going to get a war started with russia and china china owns america america is so much debt a trillion dollars in debt china owns detroit and others countries have stopped using the us currency and started their own

      • thanky ouy very much for that becasue america is done yeah i know about them buying hollywood which that celebs won’t be 30 million or 40 million anymore they are trying cut there income anyway they can the music part of it is finshed no one is making money off music these days that’s why they tour

      • They (Chinese) have been buying property in California and probably other states like it is going out of style..so they may try to take what they believe is theirs…

        And gawd only knows what the federal reserve is doing or has done with all the mortgages they bought up.

      • Stephen dude, take a valium and lie down.

        Compared to the sixties things are great in this country,

        We lived trough that and we will survive this. And stop believing everything you hear and see on YouTube.

        • Great?

          If you were around in the ’60s wtf are you doing on here? If you were not, how the f*ck do you know?

          Just because slavery and jim crow were abolished on paper does not mean shit!

          • There is an age limit here? If you were born in the sixties you are too old to be on the internets?

            GD millennial POS.

        • this has nothing to do wtih youtube you got people in the government admitting this welathy people are leaving this country this one right will be the last one

          • i mean look at the world they white poeple have gotten bold they want ttrump to bring back jim crow starting race riots

            • chinese is buying us homes and spent over 300 million but you as american don’t have that right that shows you your governemnt don’t give a f*ck

        • yep if i was you i would save some supplies becasue in 2017 expect an economic set back in oters countries theyalready stop using cash and givng them the chip

  3. they powerful elites don’t want america these jewish people have already left america most people with wealth have left casue they know ameirca is going down

  4. In this year’s race draft, we would like to trade one Kanye West for one Tomi Lahren. lmaoooooo

  5. Are you guys going to clown Jim Brown, Ray Lewis and Curtis Martin who also met with Trump yesterday?

    And they were very pleased with the results of that visit.

  6. This reminds me of something.

    Dear Black folk,

    White people, yes the entire race, are morons.

    I don’t mean they’re racist, bimbos, or any other category other than retards. They are literally morons. They are high-functioning morons, but still morons. You can train a monkey to do many things, but that doesn’t make it intelligent.

    There is no other group of people I have ever encountered or learned of that appears to be totally incapable of forming logical conclusions about the world around them. Other people don’t need normal things carefully explained to them like a slow child, but whites do.

    This observation has nothing to do with race, politics, or any other excuse they throw out when you point out how horrifically stupid they all are.

    I’m reminded on a regular basis that they’re retarded. I don’t mean kinda bimbo, I mean literally retarded. Only a retarded person forms the opinions that whites do. They’re so powerfully stupid that people who associate with them are less intelligent due to exposure to them.

    I could sit and point out examples of when these retards observed something and came to the most sickeningly retarded conclusion a human being can possibly reach, but I don’t want to make myself nauseous. I also have better things to do than explore the details of their severe mental retardation, or discuss how it stems from the fact that they are not fully developed human beings (they have like no melanin).

    What’s important is that normal, intelligent, healthy people recognize that whites are retarded. Black people especially need to understand this because AA (like many) are fooled into thinking whites are normal, intelligent people like other races. Whites are retarded. The things they have are the result of constant theft and oppression. They’re complete morons; but after ages of theft, any dumb f*ck would look normal. If you put a retard in a nice suit and teach him to respond to things like a trained animal, he can fool plenty of people into thinking he’s normal – until he’s forced to reason about something. That is what a white person is, a well-trained (sometimes high-functioning) retard. Do you know what NASA is? It’s the result of constant financial and intellectual theft. Do you know what the lack of competition comes from? It’s the result of constant theft, and constant oppression through military force and proxy military force.

    Stop taking them seriously. They’re literally retarded.

    • They do not need anything explained to them, they play stupid to make you feel sorry for them and to not have to take responsibility for their actions.

      Stop falling for the okie when it comes to these people, they would sooner stab you in the eye with a rusty fork than give a shit about you or your plight.

      Again they will do, say, act anyway to NOT take responsibility for all the low down, dirty, back-stabbing shit they do on the reg.

      • 1. They do need shit explained to them, they’re f*cking morons. They’ll see someone eating a ham sandwich and think they’re eating a ham sandwich because they’ve never heard of beef. They’re literally that retarded.

        If you read what I originally wrote, it would be clear I’m not talking about “racism.” Whites are f*cking morons, it has nothing to do with “racism.” “Racism” is just a symptom of their extreme stupidity.

        2. Nowhere in that statement did I talk about any so-called “plight.” You must be one of the retard crackers I’m referring to if you read all that, and came to an idiotic conclusion about “caring about someone’s plight.”

        3. Again, I made no mention of “racism.” If you read what I wrote, that would be clear. You must be one of the dumb crackers I’m talking about.

        • LMAO…another idiot, just because I do not agree with you does not mean I am white asshole.

          And know nothing you wrote was worth reading the first time so reading it this time is not happening, but I am sure you said a whole lot of nothing again!

            • You fail at common sense and are ignorant as f*ck to not have any other logical comeback…just another special ed case.

  7. Donald Trump was born into money, and that money leads back to slavery and/or the dumb luck of being the first guy wherever selling whatever. He comes from a long line of idiots and degenerates. It’s not hard to make a million with a million. Literally anyone can do it. If you take this dude seriously, don’t reproduce.

    Kanye is a bootlicker, plain and simple. There’s no excuse for his actions, but frankly, I don’t care.

    At this point, it’s expected that individuals that fit his profile will be complete sellouts. What would be surprising is to encounter an AA that ISN’T a sellout. THAT’S impressive.

    • I really wish you people would stop with the all black men, women, AAs BS…no other race lumps all their people together and we need to stop it as well.

      If you want to talk about individuals do that, but STOP the all this all that shit!

  8. Whites don’t take Kanye serious he been in a asylum ml

    He married a whore who ysed him

    He dissed bush but Trump don’t hate blacks

  9. Hey, if you’re real, don’t support artists like Kanye. Don’t cosign them, and don’t spend any money on them or the artists they put out. Boycott their whole label and company, and all their projects.

      • How are Spike, Denzel and Sam Jacksons coons? Because they have jobs? Because they support black causes? Exactly what makes these brothers coons?

        • just becasue they are black and “support” black causes dosn’t mean they black people best interest white people pay them checks

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