Gladys Knight & Shady Son Settle Lawsuit


Gladys Knight has been battling against her son for months to get her name taken off of his “Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles” chain of restaurants.

The singer was asking to have her name and likeness removed from all locations by January 2017, and her son Shanga Hankerson has finally agreed to Gladys’ demands.

Shanga still has another legal battle ahead of him. Back in June, the Department of Revenue accused him of stealing $650,000 in sales tax. Federal agents raided three of the restaurants in Georgia and shut down operations. Another location in Atlanta was faced with health code violations after roaches were found inside the establishment.

In the midst of all this, Shanga tried to blackmail Gladys by threatening to reveal her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.


  1. That’s really sad man. From the aspect that these celebrities families are nothing more than props, and jokes-on the public that is. Most celebrities households and family’s are really f*cked up, even moreso than the average person. The fact that her son would try and do something like this to her, really should make one question her parenting, and just what type of mother and person she was in general. Good parenting does NOT produce selfish, self serving jackasses like her son.

    • That is not true.

      Even people with great parents act a plum dumb fool. You cannot blame a parent for a grown adult’s actions.

      • Um yes you absolutely can. What you fail to realize is that EVERYTHING starts with childhood. Childhood is obviously the precedent for adulthood. If a child is neglected, emotionally abused, or spoiled rotten;without ever knowing the true meaning of hard work, then you have adults like her son as the result. Everything that glitters
        isn’t gold. We don’t know what the f*ck went on in their household, so what Im saying is very much speculation. However, there’s a reason behind why shit happens, and there are reasons behind the corrupted morals and behavior someone exhibits. We don’t know what kind of parent she was behind closed doors, or the face she reveals in private. Would such a good, sweet-hearted individual allow her late niece, Aaliyah to get turned out in the industry, let alone be apart of the industry; knowing what the hell goes on in it?
        Answer me that.

        • I don’t fail to realize anything.

          Reading past that sentence is a waste of time, because EVERY person goes through shit in life…blaming your parents as an ADULT is a bitch move…man/woman up grow a pair and make your life into what it is supposed to BE…if you have a f*cked up fam.

          • No, sorry ass parents create sorry ass adults. Nature vs nurture. Your parents are every bit to blame for a child-teen-adult’s broken moral compass, and behaviors they act out, especially if that child’s parents never checked those behaviors. A parent, but more exclusively a childs mother is that child’s first teacher, and giver of “morals.” If a parent failed to teach their children these things, their children will act out; and ultimately this will come back to bite their parents in he ass upon adulthood. Parenting is no easy task, and this is why it is very important in how you raise your children. Certain events in a child’s life can become the prerequisite for other, more serious underlying issues later on in life, such as the case with sociopathy, and narcissistic parents. Sociopathy, and sociopathic/narcissistic behavior are caused by traumatic events in a persons background. Or if that child did not have proper morals instilled in them. For every f*cked up adult out here, there is a mother or father who failed them. This is yet another issue that black people don’t want to own up to, and enable. You are either one of the very individuals that I mention here, or your a product of it. Not everything is black and white, and I suggest you expand your realm of understanding.

            • You are an idiot…period point blank if you really believe anything you wrote or if you believe anyone is going to read all that BS…

              People are NOT solely f*cked up because of one reason, asshole.

              If there were one answer for all ills, life would be easy & it is NOT.

              • I am an idiot, yet you do not have an argument to refute what I’ve stated here; nor will you. Sorry ass parents raise sorry ass children. You can only get away with shit like this because your mother or father ENABLED you do get away with it, and that behavior went unchecked. You are the person you are today, largely because of your upbringing. Nature Vs. Nurture, even psychology can back this up. Most murderers, rapist and other criminals grew up in broken households, that were rife with abuse, hatred, and years of unresolved pain. There is a reason for everything, and why people act out the way that they do.Why so defensive? Perhaps I’ve struck a nerve?

                You probably didn’t want to read all of my statement because either you CAN’T read, or you just don’t want to own up to reality. As for those “answers” you speak of for all of lifes ill’s, you obviously haven’t found the answers your damn self.

            • Yes you are an idiot…like I already said no one is reading that BULLSHIT!

              Because all it is, is BULLSHIT!!!!

              Only an idiot believes their own hype w/o an open mind, f*cking moron.

              • You did read it, which is why you’re responding. And if didn’t read it because you CAN’T read it, and can’t read period. If what Im saying is bullshit, then argue your point, and prove me wrong. Smart people can at least try to argue and prove people wrong. You’re degenerate ass isn’t even capable of that.

            • Why do you keep responding idiot?

              Let it go and move on already…your singular point is off base and you know it…have a coke and get a life.

              • And btw this is my last response, because if you cannot make a logical point in a three sentences or less, what you have to say is a waste of time.

                BYE!!!! IDIOT!!!!

              • Nope, if you’re going to call me an idiot, you have to prove WHY Im an idiot. You obviously arent too bright, since you’ve devolved to throwing around insults, and wanting to run, and tuck tail. In the future, if you start an argument with someone, FINISH IT. Put your money-if you even have that), where your mouth is, and defend your position.

                And I don’t drink coke, I much prefer TEA.

        • So Truman, it’s the parents fault always, except with Aaliyah, then it is the Aunts fault.

          • I only put blame on Gladys because she was the subject of this conversation. I’ve said this before in other post, but her parents were just as much to blame for her being a victim, and being set loose in the industry; especially for that whole fiasco with R Kelly. Her parents should be held accountable, but Gladys bears more responsibility; due to ACTUALLY being IN the industry, and knowing what all the f*ck goes down.



              • Didn’t say that she was. All celebrity kids were abused if you dig deep enough into their backgrounds.

        • Yes, parenting plays a role in how children turn out…BUT grown folks have to accept responsibility for their own mess.

          And this is HIS MESS. He should of known he is responsible for keeping sanitary conditions where food is served and for paying his taxes…and that his mom wouldn’t stand idly by while he tarnished her reputation.

          Shanga has had a very privileged life and it appears from his actions that he has a sense of entitlement like a LOT of kids these days.

          Being the kid of a celebrity has its hardships in terms of having to share your parent with the world and their craft…but the flip side is being the kid of an Average Joe and having to worry about a roof over your head, food to eat, clothing, school fees and such…problems I’m sure Shanga has never had.

          He should be ashamed of himself for putting his mom through this. Every parent wants to see their child succeed but it’s best to let them earn their success…every step of the way.

          • Oh no, I agree of course. I was just explaining to that stupid anon that while adults are responsible for their own behavior, sometimes their behavior is triggered by instances that occurred in their youth that went unchecked.

            • Bitch you were not explaining shit to me and stop trying to back track…

              Your ignorant ass was only explaining one side and like I said life is NOT one sided…you f*cking retard.

    • Why do you not give Gladys a pass like her son? Maybe she was abused as a child and does not know better? But that would be logic, wouldn’t it?

      • Because, she at that point she is no longer a victim, but a perpetrator. I have sympathy for someone up until their actions start to cause harm, or even death to their “would be” victims.

        • You are a true idiot…

          Over compensating and giving your child everything you did not have is not perpetrator behavior. It is not smart, especially when a brat makes that person a victim again…but of course your dumb ass cannot see that as an option.

          • That is “IF” she gave her child everything. We don’t know her, or her parenting style, so all of this is just speculation. HOWEVER like I said, childhood is the prerequisite for adulthood; and everything that a persons core mentality and personality are built off of. Nature vs Nurture even backs up what Im saying. People like her son just don’t turn out like they do for absolutely no reason at all. Something had have triggered this behavior, especially for such a selfish, narcissistic action like this. People don’t raise themselves. If I have a dog that is 7 years old, and that dog is unruly, and goes around biting and tearing up shit, who’s fault is that? Mine or the dogs? Of
            course you would probably stupidly say the dog. So once again, how am I an idiot if you can’t prove what Im an idiot about?

            • Again if you can not make a logical point in three sentences or less you are a f*cking IDIOT!

              If you want to write dissertations to make a point, take your ass back to school.

              • Yeah, but the sweet irony here is that you’ve failed to do the same in this entire “discussion”; if you can even call it that. And who created the rule that you have to make a logical and concise point in 3 sentences? Are you in kindergarten? Because if so, that would explain the lack of intelligence on your part. Nice strawman, and deflection on your part. A logical and concise point can be conveyed in how ever many paragraphs it takes. You’re talking about a dissertation- do you even know what one is?

                And weren’t you supposed to be making a “THIS IS MY LAST RESPONSE” response to me in your post from last night?

                Idiot can’t even stay on point.

            • Why are you talking to yourself…IDIOT!!!!

              If I have not read the last ten pages, what makes you think I am reading this?

              • Your life must suck harder than you do….lol.

                Keep scratching those hairy balls hanging from your chin sea hag…they are the only thing that will ever keep you warm at night, LOL!!!

              • Because you’re obviously still replying, and referencing the thing’s Ive mentioned. You are such a dumbass, you just prove yourself to be a much bigger idiot each time you reply. If you didn’t give a damn about this discussion, why do you keep replying?

      • Even if she was abused a child ,would she want to repeat the same cycle..that is no excuse go seek medical attention

      • ALL of them do, especially black celebrities. Nearly all of them have been abused. From the rappers, all the way to the actors.

  2. Instead of trying to out her condition, he should be worried his ass might be next.

    Alzheimer’s can be hereditary and given his behavior, no one would care if he were next on the list or not.

    • lol the next list for being sacrificed? I can definitely see that; especially given that she’s been in the game so long, is still thriving-or at least trying to. Morgan Freeman sacrificed his granddaughter, so I certainly wouldn’t put it past her.

  3. Truman you are absolutely right. No human being wants to accept responsibility.

    Also, stop going back and forth w those who aren’t on your level. It only wastes energy. They’ll never get it.

    • No dumbass that is what I said…learn how to read asswipe.

      And that bitch is on gutter level like stupid nigs like you.

    • Haha thanks. I gotta keep that in mind. No more debating simpletons who don’t get it from here on out!

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