Who’s Jacky Talking About? – February 25, 2016


Today’s baller of a blind item got so hooked on Miss. Mary Jane that he didn’t just bounce on his ex-wife … he took the kids AND left her homeless!!!

Fast-forward to this past NBA All-Star weekend. That’s when our blind item’s home wrecker wife ordered dude to check his kids into a lower grade hotel … and he actually followed her suit! Don’t believe me… Just ask their caucasian male nanny! That’s while they stayed posted up in a posh, luxury hotel.

The Drop:

“He checked his kids and family into the Windsor Arms Hotel & they were a mess-his mother told the hotels restaurant ‘If you f*ck up my sliders I’ll kick your ass.”

Despite her photo-ops with him and his kids, we’re told his actress wife doesn’t like to be around his “ghetto family and kids.”

Can you guess the deadbeat All Star I’m talking about?


    • D Wade's ghetto family. Didn't he used to live with his ex wife's family in high school cause his Mom was out there? Now she's making a fuss over a slider. How soon they forget.

      • Yes! His wife & her family took him even, when he was homeless….no mother (dope fiend) or father around. By staying with them, he was able to attend some college (can't remember if he finished). D Wade will reap what he has sown. Research their story, D Wade & his thug people (attorney, etc.) did some shady stuff so his ex-wife would lose custody of their kids & not receive any financial support. When it was time to go to court, the guy that was helping his ex-wife with transportation, his car caught on fire/blew up mysteriously………

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  2. In pictures they appear so happy together . But in a few years I wonder about the age difference !

  3. The license is still good if its filed or not. If this is true he is stupid for being with her. No p*ssy is that good.

    • They had 30 days to file the license in the country they got married in and it was never done.

  4. Isn't she allegedly a lesbian and they are both supposedly bearding for each other.

  5. I never heard that DWade was gay. You sure you don't mean Chris Bosh?
    But I now don't believe that Bosh is gay either. He just dresses like he is.

  6. This ghetto trash is gonna catch a case and her son catch a lawsuit over some damn sliders?

    Why don't these folks start up with some Albanians or Russians in these hotels instead of just the short little Mezzicans?

    • because they know you better not mess with albanians and russians these are real bad ass caucasians and they have a reputation for preferring gangster action over talking gangster…

  7. Gabrielle Union is a lesbian. Old industry secret and D. Wade is bi. They have been bearding for each other for a long time. Gabby has a pimp that flies lesbians in from all over the country to attend her exclusive lesbian orgies.

  8. This confirmed what I always suspected that Gabrielle Union don't like other people's kids (except her own biological relatives) & don't want any………no different than the character she plays on TV.

  9. Windsor is a four star hotel, yall talking like they were put up in The Budget Suites or La Quinta

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    Wade is a dog. He just needs to barks and complete the transformation.

  11. So what ever happen to the ex wife or rather his babies mother? Did she ever get a decent settlement from him so she can move on with her life? If his ex got nothing in return for all those years of sacrifice , this is more common than you realize. Yet black men are always try to label black women as Gold Diggers, when a lot of black women stay sacrificing and standing by black men side and end up with little to nothing in return.s

    • Very sad but true. For if we don't love and cherish our mothers and children's mothers then who will. Dewayne lost respect when he decide the same woman he grew up with and chose to not only to marry but produce children with is now a culprit who does not deserve custody. Instead he and our perfectly flawed justice system believes nannies( strangers) are better. Let's pray for the disadvantage he has created for his children sadly he doesn't understand the importance of them having both parents since he experience the same disadvantage

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