Rob Kardashian Ready to Disown His Family for Blac Chyna?

blac chyna rob kardashian

It’s no secret the Kardashian klan is still in their feelings over Rob dating Blac Chyna. But the male outcast of the family is making it known he will stand behind Chyna no matter what…and there’s one specific reason that keeps him comin’ back for more!

Rob posted a picture on his Instagram, taking another shot at his controlling family. The post lets the world know that Chyna’s kitty kat is so good, Rob has dropped his family just to continue hittin’ dat!

rob kardashian blac chyna


  1. Damn near choked on my coffee. It's like that Rob? Well go head Chyna I see you. Cooking and snapping in the kitchen. And in the bed too? Poor boy probably done lost his mind.

    Go easy on em girl cuz he don't know nothing bout that.

  2. Blac Chyna is respectful, I think she likes Robs, but Rob hates his controlling family, they bash him through the media. We need more black women to ruin the Katrashians, like their doing to black men!

    Finally a black woman has outsmart the Kartrashian, Rob is heir to the name, so if he has a child with Blac Chyna, thy child will get the last name. That's why the Katrashian are pissed, their surname is a brand!

  3. Chyna marrying Rob and becoming a Kardashian would be the biggest thing since Caitlyn announced her gender change.

    I would love to see it. And then lots of little kids. Rob's probably going to be a good father like his dad too. One thing nobody ever said was that Bob sr wasn't a good father.

  4. Real women would never allow someone to write something about their p*ssy. Its disrespectful and classless. #lost

    • Agree totally. He just sees her as what she is a tacky piece of pu$$y. He didn't even refer to her as his woman, his girl or even his special friend. She is just pu$$y to him. The joke will be on her because he was raised to disrespect women. One thing about Rob is that he is a bit blunt. He called his sister a whore and just called Chyna pu$$y. Lost little girls will never understand.

  5. well believe it or not , men of another colour has always known the chocolate nectar is most excellent..RK just gave it praise openly, that takes balls. I am interested in how this relationship will head too.

  6. Chyna is bisexual her best friend amber proudly boast about being a ho and says it's OK to sell ass

  7. Thats right Chyna snap that p*ssy on him. People to sensitive the girl got the good good and her man luvs it.

  8. After what he put on the gram today um done with both of them. Him for doing it and her for letting Him.


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