Kanye Spazzes at Nightclub: “Ain’t No Fingers in My Azz!”

kanye 1oak nightclub rant

I think it’s pretty clear that Kanye is still in his feelings about the whole #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch beef that went down between him, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. He still can’t get over Amber outing him for being into butt play.

Yeezy headed out to 1Oak nightclub in Los Angeles last night, and got on the mic to let out another manic rant.

While standing on top of the DJ booth, Kanye says he “don’t play like that” when it comes to having fingers in his ass. He also threw his latest beef with Taylor Swift into the mix and rehashed the story about how he asked for her permission to call her a “bitch” on his track “Famous.”

Peep the videos:



Kim, come get your husband!


  1. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


    That wasn’t “Ether” that was that Chi town finest Sherm Stick she blew at him. He still wet Heee he hee.

    Lesson 1 Kanye (Smokie), when you want a beef with someone choose your opponents wisely. Don’t believe me? Ask Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones.

    Give it up Kanye!


  2. Kanye is getting his karma, Kris Humphrey is grabbing his popcorn, and he's laughing at Kanye!
    Kim is divorcing him, but she divorced Kris in month! Kim and Kanye's marriage lasted 1 year and a half?

    When black people enter interracial relationships, they act a damn fool!

      • yeah yall do yall be turning that cooning on and off and turning the other cheek lol

      • Most not all most BM who swirl act a damn fool and you know it. They tell their swirl chick to hate on bw, yes they do. they distance themselves from black issues unless it directly affects them. they love to taunt bw with their swirl intrude on your space them and their white asian, hispanic chick most bw who swirl show off and act very insecure and worse of all if they dare see a bw with a non black man, even though they have a ww, they act crazy.

        bw roll their eyes and shit but bm take it a step further staring fights with white men etc as though these bm love bw so much, they don't they just don't want to see them swirl like they do. nobody chase ww like bm. and nobody gets played by ww like bm do! rich bm are targeted due to fall wallets and low smarts.

  3. Kanye was an idiot to make a big deal about the Amber Rose comment. Lots of hetero men lie a little prostate tickle, and if he had played it off like that, he wouldn't have looked so guilty.

    By the way, my gay friends are claiming that Riccardo broke it off with him and he is now seeing the creative director of Louis Vuitton. Know anything bout dat???

  4. You know this behavior is just not limited to him screaming and ranting in the public.
    I would guess he is ALL UP IN KIM's FACE. LOUD as can be.

    What man asks his Porn Star – sex tape, Slut wife if its ok, to call another woman a Bitch?
    he shouldnt have to ask….and the backlash he is getting he deserves.

    Soon he is going to come totally unhinged!

    But hats off to AMBER ROSE!

  5. he DOES need counseling! that industry done made KanYe AND Chris Brown fruity in the booty lol They acted normal in the beginning. what happened to them? Ugh!

  6. Kanye is a damn gay closeted fool cracking up in his glass closet!! Besides the usual mental health issues most fatherless black males have, you know, getting turned out by some hood freak, there are so many in the hood but I digress he behaves as a childhood sex abuse survivor and he seems to want to be a little protected white girl the way he pouts and dresses and the people he surrounds himself with.

    Kanye needs to just come out as a gay bi man and be his true self, a fake Valley-Boy art poser with a lust for white dack. Using foul sex workers as a beard usually ends up with the white hoe winning, white hoes be winning in this case look at Lamar and Kanye, pitiful.

  7. If the elite decide to kill Kanye, I won't lose any sleep. The Kanye I used to listen to is long gone.

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