Obama Disses Ray Charles’s Family, Snubs 8 Kids From White House Tribute

white house ray charles kids

On February 24, the Obamas will be giving a tribute to legendary singer Ray Charles. Usher and Demi Lovato will be singing renditions of his greatest hits, and Charles’s ex-wife Della “B” Howard Robinson, his son Ray Charles Jr., and daughter, Evelyn, will also be in attendance.

But surprisingly, Charles’s 8 kids (by 8 different women) that he fathered during and after his 22-year marriage to Della were completely dissed by the White House and weren’t invited to the festivities.

“You can’t call the White House and say, ‘Hey, I’d like to get an invite to this,’”~ Robyn Moffett, Charles’s youngest daughter

According to Charles’s illegitimate kids, they are frequently snubbed from any tributes and events honoring their father.

Should they have to sit out on these types of events just because their daddy was reckless?


    • Blacks make up only 12% of the population so who else would you like to blame?..lmao!

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    Wasn't he their father? How they came about aint nobody's business. Obama you can do better.

  2. Thats.what.happends.sometimes.with.illegitimate.children…you.cant.blame.the.obamas..this.is.a.formal.affair.so.they.must.be.official…they.cant.give.a.pass.to.everyone.claiming.to.be.his.child.

  3. Ray 's ex wife and his "legitimate" children probably didn't want them all there. I'm sure the secret service could have kept the peace. C'mon and intervene Mr pretender in chief!

  4. The Obamas don't want a circus like when the Brown family gets together. I don't blame them. I am sorry for his lil bastards tho.

  5. The Obamas (First lady & President) Probably didn't know about the 8 illegitimate children,and the ex wife probably wanted to keep it that way.. If she wanted all of his children in attendance she could have listed them when plans to honor Ray Charles Sr were being organized..ijs.. why blame the President and his wife?

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