Who’s Jacky Talking About?


She is America’s undisputed reigning reality porn star. Just ask Bill Whitaker — the dude she recently gave up those 60 Minutes of her bragging about her use of the Internet of Things to monetize her lies.

It’s a situation one urban blog had only recently gotten hip to — two-years after sources say the gossip outlet “allied up” with her and her klan!!! Know how? We’re told the video vixen led a classic bait and switch move on the three-letter headed blog outfit (and I’m not talking about T-M-Z), by leading them to publish her Paris wedding pics only to later serve them with a cease and desist. [side note: take heed to what happens when “bloggers” are really secret fans of fools].

“They thought they got an exclusive when they published her wedding pics from Paris but they really got played by a hacker.”

It’s since become klear that even her lies about lies she’s caught telling … her lies on top of lies … seem to hold monetary value. That’s according to not only the “horse’s mouth” but also according to one source who tells us our sex tape queen turned Calabasas soccer mom “had her people give the site an anonymous tip about her getting robbed in Paris”.

The Drop:

“It’s all part of what they do to make the press … make the blogs … go viral … trending on social media. That’s where they make they’re money … they’re making a fortune off of social media.

Once they got the shine she ordered her lawyers to send them a cease and desist and ___ got punked again when they pulled the wedding pics — her goofy husband and her became allies with the site — claiming they were gonna sue. It’s all part of her circus act, clowning for press. First, she’s gonna sue. Then, she’s not gonna sue. It’s all fake content … nothing about ’em is real.

She’s widely recognized for her starring a role in setting off the celebrity sex tape, sending it trending … just ask that dude who “Hit it First”.

As for that three-letter “urban” b-blog that fell for the oki-doke? Well they seem to have twisted trumped up fantasies of following in the white privileged footsteps of an overnight Black news outfit.

Now, can you guess who the Beverly Hill’s, Calabasas, slut housewife? and, who is the media outlet? Here’s a clue: The founder of the website has a pair of beady eyes!!!

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  1. Ole Freddie Kruger looking ass & Bullshit site Mediafakeout with its barn of illiterate writing goons…..I just can’t!

  2. None the wiser after navigating my way through this illegible drivel! I guess the answer is Kim Kardashian – who I believe faked her ‘robbery’ – and MTO.

    What was the question again? ?

  3. And the guy she lost her virginity to obviously had no skills to teach her…heh,heh, heh. 😀

  4. The K’s are beyond believe pissed off nobody bought the robbery thingy !!!! jajajajaj It is so laughable story! Are you kidding me ???? jajajajajaj…. Oh, and i love the part “he Goofy husband” jajajajajajaja who else could it be ?!!!! jajajajajaj

  5. They always want you to guess “who” they’re talking about. I’m trying to guess “what” you’re talking about

  6. Bow before kim your goddess yall lucky she letting yall breathe her good air

    Go bring kim back a offering

  7. Everything they do is premeditated,
    Even her coming out the house yesterday for the first time “looking” shaken and pissed ?
    Kylie made it obvious it was fake; the day Kim got “robbed and tied up,” she was throwing up ass pics on the gram. 0 compassion shown.

    • They discovered the salacious nature of inter racial forbidden love thing and decided to exploit it from that angle. That’s how they became rich. White people have written them off. No white man wants them. Scott got in accidentally. If PMK could make him black she would. Khloe’s orders were to find a replacement for Lamar who had to be 1) black 2) rich 3) attached to some kind of sport. Anyone would do. In steps that simpleton Tristan. You will see her by court side, then her and her sisters, then her and her mom, then the entire kloven. They will create problems for Cleveland.

  8. Kim, her Koven, her trick babies and her gay ass husband are all depending on stupid ass BLACKS to keep funding the life they’re accustomed to. When a Sista tells me she bought their emjois or makeup or clothes, that’s a heffa I don’t need in my life. Any BW who buys anything they sell including their cheap ass discount perfume is a FOOL and a sucka! Any BW who buys Kanye’s “music” is a fool and a sucka!

    • You never lie! I’ve gone as far as unfollowing black women on twitter who keep tweeting pictures of kylie’s fake body as “goals”. Astounds me as to how any black woman can be that daft.

  9. Here is one big difference between Beyonce and Kim K. Beyonce has a certified dumb ass name Jay-Z making most of the decisions for her. Everything Jay-Z touches turns to shit!

    Kim K has Ryan Seacrest. Mr. Seacrest and his team are smart business people. They know how to invest and market their prized product Kim K. In ten years I predict that Kim K will still be rich and Beyonce will be broke; If Beyonce is still alive in 2026.

    • LOL. You hating ass nigga. You sound like a coon! Jay and B are worth over 3/4 of a Billion! Kim will be lucky to be relevant, especially after this robbery scam! LOL, you coon.

      • Jay & Bey are talented and they work for their money. They are not the best business though. As much as I hate kim’s lazy ass, she has better business people in her corner. Think about it, shes worth a lot of money and so are Jay & Bey but kim is barely working for hers.

      • Real Nigga check yourself, then check the facts. Everything Jay-Z touches turns to shit! 40/40 Club and Tidal are two examples. Jay-Z ain’t no businessman. Jay-Z didn’t go to college.

  10. “She’s widely recognized for her starring a role in setting off the celebrity sex tape, sending it trending” …this was the only thing I can understand & it threw me off bcuz Pam & Tommy are the ones who ‘set it off’. But I say that Kim girl





    come on kanye go on another rant on how you so great and almighty next thing you hes gonna say hes king henry or john lennon reincarnated.

    yes kim is still the whore of bab ylon yes we should all throw rose petals at her feet because shes the resaon we all exist.

    in the beginning kanye and kim created the word and the earth.

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