Mariah Carey Blames Breakup on Scientology


Mariah Carey has leaked a grip of excuses as to why her engagement to billionaire James Packer came to an end. First, she said he was violent, and now, she’s blaming their breakup on Scientology.

According to sources, she thinks Scientology bigwig Tommy Davis is the one who came in between their relationship.

She believes Tommy had an influence over James, and he was in his ear during the tail end of their relationship. The singer says Tommy “poisoned” their romance by telling James to stop spending so much money and to stop showering Mariah with so many expensive and lavish gifts.

As reported, Mariah is asking James for a $50 million settlement for uprooting herself and her kids to be in L.A. with him, and because she was so emotionally distraught, she had to cancel a leg of her tour.

She cray.


    • You realize hellyweird ain’t nothing but a bunch of fake relationships … An they don’t care if they have kids cause hey don’t raise em anyway baby sisters handlers nannys take care the kid ….

  1. She is/was out of her league and the man isn’t even American. I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish but we all get old(er) and lose looks and signature styles, including voices. The diva clock alarm rang years ago. Time to give it up.

  2. The friend did what he’s supposed to do and that was to warn off about the spend drift gold digger in his life. These HW should have more friends like that, who are willing to tell the truth instead of playing the enablers to stay close. She is mad he actually listened and their ‘love’ was not enough for him to turn a blind eye. She is pathetic.

  3. Yes, she does have issues. Only someone with issues would date/marry/associate with some piece of sh*t that looks like bologna and has pubic hair on his head.

    • @anon21:55, no u didn’t go there about bologna and pubic Hair. LOL..LOL..LOL.

      • shave some pubes off and glue them to a piece of bologna = every CAC you have ever seen

  4. Scientology likes to keep it’s very wealthy adherents on a short leash. He’s letting her keep that ring because he broke up with her. Rejection is a *itch, Mariah.

  5. The first mistake Mariah made was to hook up with a rich man in Scientology. That “church” will never let their “money lackey(s)” go. Secondly, word on the street is that the guy is weird AF. Charming at first, then robotic, then just plain strange and prone to outbursts and fits of violence. He was encouraged to seek out a high profile non-believer that had money so that they could hopefully be assimilated into the Scientology fold. To bring new life and good press after all the recent shit slinging about Scientology. But when they saw that M was probably not going to convert and was burning through the man’s wallet, they told him to move on. Soon you will see him hook up with someone else that is more willing to give money and devotion to Scientology. Bet on it. And they will make her look more like a nut and a gold-digger if she continues to bash him.

  6. Mimi you have the ring. Please leave it at that. It is becoming embarrassing.

      • Just read on “blind gossip”: Mimi and Nick finalised their divorce and – on the advice of Packer – Mimi gave Nick C. a $30M settlement. Packer told her that that is nothing; ‘we’ll be married soon’ etc. So she paid him the $30 million and then Packer dumped her lol. She is pissed. She is $30M down and she intends to get that money back from Packer. He promised her.

  7. Anybody join Scientology is a nut anyway they believe by spending millions they can gain superpowers

  8. She’ll regret going up against those scientologists. Even Katie holmes ran for the hills and kept her mouth shut.

  9. Ugh I can’t with this dumb heifer. She needs to shut her kk donut eating ass up. Uprooted the kids , running around with tacky ass maternity lingerie with a russian looking rocky balboa opponent dope. She needs to be billed 50M for being a dumb ass. Karma for the sister drama.

  10. Don’t get me wrong I used to love me some MC but she fell off big time and used the purchased parts as talent replacement for not treating her vocals…she now sounds like Large Marge from Big Top PeeWee.

  11. Mariah is a millionaire rich as hell mixed chick not black, ha, hell no I don’t call mixed people black, nope and no tears or sympathy needed for her she always lands on her stilettoed feet!

  12. Mariah’s new manager ( i think who is russian) is ruinnig her image
    She seems to be advising Mariah wrong lately in all her affairs

    • Mariah is opn drugs, bipolar, and conceited think the world revolve around her.

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