Reggie Bush’s Pregnant Side Chick is Coming for His NFL Checks!


Reggie Bush decided to cheat on his wife Lilit with a woman named Monique Exposito, and he wound up getting the 34-year-old Miami waitress pregnant!

Reggie allegedly Monique her up to $3 million to get an abortion, but when negotiations fell through, she decided to keep the baby.

Monique has been chasing ballers for years, according to Bossip. She was Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning’s mistress for four years, and she even went through fertility treatments to try and trap him with a baby! I guess Alzono’s dusty swimmers just couldn’t get the job done, but 31-year-old Reggie was up for the challenge!

Monique is also married. To who? Who knows. But Bossip says she has dreams of marrying a black man and being famous.

“She wants to be like one of the Kardashians. Marry a black man, and get all the money.”

Monique is now six months pregnant and has lawyered up to get some child support. There hasn’t been a DNA test, but Reggie will reportedly “own up to his obligations if the tests show he’s the father.”

A rep for Reggie told TMZ, “He’s aware of the rumors and remains happily married.”

Never thought I’d say this, but Kim K dodged a bullet.


  1. She’s married to some non American who pays her thousands every month for a green card. As for reggie, he’s not unique. All the non black chicks know who’s the easiest to swindle out of money. Black men. With regards to kim, if kanye wasn’t solely into buttf*cking, she’d be dealing with outside babies too.

    • Rich black man with money = dumb trick to be played. So say the non black pro hoes.

      • So you’re saying that trapping a black man for child support is now the sole domain of non-black woman?
        What about Tristan Thompson’s former girlfriend? I could name many more if necessary. The truth is that rich black men tend to want to f*ck non-black women, so of course many of them are taking advantage. But don’t tell me that if that were not the case that all bw would be above such behavior.

        • You’re comparing a black girlfriend (jordan) to this white side chick. Shows how lowly you view us.

          • I question that he was ever that serious about her. If he were, he sure didn’t show her much loyalty. She may not have been a side chick, but she was just a chick to him.

        • “But don’t tell me that if that were not the case that all bw would be above such behavior.” Your use of the word “ALL” shows me that you have a psychosis. CLEARLY! Some of us happen to pride on ourselves on the POWER (money) we make for ourselves. While some of your brethren see fit to take the UNDER-FUNCT role and desert his responsibilities to the Xbox Ala Couch!

          • Hey you guys…
            Was anyone aware Reggie “actually paid this trick the $3M to abort this baby, she took the money & didn’t do it? I got a call about it last night but didn’t believe it until our mutual friend told me the media picked it up too…?

            Hey you guys…
            Was anyone aware Reggie “actually paid this trick the $3M to abort this baby, she took the money & didn’t do it? I got a call about it last night but didn’t believe it until our mutual friend told me the media picked it up too…


            • IF any part of this is true I’d sue this tramp & run her financially in the ground. Her actions make women look horrible & oddly enough instead of placing blame where it belongs every other black man on earth will blame ALL black women. Morons?

            • Yes she got paid. If I were Reggie, I would have the judge consider that part of the child support and let her have a reduced amount each month, like $500. I’m sure she has not spent all that money. Also, legally, it is her husband’s child, not Reggies’. Where are the lawyers at.

              • I swear I hope it goes precisely the way you discussed. Nobody realized he Reg gave her the $3M already.

        • No, let’s make this perffffectly clear, there are many WHITE women throwing themselves at rich BLACK men and making sure that they are screwing their brains out along with dropping to their knees at any given moment! And they are being trained to do this not only by their parents but by their organizations!

          • Get pregnant and share the loot with the whole family. That’s why $25K a month is never enough. But dudes like going raw so pay up they should.

        • We all know how White women are BRED to marry the RICHEST man in town! So now it includes BLACK men! So don’t make it seem like you are clueless about stuff like that! It is plain and simple! White people have been doing this forever! And of course, the mail order brides from every white skinned race around the world is in operation as well! then you also have WHITE women going around the world searching for BLACK men to marry that was written in an article the time magazine 15 years ago! So WHITE women have been searching for BLACK D for years!

          • So when you make your comments make sure you know what your talking about because I do research! In history, there is documentation that WHITE women were salivating at the MOUTH, peering out their WINDOWS while their husbands were gone, looking at the BLACK SLAVES MALES working, wanting them! So don’t make it seem that IT’S JUST THE BLACK MEN WHO GO AROUND AFTER ALL THESE WHITE WOMEN ALL THE TIME, THOSE WHITE WOMEN, ARE AFTER THEM TO!


          • But since this isn’t a race thing in your eyes and rather a money thing, please point me in the direction of rich indian & east asian men denigrating women of their own race publicly in favour of white women. I really want to know.

        • Sarah & Barbed Wire are right. I worked in the child support system & yes black men who had pretty decent jobs were getting hit up for child support by nonblack women, i.e. latinos, asian, pacific islanders, white, etc. Yep black man= easy trick for 18 yrs (sometimes 21yrs depending on what state you live in).

    • I Can Officially Say that Reggie Bush is an Idiot!!! Money does not equal common sense.. this idiots, its like the NFL, NBA, Music Labels etc.. They like to recruit dumb f*cks that are smart enough to do the work but too dumb enough to think straight. Dudes get that check and go raw dogg on every chicks, hmm being raised by single mothers sure FEMENIZED These dumb mofo’s. Daaam where are the black fathers in their lives to guide them straight? cause these f*cks are too stupid to realize that these bitches are waiting to get that check, which is why most of them spread their legs and hoping the Simp would f*ck them with no condom, UNBELIEVABLE, KIM SOME WHERE LIKE DAAAM I DOGGED A BULLET!!!! smh At this point in her life, Kim gut more money than Reggie Bush and Ray J put together.. Thats the type of f*ckery we are living in these day n age smh

      • There are just as many f*ck ups with fathers in their life, so do not make this a mother thing, asshole.

      • @ 13:55 – It’s an Honor issue, these dumb f*cks HAVE NONE! The entertainment industry “recruits” the most idiot, no honor, no integrity having Character-less morons to stand as the “Talented 10th” of Black men!!! It’s done to lower moral among higher conscious and higher moral Black Men and Black Women

      • Ha. Did it ever occur to you Mike that many of these dues couldn’t get what they wanted before they became rich, so now that they have money and/or fame they are more than happy to pay to play? It’s their money and if that’s how they choose to spend it, well so be it.

        It’s not about stupidity, it’s about why do they all think that having a non-black chick is the end all be all?

      • F you MIKE. What about all the black males who fail their sons bm the only males who run from their sons period no wonder our community is dangerous and trashy.


  2. Another story about how “it’s never how it looks on the outside”. Some of these marriages are being exposed because people envy them and they aint how they look. Now this man’s bank account is about to change and his career is too cause he too old for football. Not a smart move.

    • HIs career is nearly over. I think this will be his last year. He should be saving for retirement and his two kids, insert, he’s out screwing women so I don’t feel sorry for him. She’s gotten a 3 million check so hopefully the judge will take that into account.

  3. Oh well. There are consequences for idiotic behaviors. He decided to have unprotected sex with this woman. So now he can deal with it.

    Clearly, she knows that she can get more than $3million. Don’t blame her, blame him. Dumb A$$.

    • Damn. If was into illegal shit, I’d be a Madame and have a house full of non black whores playing rich dumb black males for their coins. Everybody knows how dumb they are and easy to get played. I’d have Asian, Hispanic and white whores. No black ones, rich black males aren’t interested in community building nor race matters. So, my whores would be slanging that kitty and macking dumb coons all the way to the bank!

      • Lol, but u would make a shyt load of money
        Black men love flossing for non black women

              • So you chose to be bothered by a strong woman of color who’s confident . but ok with woman putting other woman of any color down so your no confident having self can feel better about yourself? Ok .yall bitches pressed.bye!

              • @no one …Bitch you are on here doing the SAME THING! This is why you are a DUMB trflin’ azz

              • @50:57 – the one – I am the Anonymous you responded to. I will tell you that if you think a cavebitch isn’t putting Black women down when they pillow talk you or mentally check in with you once in a while just to “make sure you ain’t checking for black women”… Then YOU A FOOL!

              • No bitch you weak for having to come on a blog and say you are confident. True confidence comes from within that is why you are a DUMBAZZ BITCH!

              • Nucca YOU’SE A LIE!!!! You do not promote self love, or else you would see Black women as an extension of yourself and therefore uplift and love us as a whole. But you advocate for the devil’s daughter the caveBitch. Fuck you!

          • I only made an observation off the negative comments on this thread since they stay on repeat…
            No im not concerned if cave bitches (your words not mine) stay talking about us because thats what haters do.
            never let the opinon of others become the measure of your self confident enough to let it roll right off, and what im not gona do is sit around talking shit about another woman all day everyday because she might be talking shit about me because i have enough self love to not have to depend on validation from no one…
            I never mentioned race /color on my original post so for you to say i dont consider black woman an extension of myself just shows your own insecurities.
            i have nothing but love for my sisters and i may not be fond of whitey however i wont go out of my way to put another woman down because she might be/look different than i.not because im advocating for cave bitches but because im better than that…im better than them… so no….i will not be stooping to their level.

            • The One

              I am extremely impressed! You show the pride and self esteem that is so sorely lacking in the majority of women who post here. YOU are the sort of woman who black men will seek out and marry.
              Most BW just don’t get the fact that by constantly talking trash about “cave bitches” it jut makes them look weak and jealous(whether they are or not.)
              When you are strong and confident like you, men are drawn like bees to honey.

            • Bitch please…it is more than obvious you stay living on your knees to keep coming back to respond.

              You and your cosigner are STILL DUMB as a box of rocks if either of you believe anyone read any of that Bullshit…nothing you have to say is worth taking that kind of time to read.

              Who else but an insecure piece of garbage comes back in the middle of the night to write a dissertation on a blog? Get a man, better yet get a life if you are soooo confident…

              Bitch you are nothing but a f*cking joke…lol

              • It took me a day to reply to your last comment and took you all but .03 seconds to reply to a comment you claim you didnt read but OK.
                And Lets not talk about who doesnt have a man cause thats just one more thing you can add to the list of things i have that you lack.
                So stay pressed and distressed if you want to.
                Bye bitch.

              • It took you a day because your brain could not decipher what the f*ck anyone was saying you DUMBAZZ BITCH…

                The only MF pressed here is you to keep coming back after saying you are all this and that…that is why BITCHES like you stay LOSING…lol.

                Be gone tramp…

      • Barbed Wire,
        To be ever so honest…..
        THAT is an excellent idea. Heidi Fleiss on a different level. You’d be wealthy in no time flat. *Stop giving your brainiac ideas out on HSK??

        • LOL. Lady, I keep everything legal and don’t want any trouble with the law. BUT if I was a hood rat I’d be a madame macking rich black male suckas. EVERYBODY knows they’re suckas and dumb at that. WW make bee lines to rich black males but in their ignorance assume becky wants their soul LOL.

          • Barbed Wire,
            ?You must admit THAT is a very brilliant & ingenious idea you spoke of. With the right business plan, financial capital & “tight lipped ? marketing” you’d kill the game…especially if you headquartered this type business where it’s legal & quietly operated N other parts of the country & go global as you grow. I think you’d do very well barring you took your own self seriously. I’d invest in you because I already see the visual….

            • Thank you Ms Reg. Again, I stay above the law and intend on keeping my property and financial situation comfortable above board. I’ve known Madames and they all end up one of two ways , married off to one of their rich tricks, or a broken down whore in poor health with no protection.

              • Okay Barb Wire….
                Just know like me you’re a visionary from which great ideas come…even ones we won’t be acting upon!?

      • But how will you keep your stable once they get pregnant. They can always walk away. But do find pretty blondes, black men have a weakness there. They are so doggone stupid. Where are the men defending their brethrens.

      • Shit, if you had a stable full of black women with no visible tats, cheery dispositions and discretion, I’d not only choose them over them non-black hoes, I’d trick so hard, I’d steal one from under you and make her my wife.

        One can always dream… right?

    • She wont get anything.near 3 million.

      Reggies NFL career is just about over.

      She wont be getting what she think she will get.

      • She will take whatever, she can get which is the point and will tap out whatever he thought he had leftover.

        Leaving him another broke azz statistic.

      • She was offered 2 mill already. Yes, Reggie’s career is on the wane, but I assume dude has invested his money wisely.
        Erm, maybe not.

      • I believe she was already paid 3 millions to abort the child but she didn’t do it so now she is coming for child support. She is married and the husband will be declared legal father unless she gets a fast divorce so the kid will be born from a single mom. She can chase Reggie then and maybe remarry the dude who was with.

  4. She looks like a he and not a good looking one but anyway good I’m glad she got his dumb ass i don’t feel sorry at all for this nigga

    • You are so right! When i looked at that pic, I said what the heck is that? Fake pumped up lips and bugged out eyes looking like a shim! UGLY! These men are so STUPID!

  5. These athletes don’t believe in condomns swear some try to trap me know one that I gave a girl head once then put chocolate syrup on her p*ssy then I Skeeted in her and the girl had the nerve to come up saying she might be pregnant I said he’ll no I ate your p*ssy with Nestle’s syrup

    • Dennis Rodman said the same thing. Athletes don’t believe in condoms. I think he named a few people too during an interview.

        • For people who have a lot more to lose by being careless with their sperm, the athletes seem like the worst

          • Hardly…ever person has a tremendous amount to lose including their life, if they f*ck the wrong one.

              • Uh no, that is not the case. You do know latinos specifically mexicans multiply like cockroaches, right?

              • Nope. Black male out of wedlock babydaddy rates top EVERYBODY. 72% of the black males kids are bastards and they don’t even live with them. Mexican men, if they aren’t living with their kids they’re paying for them sending money home. You keep getting clean checked defending simps.

              • Fuck them BS stats…you have MF here illegally multiplying like roaches, so how the f*ck would you know how many they are creating, fake ass wanna be know it all.

              • Barbed Wire

                I can honestly tell you that you are wrong. In nearly 20 years of having sex, I have never once met a white dude who didn’t have to be FORCED to use a condom. Why do you think that so many have STDs?

              • The primary reason that there are more single bw having babies is not that more bm bareback.
                It’s because all but the poorest lowest white women get abortions. Only the lowest echelon want to be single moms even in this day and time. The one exception is rich white women. They don’t give a f*ck what people think. But basic middle class white girls still have a stigma about being baby mamas.

              • Yes, more bm bareback and more bw brainwashed by religion.

                I don’t know who the rest of yall swirling with but these non black men stay strapped they don’t want a baby period. Nope. BM try to hit it raw, all that jailhouse sex.

                As for abortions BP can miss me with their bull they hate black kids anyway

      • I todl ya it was really him writing this stuff. Dude has become very um, uninhibited with his comments.

  6. OK now I see what Kim Kardashian did to him she put her witch spell that who ever he ends up with must look like her this is the second woman I seen that looks like Kim.

    • That ugly thing in the pic looks nothing like Kim! the only resemblance is they are white in color, go after black men and act like sluts

  7. typical black community response… black man gets trapped, he ain’t chit… halle berry gets trapped then its poor halle… you women hate men so much and it shows…

      • Girl you can’t get sense from these FEMININE BLACK MALES. Bunch of bitter wounded simps.

    • Women hate men who are low down and dirty by nature.

      Halle did not go out on her husband f*ck some random dude and get knocked up, so stop comparing apples to oranges.

      • Halley disgraced her race by doing monsters ball you half true you women on This hsk are bitter baby mother’s .I don’t think you people are even pretty lol !!
        the hate is astronomical..and insanely.!!.

        • Halle is half white Reggie 100% crispy BLACK so stay on topic. NOPE I don’t want a black male scrub and I have no kids and own my house, LOL. While you males are broke, broken down and never moved out of mama’s house.

        • MF I know who you are so stop switching handles…you f*cking fat, grotesque living in your mother’s basement, never had a real woman who you did not pay for trash bin.

          • You’re an emotional irrational feminine, male lunatic. You males who got raped as boys are always so emotional online, little wounded bitches, LOL! SIMP, you don’t even know what PROPERTY TAX is, LOL!!

            • SORRY anon, 13:16, I see now you were talking to the SIMP. My message remains for all the simps who got raped as boys spazzing online. Go talk to George Zimmerman, you’re so bad.

              • Understood and I did give you an apology, I’m woman enough to admit when I’m wrong.

      • Its true I think these black males are dumb as shit that’s sad and even most of them are gay and using the non black pro hoes as beards.

      • Halle is the daughter of a white mother, who was a psychiatric nurse & a black father, who was a hospital attendant in the same ward. How is it that she’s not black?

        I have cousins who look Asian. There mother is Japanese & their dad who is my first cousin is Black & Samoan. How are they not black? They were taught the were black no matter how the look because their FATHER is black.

        • It takes a Black seed and a Black womb to have a black baby. So says Genetics 101: Hybridization. This is pure science. You can see it also in dog breeding. Although dogs are interbred within the same genus (meaning canines with canines as opposed to canines with some other genus)… Well to know what the white race is, is to know that we are NOT of the same genus and therefore, biracials are NOT black. They will tell you on their news that all non blacks are part Neanderthal having neanderthal DNA. That in itself means that they are hybrids and are not human by their own scientific standards. So mixing with them breeds an even new variety! There’s tons more on the subject, but I’ll leave it at that for now – unless further inquiry.

          • If your comment is accurate then it would mean I’m not black myself & that’s simply not true.

        • Any race + race union is biracial including the prez. They are neither black nor white. Some pass as either if their features are overly represented. Mariah could be mistaken for a white woman and Halle for a black women. Neither is full race. Both are biracial. Each can call themselves whatever they like.

  8. I loathe women who chase after married men. This bitch knew he was married but still was willing to lay down and get knocked up by him. But the blame does not only go to her. He is just as stupid. When you are a wealthy man dating a woman who has nothing much going on for herself, you are a target. This chick is a waitress and was married and was a mistress to someone else. I guess he didn’t pull her ho fax prior to f*cking with her.

    • He’s a dumbass trick for bare backing! Thats why black males have more aids and give aids to bw, all that barebacking. He’s too damn old and married, too? If I was his wife I’d slap him upside the head and divorce. Thats not the only whore he barebacked, I bet he has several STD’s!

      • You do know that the chance of a woman infecting a man with hiv is very very low, right? The DL men are the problem, but the real problem begins when you don’t accept your brothers for being g@y.

        • They can be gay, but stop being on the f*cking DL.

          And the issue is not with them being gay, it is about the system which was designed to turn black men into fags through the prison system.

          • FUCK DAT NOISE


        • You are 100% right. There was a paper published recently which admitted that when the CDC claimed in the 80s that anyone could become HIV+ and eventually get AIDS was false. They knew that they would not get funding in a Regan administration if AIDS was seen as a “gay disease.” So they intentionally mislead the public.
          There are nearly no cases of women giving it to men, and even in those very few, there were extenuating gross circumstances. Like a man eating out a woman while she was on her period. I know, disgusting.
          This is why it is ludicrous that Magic has never come clean about his HIV

    • Shit Mystique! I don’t chase after the married men, I ended up having them to peruse me! Like I have a sign on my forehead saying, “I LOVE MARRIED MEN!” It ain’t cute either! Have to run girl!

      • Lol, that’s because you respect marriage. More often than not, it’s the men who are disrespectful. Some of them can be because they know their wives are not going anywhere. Shits disgusting.

      • *ALERT*
        If married men pursue you that means you have Low Self Esteem issues – dishonorable married men cornered the market on the Radar for women with low self esteem… JS You have some inner work to do.

        • Where did you pull that logic from? Out of your ass? So a married man hollers at a female and she automatically has low self esteem? He’s married. Who cares what she has going on!

          • Low self esteem is a beacon to a predator of the Married man ilk. Notice that none of the men who understand this phenomena interjected in the comments! LOL Get understanding… Funny thing is because you’re not there in understanding it yet – you furiously refute it…. Denial? Defensiveness maybe? Either way, some spiritual healing for your soul is in the works…

            • Let me tell some of U brainless as motherf*ckers up who claimed to say I have low self esteem and need to work on myself! There isn’t a motherf*cking thing wrong with me and I be damned some stupid ass ignorant non educated stomp hole goblin is going to say that bullshit trying to assume they know me!

              Some of U up here don’t know jack shit about nobody up here but think they know just because I said what I said! Hell, If I am an attractive young lady that these men want to holla, then something will tell U that I have that vibe that can get his, yours and anybody’s else! Not my damn problem your pathetic coon ass white non educated slow bum asses assuming I have a self esteem problem. The only problem I have with some if U stupid ass idiots up is this, “Did y’all actually think I am going let y’all say some off the wall non-sense and not defend myself? Or did y’all think Imma let that shit ride?” Hell no! So quit assuming I got that bullshit and leave that mess to your Mama! Ain’t no telling what the hell her ass what she was thinking when she realized she f*cked up and gave the p*ssy up to a sorry ass piece shit that pretty didn’t give two shades of f*ck because she knew your daddy wasn’t shit and your dumbass is right behind him. Now, like I said, I don’t f*ck with nobody, bug when come with that generic off brand communist cold war bullshit U talking about, it’s about time for U to get your soul right with God and what undertaker U want your family want your body to be memorialized at! Not playing with some of U! Oh and btw, Me and mines are doing EXCELLENT!!! Now if U don’t mind, let me enjoy my life which is very peaceful and very sensuous.

        • That may be the stupidest thing I ever read here, and that’s saying a lot.

          What does a woman’s self respect and esteem have to do with a dishonorable man hollerin at her? It usually means she is very attractive and hot, not that she is a loser.


          • OH MY… Just finished the first 2 sentences and realized….

            CASE IN POINT!!!!

            Thank you darling. I rest my case.

            • LMAO…you are so not right for saying this…but I can’t help, but laugh, because in some ways your point was proven…lol.

            • I betcha y’all, in fact , let me put in my Mama’s words and quote, which by the way she meant it this way, “How about yall leave the f*ck of me, the f*ck alone!”

  9. Smh at the Kardashians Being role models to women. Those kardashians are setting women back. Women fought to be able to work and make wages to take care of themselves. Now the reverse is happening in which women want a man to take care of them. What is going on in this world?

  10. That chick looks like a male. Reggie needs to just come all the way out the closet.

  11. Please forgive the gold diggerish tone of my comment. It’s phrased in this manner solely for informational proposes.? Let’s all get our pencil & paper out for some simple math ? & sip our tea ?after all, that’s what Monique’s lawyer did…

    Let’s begin…
    If Monique were to receive $25k per month for 18 yrs she’d net over $5M, however, we all know Reg won’t be playing pro ball that long which means his current income status may decrease if he doesn’t land a lucrative commentator or coaching position & with that usually comes with a decrease in support payments.

    Monique’s lawyer’s strategy may look a little like this: $35k-$50k per month for the first 5 yrs netting her $1.5M – $3M. Support paid to her AFTER those initial 5 yrs will earn her more than the $3M originally offered easily.

    Any seasoned “tramp on the side” would have made the same decision. I have ZERO sympathy for Reggie as this is exactly what he deserves, however, this issue will not cause adversely affect his marriage. His wife has 2 legitimate children with him, has become seriously comfortable & accustomed to the lifestyle she has & will not give that up…at the moment?

    • Sorry…I meant

      “this issue will NOT adversely affect his marriage.”

      • It ought to. His wife should up and leave he’s a man whore a dumb trick. She’d be getting half.

        • Can’t agree with you more. Reggie deserves everything the court makes him pay & go through.


          • @ Scotch ROFLAM – “Do a Larsa Pippen on his stupid behind”. Damn there needs to be an online dictionary for these hoes and their strategies

          • I agree. Larsa is moving on to green pastures. Scottie is retired and old to boot. I bet his family warned him and he dismissed them. Now Larsa will take hold and then some.

        • DR1,
          Baby, you have no craziness. I BET the craziness I have for you will have you ready to jump on the first thing smoking. I got tied up today but we’ll be doing breakfast together in the AM so please be available!

          Child, child, ????⚔️?

  12. I applaud Reggie for taking responsibility for his reckless behavior. I’m pretty sure this lady has repeatedly discussed this with her lawyers and knows the laws in her state (this is why Reggie takes the L here). I know in my state, she would have set herself up for failure. She’s married. He wouldn’t have to take a DNA test nor give any financial support. The baby (no matter who created it) is her husband’s. NOW, he might have a case if he ever decides to divorce her. I just don’t get it why these Athletes and Celebrities (especially if they already have kids) don’t get Vasectomies? You’re more than likely in great physical condition (your “swimmers” are in top shape) and you’re dealing with these “Exoticals” who get pregnant if you breath on them (it’s in their blood), if they’re not too busy poking holes in your condoms or trying to squeeze/slip it off during sex. Not 100% fool proof, but at least you got a fighting chance. LOL! If you don’t want to do that, then get the woman to sign a NDA stating if she gets pregnant, she’s getting an abortion (yes these contracts exist). In 10-12 years, when these chicks get older and ain’t popping anymore because a bunch of new younger chicks are out here giving those new dummies L’s, me and his baby mamma (or another Instathot) will be traveling the world on his dime.

    • All that blah blah. This shit is Reggie’s fault 100%!! HE HAD SEX WITHOUT A CONDOM only a dumbass simp does that! He’s married! Dumb trick!

    • Isn’t this going on in the state of FL where the husband is responsible for the unborn kid regardless of who fathered it. Even if she moves now to a state where this is not the law, she is not a resident of such state yet and any lawyer will see through that. She needs to get a divorce and the kid is born as single mom. Then Bush is up a creek.

  13. LOL. IF this was a BW she’d be a bedwench and by the way …Halle is half white! While ashy larry BEDBUCK Reggie Bush is deep fried crispy black! He and all the other dumbass black males who think that non black women aren’t golddiggers deserve to lose every penny they have. Black males with money are TARGETED by non black golddiggers.

    He’s too damn old to be so dumb barebacking a slut thats why black males have more aids than any other men. Stupid shit! Another non black women taking BM’s legacy money right back to her community!

  14. LMMFBAO@ “Iguess Alzono’s dusty swimmers just couldn’t get the job done, but 31-year-old Reggie was up for the challenge”

  15. Reggie did good not impregnating a “sista”. We need more bm dating out it’s our only hope.against the current trashy women of this generation.not all bw are like this but blkmen must understand… Theres good blkwomen .but only..when they been ran through by different men and have some kids that’s when they turn good.
    the ones outta college think they too I applaud broda reggie and yes some men stated here the hypocrisy of these wounded women on here.

  16. I also observed in that blackchyna thread about robs racism no woman seemed to criticize her. For play cling a racist Arabian.


  18. So we’re not gonna talk about why a rich good looking black athlete is sexing transesque broads? Is that wavy now?

    • Maybe with makeup on she looks better? I don’t know. That mistress is not attractive at all. He could have done way better than her.

      • She looks like a full blown trans with makeup.

        And obviously not or he would have.

        • He can do better, much better. However, like most AA, his mind has been warped to hell. That Stockholm syndrome has him banging CACettes, which all look like this.

          Or he’s just gay AF.

          • I don’t need correction bitch, like I said if he could do better he would have.

            Being lazy and not having good sense in who you f*ck is a reflection on your taste.

      • You know she made herself look hot for the one night stand. It’s how it works. You wake up in the morning looking at an entirely different face.

  19. Notice all these dumbass women who he pregnant by these athletes and the ones who married them, have not thought about a 401k, a backup bank account, no job, no damn schooling, no nothing! What the hell the gonna do when they hit 65 years old? What they going to live on? Hope and pray a baller swing their way again?

    • Most American women, like nearly all Americans, are dingbats. It is what it is.

      • Most American women are not dingbats you stupid MF, if we were we would not be overtaking and outpacing you dumb MF in practically every arena in life…including playing this man-woman game.

        • Like I said ladies and gentlemen. If you want a dingbat, America has a reliable supply. LOL

          • Fuck you bitch your mama is the dingbat for getting impregnated by that sperm receptacle you call a father and inflicting you on the world.

    • They will live off their children. Look at no talent Tori and Dean. When the kids inherit Aaron’s money from Candy, they will have to loan money to no talent not working parents of theirs.

    • Social security, their kids will be working (hopefully) and caring for their no good for nothing parents.

  20. Reggie sorry ass gon learn TODAY!
    His low esteem havin wife, or should I say ex wife at this point, went & changed her whole face to look like his ex whore, to please him, & now he done bust off in a granny looking Kim Zoloic.
    Reggie several L’s for your fine stoopid ass?

  21. I’m not for interracial unions, never have been but I hope that wife of his take his pathetic ass to the cleaners……clean that muthaf*cka OUT!

    • Reggie should be fined for:

      1. Sexing this trans-looking broad.
      2. Sexing a CAC
      3. Getting a CAC pregnant
      4. Being a rich handsome black man WHILE doing 1-3

      That’s 4 major violations.

    • STFU…eddie long’s tragic prolapsed asshole…black women get dragged on here on the reg and I know because you are one of the main one’s doing it.

    • Since he is not a serious drug addict he more than likely would have never ended up like lamar.

      Which still does not exclude him for being another dumb azz nig…statistic.

  22. She miscalculated. She is married. In most states, her husband is the legal father, permanently. She would have to get a quickie divorce, have the kid declared to be Reggie’s by DNA, and then remarry her sugar green card daddy for her second income. In any event, Reggie will know this woman has his kid and poor kid, what kind of environment and daddy it will have. I hope he’s happy for the few moments of pleasure and a lifetime of sorrows. And that Lillit woman is not leaving him. She will endure him for money.

  23. I’m laughing. Reggie, you fool. You better hope that DNA comes back in your favor.

  24. Damn, the comments here read like the female wing of the local psych ward…

    God bless you all and may you find the most boring, blue collar niggas available, who you should have chose from jump street.


    • Fuck you stupid MF. There are plenty of men on this thread to.

      So do not make this a woman thing, ignorant bastard.

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