Kanye Abruptly Ends LA Show


Kanye was performing for the sixth time in L.A. for his Saint Pablo tour, but things didn’t go as planned.

After losing his voice, Yeezy stopped the show in the middle of performing “Only One.” He apologized to the crowd, told them he would do better next time, and left the stage!

He had 8 tracks left to perform, and had only been performing for less than an hour.

Peep the videos.



Who the hell is paying to watch Kanye perform anyway?


  1. Well at least he apologized & offered them refunds. Now all is well in the world.

  2. Marc Consuelos told a story about seeing Kanye in Vegas. He swears it wasn’t Kanye, said the stage was lifted so high and full of so much smoke it could have been anybody. He fake as the TrashKlan he married

  3. People who were not in attendance truly don’t give a damn. I’ve given away every comped ticket I’ve ever received for this fool’s show. Trust me, I’m certain to have missed absolutely nothing!

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