Bow Wow Shades Kanye & Other Ungrateful Artists


Shad Moss a.k.a. Bow Wow just shaded Kanye and every other overpriced artist in the industry who takes their fans for granted.

In an Instagram post, Bow tells fans they need to wake up and stop supporting artists who overcharge for concerts and walk out on shows.

His post came just hours after Kanye stopped performing in the middle of his L.A. show, disappointing all his fans who paid hundreds of dollars to see him in concert.

Bow says fans have the power to change things by not financially supporting the artist who don’t act right.

Peep his rant:


Do you agree?


  1. He’s just exploiting the drama to get some attention.

    Kanye’s fans don’t care really. They’re not even there for the music. He’s trendy, and they wanna jump on the bandwagon. They also want some place to get drunk and hit on girls that look good.

    • Why didn’t Bow Wow say this when Justin Bieber canceled his concerts, meets/greets. And didnt want to give refunds.

      Not a fan of Kanye, but he apologized and offered refunds. To the far left little man.

    • Shouldn’t “I’m Not Black” Shad be concerning himself with matters of a lighter persuasion?

  2. Well his career has declined these past few years and he ended up hosting 106 & Park so it’s obvious a lot of people aren’t checking for him these days. Just found out he released an album with Soulja Boy last week

    • People might clown him, but he did alright for a teenybopper act. The fact that he’s still here, and still getting checks is impressive. It could be worse…

      But Bow Wow’s career is why Drake has been faking so hard. If he didn’t do all these magic tricks, he would be Bow Wow right now.

      • I really don’t see the comparison between the two. Even if Drake’s career didn’t take off or eventually stalled he could have stuck with acting cause that’s where he started and it wouldn’t look like such a downgrade. In Bow Wow’s case it looked liked he went down a few notches. Yes, he is still getting paid but he really seems like a has been at this point using these rants to gain some spotlight.
        I think making these same slick remarks are why people gradually stopped supporting him. I remember years ago he tried coming for Will Smith saying that he was a bubblegum rapper and that his lyrics were too soft. He really was feeling himself too much back then. It wasn’t long after his popularity then began to fade. He was really and still is being cocky. You have other artists who were teenybopper acts who still in my eyes haven’t become a joke like he has become.

  3. Chris beat me to it. I was about to say:
    “This coming from Bow Wow who swears he’s NOT black.”

    • Yeeeeeeepppp!!!!! But he is telling the truth. I be damn I pay $500 for a damn ticket to see they asses!

    • Exactly! I think there was some Rihanna shade there too. Bow wow does have a point though. I was going to treat my parents to MJB’s show a couple of years ago until I saw tickets were $400 a pop. Tina Turner didn’t cost half that.
      I don’t know how truthful Kanye was but at least he offered up an explanation and offered a refund.

      • CACs have been ripping off black artists for ages. Let these people get paid instead of talentless CAC pieces of shit.

        • What is a CAC? I’m not supporting an artist just because they are Black. Who does that?

  4. Lil bow wow fell so far off the map carmen Sandiago couldn’t find his little ass.! When the hell is the last time he had a sold out concert this ain’t 2003 nigga he’s salty af and if he care so much about his so called fans why doesn’t he help them but concert tickets ?? I can’t with this dude. And while I’m not a fan of kanye he did offer refunds nothing bad to say about him on that end.

  5. Misery enjoys company. Since he has no fans to support him, he suggest that other artist fan’s boycott them.

  6. He doesn’t need to TALK about anyone especially when he had the nerve to say he wasn’t black! People are so stupid these days and completely lost!

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