Paris Jackson’s Boyfriend Has a Change of Heart Over Racist Tattoo

paris jackson racist boyfriend confederate flag tattoo

Paris Jackson’s boyfriend, who many believed was a racist, seems to have had a change of heart.

Michael Snoddy was sporting some Confederate Flag tattoos that caused a bunch of commotion with the public and with the Jackson family.

Michael says he got the ink for his favorite band, Pantera, but he later realized how offensive it was. The flag is now covered up with red and orange flames.

Paris and Michael recorded a message to everyone, where they explained the tattoo and why Michael decided to ultimately get rid of it. He also addresses rumors that he’s racist, with Paris blurting out he can’t be racist because he’s dating someone who’s black. Oh, okay….

Here’s a pic of the tattoo before and after.


  1. ?How is Paris Jackson BLACK? She is NOT a Jackson biologically. Only by way of Michael's love, say so & the fact that he made her one of the beneficiaries of his estate is she a Jackson.

    They need to knock it off…seriously.

  2. Young people today do anything for attention.. I also know he older people are acting like an ass, because no one wants to be their age anymore.. Somebody please help this world, because we're going down in flames.. It's all sad and I suggest, that we all seek thee for thyself and then they will know this is not the way to go.. Thank you for knowing better and doing better..Oh and yes I know we all fall short of his glory, but when you know better, you should do better..

  3. Fuck that gay whiteboy talking u hate blacks but u wearing pink hair bitch please

  4. Paris thinks she's BLACK?! JESUS!!! Take these kids back to the shop Michael bought them from! This is enough!

    • And you know what? I blame us too. We as real black people love arguing about whether French Montana, Kim kardashian & Amber Rose are black like being black is some sort of a social club. Being black isn't even a culture because black people around the world have different cultures. It is a spectrum of colours & hair textures & includes unique life experiences too. And none of those imbeciles we give "Honorary" membership to, fit that description. SMH

      • Blame AA. Africans aren't on that one-drop BS.

        lol Some Africans even consider Denzel mixed race.

        • True. As an African I've often almost jumped out my skin at the people that AA claim are black.

  5. Why…who gives a f*ck about either of these worthless disgusting ugly CAC pieces of shit?

  6. Well, who woulda thunk it? Obviously, all of MJ's money is going to the dope pusher!

    Those are nothing but two junkies up in that pix.

    Oh well, NEXT!

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