Drake & Rihanna Break Up

rihanna drake breakup

LOL at people being surprised that Rihanna and Drake have officially “broken up.” Drake’s daddy already went on the record to say these two were “just friends,” but no one wanted to believe him!

But now, it has been confirmed that their PR stunt also known as a relationship is officially over. According to E! News, the couple is “seeing other people at the moment,” and they are “not exclusive anymore.”

“They still love each other, but their schedules have gotten in the way.”

Drake tried to let y’all know a week ago that there was trouble between him and Rih Rih.


Drake, of course, has already moved on. He was reportedly spotted out with India Love, the same woman that was previously linked to The Game. According to a source, Drake and India “have been hooking up for at least a few weeks.”

But get this, India’s ex-boyfriend, Cliff Dixon, was rumored to have cheated on her with Rihanna. Also, India’s sister, Crystal Westbrooks, dated Drake in the past.

Messy, messy.


  1. Nobody has ever claimed Rihanna. She's an industry whore. The same goes for Drake(manwhore). Who's gay.

  2. Sasha R….They are really a nasty motley group of people. It's high time for Drake & Rihanna to away right along with that Kardashian tribe. They're all overrated & sickening.?

  3. The music industry's version of a jigsaw puzzle. Fit the right penis to the right vagina. When the puzzle is complete, the result is a bunch of STDs and STIs. -_-

  4. Lasted longer than I thought she wanted to f*ck other people watch Drake p*ssy ass cry some more

    Drake nobody wants your lame ass only reason you get p*ssy is because you a entertainer if u wasn't famous you be the biggest trans whore out there

  5. I'm sad that Rihanna allowed her biggest career moment (The Video Vanguard Award) & made it all about a fake relationship with drake. How dumb is she? On top of her game in the industry & has to insert some gay ass man.

  6. I am not saying this is the issue in this case, because if they were together or not makes no difference.

    But women need to learn how to keep their legs closed. Giving it up for a few trinkets always gets you f*cked up, broke down, and alone. If that is what you want more power to you, but if your goal is to keep a man…you have to be bringing more to the table than some p*ssy.

    • Most of these men are worthless & not worthy of keeping. Lets be real. Look at the likes of kim "keeping" kanye. What exactly is she bringing except for a p*ssy & a fake booty? A lot of emphasis is put on women "keeping" ANY man and not how some of these men are useless with low standards & can honestly be satisfied & "kept" by even the most useless turtles (eg khloe k).

      • Sorry lol I don't think Kim and Kanye ever had sex I still believe he put he sperm in a cup and that was the result of those kids he is gay.

      • OMG…I don't have the time now but I'm coming back later to tap into something you said in your comment which is the very issue that caused me to cut a friend loose very recently. I swear you nailed it…

  7. Please. Drake is gay and outed himself on MTV years back at the start of his career talking about how close he was to his white male co-producer, crying and shit. Saw it with my own eyes.

  8. One major sign drake is gay is him jumping from one hyper sexualized females ie stripers and the likes to another to hide his gayness.pretty sure these ppl ain't selling records like that… Why else would they do this.

    • Drakeisha moved an obvious gay dude into his house. He always chills with obvious gay dudes too (Trey). It's like when Jay Z moved Larry in.

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