Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles Has Roaches, Fails Health Inspection!

gladys knight chicken waffles health inspection

In the midst of Gladys Knight’s son trying to blackmail her during her battle to remove her name from her Chicken & Waffles restaurants, the Peachtree St. establishment in Atlanta has just failed its health inspection.

The restaurant received a grade of “U,” which is worse than a damn F, after inspectors found food being handled with ungloved hands, heavy grease, dust, build-up on the floor, walls and ceiling and ROACHES!

The report read:

“Observed 2 dead roaches, 2 live roaches in the kitchen area,”

Nasty AF!

But get this, the roaches were a “repeat violation,” as well as “heavy fruit fly activity.” Smh

The place was given a grade of 44 out of 100.

The inspection was conducted after consumer complaints. This particular location was able to pass its two prior inspections, with a grade of 90 on March 7, 2016 and a grade of 81 on September 9, 2016. But things are on the decline after Gladys’s son, Shanga Hankerson, turned himself into police after being accused of stealing $650K in taxes owed to the state of GA.

Galdys is now working to get her name removed from these roach-infested establishments!! And can you blame her?

The Peachtree location is scheduled for a followup inspection on October 16. They will also have an intervention hearing with the Department of Public Health and receive heath education and training to get things back on track. Lets hope it helps.


  1. LMAO wut? Oh man. These negros are ALL falling apart in the most hilarious ways. I guess Gladys was trying to hop aboard that patti labelle train, missed and fell on the tracks.

  2. Illuminati is taking Gladys' chicken and waffles down!!!

    Seriously, is this place in a strip mall? Jeez, I thought it was classier than that… more like T.I.'s or Puffy's old place. But it's like a B&R's or a nail salon?

  3. “Observed 2 dead roaches, 2 live roaches in the kitchen area”
    “heavy fruit fly activity”

    I love Gladys, but lol. Nasty AF.

    It's not surprising. She's too busy to keep up with her businesses, and she has her grandkids or whoever managing all that.

  4. Ummm…you all do know the majority of restaurants are the breeding ground for vermin infestations right?

    I remember there was a video of a closed for the night kentucky fried in new york whose floor was crawling with rats!

    And every factory who processes food is allowed a certain amount of vermin hair and bug parts to be in their processed food.

    So everyone who is not 100% vegan has pretty much eaten something gross.

    • Amen to that, because you are telling the truth.. when I do eat out I make sure my meat is well done to kill all he germs.. Most people don't know the kitchen in these famous eating places are a hot nasty mess.. I only eat at places that. See them cooking my food.. My son manages a very high price eating establishment and I eat there because I know how strict he is with his employees. Don't not eat fast food at all, never have and never will..

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