Stevie J Sues Joseline for Defamation

stevie j sues joseline hernandez

Stevie J is fighting back against the vicious allegations made by his former girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez.

In new court docs, Stevie is suing Joseline after she accused him of molesting his daughter, and for calling him a “devil-worshipping gay man.”

Stevie says the Puerto Rican Princess has been on a “smear campaign” along with a former nanny and Mimi Faust’s niece, to spread these allegations on social media.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star even says Joseline made a phone call to Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services to accuse him of sexual abuse!

Stevie says Joseline’s false claims have damaged his rep and exposed him to “public hatred and ridicule.” There’s no word on the dollar amount he’s seeking, but he is also asking the judge to put a gag order on Joseline so she can no longer tarnish his name.

Unless Joseline can provide proof of her claims, it looks like she’s gonna have to pay up!


  1. I don't know how that's going to go half of that is truth well the devil worship and the gay part is .

  2. She better be careful he works we diddy and we all know what they do to people to shut them up she going to end up a dead Puerto Rican princess .

  3. I wanna believe her because why would Mimi's niece say this and risk their whole family ostracizing her if it's a lie?

  4. So he is allegedly a Satanic gay man who molests little girls?

    Someone is salty and stupid.

  5. I'm waiting on this baby to get here.??
    That's what I want to see. Damn all the rest of that mess!

  6. Yeah we know all of this. this uncloakable drag needs to go away for good. And what baby that is straight bullshit.

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