Dr. Dre Threatens to Sue Over Michel’le Biopic

dr dre threatens sue michel'le movie

Dr. Dre is looking to put a stop to a TV movie that’s set to depict him as a woman beater.

Sony Pictures is set to release “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le – a film that will detail Dre and singer Michel’le’s violent relationship.

Dre’s legal team has reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Sony…demanding that they back off or they will end up in court!

In the letter, Dre also denies ever abusing Michel’le. He says they dated around “30 years ago,” and she never sough medical treatment nor filed a police report for injuries…so it’s pretty clear that he never laid hands on her, right?! LOL

Let’s not forget, back in August 2015, Dre gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine and said this:

“I made some f****** horrible mistakes in my life. I was young, f****** stupid. I would say all the allegations aren’t true – some of them are. Those are some of the things that I would like to take back. It was really f—d up. But I paid for those mistakes, and there’s no way in hell that I will ever make another mistake like that again,” ~ Dr. Dre

Sounds like a confession to me.

In the film, Dre’s character is said to be extremely violent. He attacks Michel’le by pulling her hair, punching her in the face and even pulling a gun on her….all incidents that reportedly happened during their relationship.

Do you think Sony should say f- it and release the movie anyway?


  1. He's an asshole. We all know he beat her & dee barnes. smh. Marry a footfaced white woman with a long ass chin and thinks he's respectable now.

  2. Only a hit dog hollers. The movie's only showing us what we don't already know. It'll truly be a nice day when dre finally gets his share of karma. Hopefully he'll get it in this lifetime.

    • If not here in his next life he will meet St. Peter and Jesus, you can't lie to Jesus because he sees all and he knows all…

  3. The question is why in the hell does he care? Yo can only sue for defamation if you prove damages to your life in cold hard figures. You can't just state that the defamation hurt your feelings and made you feel bad.

    How will Michelle's accusations cause him to sell fewer Beats headphones?? Is anyone going to think twice before they plop down a couple of hundred for them?

    Dre's a rich and respected man by the mainstream. He shouldn't worry about the little people.

    • He better worry about the little people. Cause the same ones you stepped on going up. Will be the same ones laughing their asses off when you come crashing down.

  4. Doesn't most of the world already know Dre is a womanizing, bi sexual batterer who doesn't hate women but doesn't really like them either? What is the big deal? He has made his main money and anything he makes now is just more f-you money so how can this movie be such a burden to him?

    Because all those evil things he did "when he was young" is a real bitch when it's staring him in his face. He is always the first to say what and who he doesn't give a f*ck about. Well, this movie should be apart of that list.

  5. Fuck Dre he beat dee Barnes and tairrie b which I was surprised he got away since she was a white gjrl Jerry hellervmust have paid her off plus pac called him a fag he did or said nothing

  6. People are asking why he cares.

    Because he is moving in a different circle now. His fantasy of being white or white-ish has materialized and he got the white wife to prove it. He probably golfs, drinks scotch, reads the Wall Street Journal and votes Republic (Easy E was a staunch Republican and gave thousands of dollars to Vice President Dan Quayle, yes he did).

    It is a different time now. He is going to be shown beating up black women, you know, the demographic where the dollars for consumerism are in the black community. And in Dre's new circle, parasitism is very important, so when the host leaves, what is left.

    Talk about shit catchin' up to a person. Good for his azz!

  7. Dre was whoopin ass the same way Suge whooped on his ass…Remember those days Dre?
    Dre don't want his kids by his white wife or his 1% black white looking wife to know…
    Yeah your dad is from the hood and he was a monster…
    Dre don't f*ck with his other kids.
    Well Dre, let's put it like this…hope you can always be looking over the shoulder of your daughter from your 1/2 black wife…better hope she don't sustain a beat down the way you did your baby mama's from SOUTH CENTRAL!!! What you do in live can come back on your children…PAY ATTENTION!!!!

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