Drake Gets Hood & Calls Out His Competition

drake calls out competition

After nearly escaping death in Philly when Meek Mill’s goons tried to approach him after his concert, Drake is back to popping off at the mouth.

The rapper was a little too turnt during the Toronto leg of his Summer Sixteen concert on October 8. In between songs, he went on a rant and unleashed his inner gangsta!

Too bad his fake hood act is anything but scary, and Drake ends up looking and sounding like a damn fool. Maybe this is his clap back to Beanie Sigel calling him a “pop star”?

In the video, Drake goes on a rant about other rappers and singers. He says he doesn’t give a f*ck about his competition, and nobody can talk to him because he’s “from The Six.”

Um, okay.

Peep the video, and try not to laugh.

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  1. Calm your tits Aubrey and count your money. You'll still be alive and selling tickets while the real gangstas are on welfare or dead.

    sometimes being corny is better

  2. Nah. Drakeisha wasn't even supposed to last this long, or get to this level. His team of like 349583348080 ghost writers are responsible for everything along with all the companies faking his popularity with millions of dollars. Now that the truth is out…welp

    He owes like who knows how much money. Most of those packed tour dates are tickets the record company buys and gives away. There are dudes selling weed that are probably making more money. Drake gets 10% of someone's 1% of someone's .003% plus he has to pay people back. His baller stuff is probably all rented by the label.

  3. ALL the above comments are perfectly stated. My two cents is not even needed…seems you know exactly what the deal is on Aubreyesha?

    • Hate? No.
      6fraud is just annoying because he's so fake, like Game, and his music sucks. His CAC fans are mad annoying too.

      Envy? LOL.
      He's a gay dude pretending to be straight. He's a voice actor pretending to be a rapper. He makes like .0000000000000001% of what he earns. He's famous, but gets no benefits other than access to overpriced liquor, tacky outfits, and the same industry chicks everyone has. His music will be forgotten. He's been exposed as a fraud.

      He could have invested the money he made on Degrassi. He could be in real estate making hella money, that was actually his money. Instead he has to take bubble baths with Birdman.

  4. Man when softboysvget money and sex and drugs Drake never was a tough guy his uncle is Larry Graham who is his own legend and Drake family had money he was tv actor he somehow decided to get into hip hop before that he was into alternative rock music and yes he was gay then so yeah he joined rap a lot which is a hardcore rap label but cash money wanted him and he thought he was hard since he got p*ssy. He does drugs, now he's tough guy this simp cries over Rihanna

  5. Drake aint gone bust a grape. If you weren't gangsta before fame, why to be it now? It's not gonna change anyone's perception they've already formed. Plus, we certainly don't need anymore bullshit gangsta rappers promoting more bullshit. Nigga quit acting hard.

    • Don't worry. This half CAC will be gone soon. The ghost writing thing won't go away, and that's the foundation of why he's been able to stick around. If it weren't for that, he'd be Lil Bow Wow.

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