Reggie Bush’s Brother: “Our Family Never Liked Kim”


reggie bush brother kim k

TMZ caught up with Reggie Bush’s brother, Javon Griffin, and asked him if he ever wishes he were Kim Kardashian’s brother-in-law.

Javon answered with, “NEVER!” and then proceeded to tell the cameraman that the their entire family never really liked Kim because she was just “too much.”

He didn’t elaborate, but we’re pretty sure he’s referring to Kim’s thirstiness for the paparazzi’s attention.

It looks like the Bush family definitely dodged a bullet, and Kim is officially having the worst month ever. You know she cried in the car when she watched this video:


  1. The pic doesn't even look like Dimbacle. And you know Reggie celebrates every day that he got away from her nasty self.

    • Is that why he married a chick who could be her twin? He wanted Kim without the extra stuff.

        • Yeah. I really believe f*cking Ray J.

          If Kim's vaj stinks, then BM must love the smell.

          • Ray AND Reggie said it…so imma believe the two separate comments abt the same tainted crotch over kim's silence.

            • Reggie is a class act unlike Ray J. He has never bad mouthed KK, and if you can prove differently please provide a link.

              He would never taint his brand by commenting on a woman's vaginal odor. That's just bad business.

              • You can try your utmost best to redeem reggie but the fact that he went and got another kimmie lookalike thot to marry will always make me pity him LOL

              • LMFAO…the story was on here about reggie stating her twat smelled like garbage…dumbass.

                Look it up in the archives, stupid motherf*cka.

      • That's exactly what Ms Reg said about Reggie and his family along time ago. The reason he didn't bother trying to make Kim The Whore a housewife was because he his mother threatened to disown him is he even thought about it. Kim was said to be buying expensive and unnecessary gifts for almost the entire family all while acting as it THEY IN SOME WAY NEEDED HER. She tried hard to get in that family but it didn't work so since Reggie was insistent on getting himself a woman not black he got a Kim look alike, almost a Kim twin looking chick who was quiet, not attention seeking who wanted a good life and knew how to act. He married her after a decent courtship and she was pregnant like a well oiled clock within a year or so. That girl is living her dream life and very content and Reggie got what he's always wanted…a woman who does not resemble his mother and women in his family.

  2. IDC. Fact is, Reggie & his fam played along for a long time back then. Now she's a terrible person. Sounds like when ray j said her p*ssy stank, after making her famous. They all need to shut up.

  3. Reggie Bush's mother NEVER liked Kim and it was widely known. The antic of Kim going to South Africa and buying poor kids toys for publicity, or the time her whole family tried to jam up the NOLO's Saint's Superbowl and no attention was given to Reggie nor his family…Rememember those great times?….Yeah, I trust that Momma Bush had "much to do" and say about their relationship and ultimately the break up. Only for his ass to go off with a Kim look-a-like…SMDH!

  4. Notice the common denominator of the males that the Koven chose to play?

    Fatherlessness. The black males don't have fathers in their lives, notice it's typically their mother talking against Kim? That Kris H. baller ex husband for 5 days, LOL, is mixed, black dad white mama so that's different. Fatherless black males with money are vulnerable to being played by manipulative white witches.

      • Yes his dad is in prison for LIFE that's about as fatherless as you can get! The Koven picks the weak (fatherless) males. Everybody except Blacks know that fathers keep the family & communities strong! Fatherless families are seen as weak its a man's world. If you come for me single mothers you'll force me to show receipts.

        • We also tend to forget that a single mother household is much better than a household with both parents with a father who does NOTHING. Nothing but teach the sons how to subjugate women and be jobless. Or a father who shows up once every few weeks. Rather a reliable single mom than that. This thing where we overvalue men as father's and undervalue women as mother's is wrong & leads to men thinking just showing their damn face is enough whereas women have to move mountains and STILL be told it's not enough.

          • If black men married their women and stayed with their families, everything would be so different than what is now the sorry state of the black population.

            Thank LBJ and the War on Poverty for that. Before 1966, nearly all black homes were intact with a father in the home.

            I am old, I saw it and I remember it well. I was a kid, but there wasn't one house in my neighborhood without a father, and girls got married before they got knocked up or mama and daddy would be shamed. I say bring back shame. It kept people living right. lol

    • Reggie was, is and will always be color-struck. He basically lived live by his own brown bag rule and everybody who knows him knows that about him. Having mixed, light complexioned children was one of his primary goals and he really thinks that's special. It's just a sad ass mentality to have and why I don't like him and men like his kind. Everyone is entitled to their own preference but Reggie Bush and men like him are just sickening.

      • He is not the only one.

        There are more than a few self-hating blacks out there who are trying their damnedest to white-wash the black from their genealogy.

        • Isn't that sad & shameful? It runs in the attitude of mostly in a lot of the men in my family though they deny it & will argue you down that "that's not the case" yet our holidays together & family reunions look like we're the damn United Nations. I'm not even exaggerating!

        • Why is that self hating? Black folks are terrible calling each other "smoke" "crispy" and "silverback."

          Can you blame a black man for wanting better for his children than being called those names? Maybe if people stopped maligning dark skinned people some of that would go away.

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