Tristan Thompson Left His Pregnant Girlfriend for Khloe!!

tristan thompson ex pregnant

There were rumors floating around that Tristan Thompson had left his pregnant girlfriend, Jordan Craig, to be with Khloe Kardashian, and now…the rumors have been confirmed!

Jordan has been quiet on social media, but she finally posted a video showing off her baby bump at her baby shower. She’s expecting a boy, and we’re pretty sure Tristan is the pappy.

Jordan’s cousin, Eniko Hart (Kevin Hart’s wife), sent out this special message congratulating Jordan but there’s no mention of Tristan at all.

Jordan and Tristan dated off and on for two years, but it looks like’s he’s officially gone for good because he’s been traveling the world and trailing behind Khloes fake azz for the past few months.

What kind of ain’t sh*t man do you have to be to leave your girlfriend when she’s pregnant?!


  1. This jordan girl is also after an 18 year paycheck because Tristan left her before she started showing. She could've terminated. If it were me I'd want to run away from such a mess as fast as I can.

    • I couldn't trust a cousin of eniko's even if I tried. As far as I'm concerned her & khloe are cut from the same hoelicious cloth, just that khloe is ugly AF.

    • Couldn't agree more. It's a shame he left her though. She's way prettier than kloe all day long, and doesn't have a bloodline of wicked witches either.

      • I agree with both of you and in the end, the baby is the one who will suffer from all this mess. She could have better protected herself to make sure she didn't get pregnant by this f*ckboy. Not getting pregnant is very easy these days so I do question her motives.

        • Let's all be real and skip questioning he motives. Damn that. All 3 of us and the rest of the panel knows exactly what her motive was. When he didn't move to take her more seriously over time she made certain to allow herself to become pregnant. He's only reacting to this unwanted event by running away. Now let's all see exactly stupid he really is. We'll know when we see him this time next month still being seen with and taking Chewbaka seriously as HIS woman or if he will have already dumped her big headed ass by then like all the rest of the fellas do.

          • He's dumb. Who chooses death over life? Cause we all know that super Kh. is a professional dick killer. If he wanted to run away from baby mama there are better ways to do it.

  2. The only sister still needing pregnancy for validation. I thought the 'show' was over.

  3. Please. The Wookie is in rehab. The Koven and their Black Magic is over & done. Now we wait for Kanye Kardassian & Tigger to float up dead some where.

  4. Khole the haux. That's why she will NEVER have a child and WILL most likely remain barren! Who knew Kim would have not one, but two kids while Khole can't even keep a man, or concieve?….Karma's a bitch for these bitches and it will only be a matter of time for these thristy haux's to disappear forever!

    • What difference would that make? Would it have stopped him from cheating? Would it have stopped him from running off with Khloe. Fuck your comment.

  5. Looks are not every thing but why would you leave someone as pretty as she is for something that looks like it needs to be taken out the back to get shot.

  6. the kardashians are not cancelled

    khloe must have good mouth and p*ssy cause dudes are breaking their necks trying to get at that p*ssy.

    since kim married khloe getting all the black dick thrown at her.

    • It ain't good puzzy that she is throwing that is getting dudes to break their necks…not to be gross but…yeah.

  7. And where is the NEW in this news story ? Let this sad ass black men have these whores …none of them are winning like they say especially these sports figures . a whore will end you every time

  8. But shorty comes from a well to do family. If im not mistaken her and her sister are med school kids from jamaican decent. His hoe ass will be back

  9. Khloe is looking way hotter now.
    If it wasn't Tristan it would be some other BW's man. I doubt any white man would even date her now unlike her more attractive sisters. Kim, Kendall and Kylie can still get whoever they want within reason because they are not viewed as desperate as Khloe.

    • Truthfully, I never thought of Khloe as being unattractive..she just has a different look, was a little plump, and maybe needed a little help. But then again, most of her sisters got some help too. With that being said, she does strike me as being a little desperate, but I sort of blame PMK forputting every other girl child she had on a pedestal–Khloe is a little like the Cinderella of that group. I don't think that Khloe ever tried to go for a white guy. But other than Lamar, she has terrible taste in men and goes for the sloppy seconds. But that's the party girl in her.

      • One Who Knows:

        That was a very fair assessment. I think you nailed it.

        I actually remember when Khloe was considered "the nice one" back when she first married Lamar. Now she seems to be hated here, but most the women I know IRL kinda like her still. She just seems a bit less fake than the others. Or perhaps she seems like a slightly warmer person. And I agree, PMK treats her like her red headed step child to some degree. She will never be KIM in PMK's eyes.

        • Anyone who would ever care about these slores is a lost cause.

          These bitches do nothing of substances and are only known because of kim's antics.

          Fuck them all and the hole they crawled out of for being the biggest boils literally on the ass of society.

  10. How do you have camel toe sitting down in a dress?…Uuuughhh.

    And her leg looks like a bird shit on it…or she forgot to wipe her cum-stained mouth after drooling all over herself. Yeah, I know it is the bag reflection or is it? LOL…

    All the surgeries in the world couldn't put humpty together again…smdh.

  11. I think a lot of Canadian men favor WW.

    Of course all BM favor Kardashians regardless of where they come from. lol

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