Keshia Knight Pulliam Exposes Ed Hartwell’s Alleged Mistress


Ed Hartwell is wasting no time moving on after his brief marriage to Keshia Knight Pulliam, and the actress is now putting him and his mistress on blast!

According to The Jasmine Brand, Ed has been running all over town with his new lady, and he has even introduced her to his family. In case you forget, Ed and Keshia are still legally married with a baby on the way.

The mistress, Tonya Carroll, is not even trying to hide the alleged affair. She left the comment #BigSexy on one of Ed’s Instagram post and even took pictures of herself in Ed’s hometown of Las Vegas.

Keshia told the court she is concerned because Ed and Tony have allowed their children to witness their “adulterous behavior.”

While Ed is balls deep in the next one, he has allegedly left Keshia with a bunch of bills and move-out expenses, and he refuses to reimburse her.



Messy, messy.



    • #Preach!!! This heffa will get the karma she’s signing up for. #Keisha’sLastLaugh

      • But i think this is the same lady that was engaged to him b4 Keisha
        I might be wrong, but didnt Keisha allegedly break up their engagement 1st just to then marry Ed?

        • @Charmin–Don’t you see that this was a set up to get Ed and his old gal to some “Cosby” money? Do you think she really broke then up? PLEASE!!! Rumor has it was allegedly cheating for the whole duration of the marriage and got a gym out it. These coons are out there.

  2. The Women of Hollywood need to date outside that fooked up circle of fools. Find a real, regular man – shebus

    • Yup. But I doubt they will, it is all about status and a regular guy cannot provide that for them.

      • There’s successful black men all over the world. She’s just lazy and has low standards.

        • @Anon 20:12-No, she was just a sucker for a dude that has verbal game. Her standards were not low nor was she lazy. Keshia waited a long time for what she thought was a decent guy. Some dudes can be very convincing–especially in that state. Add the fact that so many of our BM are brainwashed into not loving their own women and you have a recipe for disaster.

  3. I honestly think Keisha got married for all the wrong reasons. I think their marriage was a business arrangement not fully discussed nor clarified. He’s left the marriage, the home and anything to do with her or her pregnancy. All the while remaining quiet while she runs to the press. I think she is running her mouth so much for a reason and not because he ain’t ish because she has something to cover up herself.

  4. God I love you!!! “scrubs never prosper” Ohhh girl, I need to hash tag the hell out of that. I’m still waiting on your blog.

  5. Look at Tonya’s hashtags… She’s obviously in it for the lifestyle or just for the sake of having a man… He aint even fine to me and his degeneracy makes him look worse, but you know how some sistah’s are… Maybe she’s just in it in order to say she has a man.
    Wonder who’s paying for all those airplane tickets. Dumb broad is dickmatized.

  6. Wonder why she didn’t want Tigga. Seems like he was really into her.

    • @Mystique, I never heard of a Mitch b4. Always learn something new when I visit this site. Thnx.

  7. She sure is mad at him. Why does she want to embarrass herself like this? It’s bad enough having a baby that the daddy wants no part of.

    • Keisha is not a fool…and neither is her lawyer. She’s putting Ed’s ass on blast to repair her reputation, which he tried to ruin by insinuating that she was a hoe that doesn’t know who her baby’s daddy is…despite the fact that he continues to run away from a DNA test.

      He is a despicable individual that is running from his responsibility as a husband, father and MAN. She’s better off without him and I hope she wins in court and he doesn’t get a dime…because all he wanted was a come up.

  8. Hmm so he went & got himself a ugly version of Keisha, wtf did she get herself into?

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        Fuck Trump.

      • Hi Radiant1 🙂 Im glad still c u here
        I dont c much of the old gang too much 🙁
        Do ur cousin still come on here? They used to have some real funny comments on here

        • Hey Sweetie! Haven’t seen him post in a while, but Reg comes up here. We just spoke to Rah about a week ago. He said he will try and pop back up here to check on us.

  9. ATL’s Finest Fvckboys!! But this one a old ass grown ass fvckboy….supposed to be passed this nonsense….Ed get it together you is messy!

  10. No offense, but she should have married a black NON-AMERICAN. Africa is full of tall, athletic, handsome, educated men. There’s no reason for a rich black woman like her to be with an American, no offense.

    Fuck Trump.

    • There would be no black race if black women specifically did not cape for their own.

      Do whatever the f*ck you want but stop being so f*cking hateful.

      • Yes I do, you ignorant bitch!

        You are just the female asshole version of aunt tom…

        • NOT TRUTH…

          BS you don’t… your bitch azz is on here ever day fighting women and men and caping for interracial relations…

          You espouse as much hate as some farm living crackas…you really need to check yo self, especially when you have your mental meltdowns on post who are just expressing their opinion and are not downing black women.

          Shit you down black women just as bad as some of these men do, if they do not agree with you so you are just as much a part of the problem as them…take a f*cking chill pill and see you are no better than some of these men you seem to hate soooo much.

        • Stop trying to deflect the convo from YOU…

          No you are NOT just expressing your opinion…that would take tact and intelligence and NOT downgrading someone…

          You would not understand that though, because you cannot see past your own hate.

        • And FYI I am NOT male…that is how pathetic you are to just make an ASS out of yourself.

    • Barb Wire, the reason why is because if we start dating outside our race, the black men will call us sellouts! And we hear them oh so familiar phrases such as, “Oh! We Brotha are not good for a Sistah?” ” Why are U dating that cracks for?” ” U ain’t shit and U are a hoe,!” Ahhhhhh… U see why we are so damn stressed?

  11. @ 10:16 – Speak for yourself honey… Self respect and attracting Divine Soulmate love are an Individual’s sport – not collective. If anyone’s laughing when they see you, it’s because of you, your vibes and way you carry yourself.

  12. 13:42 Another Got Damn Lie – Brought to you by “Lameshia”…. smh. What the hell is in a name, boo? I have never had problems attracting men of any race. I do the chosing here, babe.

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  15. She should take the support money and find a real man for her child. This deadbeat won’t fight her. But watch him be the first one with hat in had if that kid turns out to be something.

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