Apollo Nida Gets Engaged Behind Bars

apollo nida engaged

Apollo Nida is still serving out his 8 year prison sentence, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding love behind bars.

The estranged husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Phaedra Parks is reportedly engaged to a woman he has been dating for two years. The two apparently started dating before he got locked up and while he was still with Phaedra.
Apollo popped the question “a couple months ago” to this mystery woman who lives in New Jersey – not too far away from the federal pen that Apollo now calls home.

According to TMZ, Apollo and his new boo have even shot scenes together for this season of RHOA.

By the way, Apollo and Phaedra’s divorce was finalized on November 2.


    • No. Now that Phaedra divorce is final, he can testify against her for part in those crimes that got him, Angela, and two more people locked up. Phaedra really needs to watch herself now.

      • She never took part in any of those scams he was into cause she was in South Carolina in school for her mortuary science degree. He wants visitation with his kids and money from her on his books when he gets out. She tried for years to get him to do legitimate things but he was never game for it.

        • Noooooooooo. Not in South Carolina, in Mississippi!!! Oh yes she was!! And I was talking about before she married Apollo. She knew what he was doing. That’s why she took up Mortuary Science to cover her tracks. In order for Phaedra make money, she has to win cases. Have U forgot that parking lot incident? U don’t take a clients money in a parking lot, on camera, and not give a receipt!!!! I live in the South and that chick is dirty!! As many times NAS ATLANTA was open!!! Shidddd…..like I said before pay attention to your surroundings!!

          • Correction: Alabama, if she came to South Carolina, U best believe I know which funeral she would have hit. She went Alabama and she knew all that mess.

          • She was in South Carolina many, many times for her study groups and embalming, etc. at various funeral homes and other school related things. She was already a licensed apprentice and therefore she could go anywhere to get her hours in. Plus, even though her program was in Alabama it was distance learning so she only went to class a few times a semester–if that. Phaedra is not just a trial lawyer, she is an entertainment lawyer and an intellectual property lawyer so she does not have to necessarily win cases to make money. She has ALOT power player clients and associates that you don’t know about and would never jeopardize those relationships or jail, or everything she worked hard for, for some two bit con jobs with Apollo. Believe me DaRadiant1, my intel is tight on this one, for sure. but you can believe what you want to believe.

  1. Stop it you know he got engaged to a man in jail I heard that where you find your true love at .

  2. Folks I know in the ATL close to the situation said the rumor is that Apollo had been cheating on Phaedra long before he went to jail–and that his new woman is in the outer circle of their mutual friends and acquaintances. And Phaedra had no idea. Remember when he said that he met up with Kenya in Cali? Just a cover for the cameras of who he was really hooking up with. Remember when he said he spent thousands of dollars at the strip club? Another cover up for the fact that the money was going to his side piece. This is just another case of a coon trapping an educated woman by getting her knocked up–not to say that Phaedra should have been smarter, but that coon was fine, a con man, and a smooth talker.

    • Wow @ all of what you said. This is crazy. I always found it odd that Phaedra would get involved with someone like Appollo. Aside from his looks, what does he have going for him?

      • @Mystique-This is what happens when you believe an ex-cons white collars lies and f*ck around with him until you get accidentally knocked up and have to marry him. A cautionary tale for sure.

          • Accidental got knocked up with her first boy so that she had to marry that guy to save her rep. That is what I mean. I don’t think she would have married him so quick if it was not for that.

            • She did not get accidently anything…she pulled a keisha knight, because those eggs were drying up.

              • No. It was a surprise. That is why she lied about the conception date. If she pulled a “Keishia Knight” she would have married that fool before she got knocked up. She tried to take a donkey and dress it up like it was a horse. Her bad. Don’t you think that she would have found a better candidate if the “eggs were drying up?” ATL got dudes in better positions than Apollo was in. For all you know, those eggs were frozen somewhere waiting for the proper southern gentleman. Not some ex con. Not saying that was the case, but you get what I mean. That was def. NOT planned.

              • She picked the first thing the cat dragged in…and she is paying for it, period.

      • 🙂 Tea like this is so hot it was meant to be spilt:) And here is some more info…this little side piece puts money on his books in jail, so you know this is another example of Apollo using to get ahead. He has zero respect for any woman. Dude can play hot as fire or as cold as ice to a black female.

  3. Apollo and Phaedra two blacks with greek names

    Apollo the god was bisexual

    Phaedra killed herself after she realized she couldn’t marry her stepson

  4. Yooooooo!!! Shidddd!!! APOLLO GOT A DAMN UPGRADE!!!!! She looks damn good!!!! Look better than Phaedra!!!!!??????

  5. I know a woman who did this. Her baby is sick and so is she and her jailbird boyfriend is dead. No one should be messing with a man from prison.

  6. Meanwhile apollo is getting some Dukie love in prison

    Ain’t nothing wrong if u wanna do the butt all night long

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