Adrienne Bailon & Israel Houghton Abstained from Sex?


Adrienne Bailon actually went through with marrying serial cheater/gospel singer Israel Houghton, in Paris.

The couple tied the knot on November 11…just weeks after it was revealed Israel fathered two children outside of his twenty year marriage to his ex-wife.

Adrienne shared footage on the show she co-hosts, “The Real,” from her dress fitting to the nuptials.

But one surprising part of the wedding was something that was shown on today’s episode of “The Real.” UsWeekly says Israel made the comment: “We finally, finally, finally went upstairs,” alluding to he and Adrienne abstaining from sex prior to their wedding night LMAO! Is that the reason they rushed to get married? Smh.

Peep the video.


  1. What’s with this wholesome act she ain’t no virgin she was a teen singer then she was a damn Disney freak she already done had women and men go all up in her these girls find a simp to do this to ain’t no way I’m a wait for damaged goods and you already a bisexual whore too

    • maaan that thot has more negroes in her than the Kardashians. In fact she f*cked Rob kardashian, and a few rappers and ballers… Shit she got around.. I’m surprise that this dude put a ring on it smh Daaaam Simps, leaving his wife for this thot, the Fuck is the world coming too? it used to be that you f*cked a hoe and that was it, no feelings or nothing you kept it moving on to the next bitch, now you got these metro sexual mother f*ckers wifing they assses DA Fuck is the world coming too.

  2. logically it makes since to abstain from intercourse until marriage, If You Are A Virgin, because you cannot miss what you never had. However, if you have ever had sex, then you know that bad sex can be a deal breaker.

    • This ain’t a virgin she was a Disney whore we know what they do they all did drugs and go gay or lesbian her and the dyke Raven symone was cheetah girls then keke Palmer came out who’s next kyla pratt

      • LOl Kyla got out of Hollyweird years ago….she must’ve seen what they did to Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes……I dont blame her, she rather be poor and fameless that pimped out as an MK Ultra Beta Kitten…..if anyone knows what im talking about it’s you CC

  3. This bitch was f*cking him prob until a week or two before the wedding…so they can miss me w/ the abstinence BS.

    • oh her past history showed she got around, she def was f*cking him or giving that negroe some head while they were dating, or maybe she did not want him to know how loose her shiit was!!! them walls so loose you could pass a quarter through it to the other side.

      • She broke up his marriage, so they def were together before the marriage, but tried to act all holier than thou a few weeks before walking down the aisle…smfh.

  4. Idk how the hell she can be with someone who had not 1 but 2 kids outside of his marriage. I guess she think she’s Wonder Woman or some shit and u could already tell this man is a dog why is a man of God publicly saying they can go upstairs now even tho I’m sure they been upstairs years ago smh

  5. I wonder If Blac Chyna made Rob remove that HUGE “Adrienne” tattoo on his obliques?

  6. Well clutch the pearls! All this time women were looking to marry hetero men, well I guess now its time to marry gay men with beards, so you ca play their other beards.Right Solange?

  7. She’s been engaged before and never got to the alter. Now she did something that’s taught to couples in many church abstinent until your married. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but worked for her.

    • She did NOT abstain until marriage they were f*cking before, but she may have stopped a few weeks before walking down the aisle or a week or so after he proposed.

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