K. Michelle Morphing Into Lil’ Kim?


We thought K. Michelle was done with the plastic surgery when she decided to get her centaur booty downsized, but she never said she wasn’t going to stop jacking up her face!

The singer and reality TV star debuted a new look on her Instagram, and we barely recognized her! Her face is chopped and screwed almost as bad as Lil’ Kim’s.

In case you forgot, this is what K used to look like:


Do you think she looks better before or after plastic surgery?


  1. The insecurity of black women is really rife. It’s a sad state of affairs for the modern black woman. We’ve got a LOT of work to do.

    K Michelle will likely be forgotten about within the next 3 years anyways.

    • Hollywood does not equal the AVERAGE black woman. Pretty much ALL the sistas I see are NATURAL ON A REGULAR. I travel up and down the East Coast and RARELY SEE WEAVES ANYMORE.. so MISS ME WITH THAT HOLLYWOOD BULLSHIT

      • When I see Mrs Changs Beuty supplies shutting down all over the country, I will believe your bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How is it a story about ONE black woman turns into an issue with ALL Black women?

  2. ^^^ THIS ^^^
    But one thing….Scott Duncan & Nathan Blecharczyk do NOT know who the hell K. Michelle is. I won’t bother to tell you who they are other than they’re companies are clients of mine & they’re in her age group. She is quite UNKNOWN in many circles already & doesn’t need 3 yrs to be forgotten!

  3. HEIL HOLLYWOOD! Turning all these niggas WHITE! 😛 Btw, can’t excessive skin bleaching lead to skin cancer? Also, if you continue to have extensive plastic surgery, won’t you have to stay on some type of pain medication? Well, that’s what they get-superficial f*cks… 😛 😛 😛

    • Yes it does! That’s why I can’t be around UV light. Uterine and Cervical Cancer Survivor for 17 years!

  4. She looks like a black man auditioning for rupaul’s drag race. She looking really trannish. She’s a sad human being this bitch will never be happy with herself.

  5. How do men choose when everyone looks alike. I have a theory that the surgery and blonde hair is to attract a black man cause that’s what they think he wants!

  6. These doctors are f*cking up black women faces got then all looking like trannies

  7. Dang…she couldn’t even wait until the scars on her nose healed, before flaunting her new plastic…

  8. So, this is how K. Makemyfaceover is expected to be taken seriously? Between the plastic surgery and the song she has with Nick Cannon, I would say, no. Also, I hope she doesn’t think this craziness is going to get Idris back or keep the dentist around. If she’s still with him.

  9. This is why I can’t take her seriously….U know more about her plastic surgeries and messy love life than her actual music

  10. But here’s the truth. Lil Kim still got her complexion. That is makeup on her face! Oh there are recent pics having makeup applied.

  11. The original was prettier until her soul got sucked out. It’s like Katherine Hellmond getting her face stretched out in the movie Brazil. She looks great as a mannequin.

  12. You’d never guess that she’s actually very talented. If she came out in the 90s, she wouldn’t be doing all this.

  13. Looks more like Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner with her plastic face- not her original face.

  14. she looks like a black woman imitating a white woman imitating a black women…. look for our baby girls to follow suit… she falls into the nigger category for leading the way down this path

  15. she looks like a black woman imitating a white woman imitating a black woman… lost her mind… look for our baby girls to follow suit.. she falls into the nigga category for leading the way down this slippery slope…

  16. All K needed to do was remove those ass implants and get rid of those bad wigs. Her color, nose and lips were fine before.

  17. K is bipolar she don’t know what gender she is she don know if she likes men, women. Black or white guys

    She thought she was a mermaid one time Im like bitch to the sea with you and tell Sebastian the crab I said what’s up

  18. K.Michelle look like a geisha girl face is tore up from the floor up beat down from the beatdown , the doctor that did her face is her baby’s daddy I hope not

  19. She looks like a black kim k. She looks better now. She needs to stop tho before she really messes her face up

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