Halle Berry Launches Lingerie Line


Halle Berry just turned 50 and fabulous on August 14, and she’s celebrating by launching a lingerie line.

The actress announced the news on her Instagram page with a behind the scenes photo of her dripping wet in a T-shirt and some panties on. She may be cray cray, but she’s lookin’ damn good, right?!


The line is called Scandale Halle Berry, and the website (which is under construction), describes the pieces as lingerie for “real women” with “real curves.”

Who’s buyin?


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  2. The Scandale project seems to have taken an awfully long time to get underway & fully launched. Not sure what’s going on with the IT work on her site but I’m happy for Halle & wish her much success on this venture. I think it’s going to do great!?

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      • Uh, Mariah does like girls.

        I dunno about Halle. I don’t think Halle likes sex with anyone.

        • I don’t give a f*ck what they like…it is still a MF dreaming of skanky tales.

    • Can’t keep a man? Half the men Halle had shouldn’t of been kept!
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