Prince’s Record Label Sues Jay Z


Prince’s record label, NPG Records, just filed a lawsuit against Jay Z and Roc Nation for illegally streaming the late singer’s music.

Prior to his death, Prince signed a deal for Roc Nation to stream his last album through Tidal.

But according to NPG, Roc Nation didn’t just stream Prince’s last album, they started streaming his whole music catalog!

NPG says none of it was authorized and now, they’re suing Roc Nation for copyright infringement. They also want to block any music, except for the final album, from being streamed on Tidal.

There’s no dollar amount on the lawsuit, but sources say it would be a huge payout in NPG’s favor.


  1. So CACs kill one rich black man to take his money back. And now they’re trying to destroy another, and take his money back.

    CAC devils gonna CAC devil.

    • Fuck em. These real coons are NOT worth saving. They made those “deals” in exchange for money, power and riches beyond their wildest dreams; completely forgetting that their puppet masters can do as they will, taking away their shit if they so much as step out of line. And Jay Z has stepped out of that line some where. If he keeps it up, he’ll really get a “humbling” experience. I hope they milk Jay dry.

  2. Jay and bey killed me all the white ass they kissed to be in their spot you know those white folks ain’t gonna let u f*ck with prince money

    Anyway Orlando brown said something in vladtv about the devil came and collected prince debt and that he was getting death threats and said some weird things about Michael Jackson and the kim staged being robbed

  3. I would still like to know what Jay and his cohorts were thinking when they invested in that sinking ship. I bet Tidal figured no one would come for them stealing Prince’s music after he died. They probably thought he had no heirs.

    • They know. Hell Jay went so far and flew Tyka and her husband and Prince’s brother n law and former bodyguard to New York to buy his un-released music for 50 million!!! Prince is REALLY WORTH AT LEAST 3 BILLION DOLLARS! Not 300 million, but 3 BILLION DOLLARS!!! THAT VAULT IS A DIAMOND AND PLATINUM MINE!!!????

      • You’re right Da, I forgot about Jay trying to low ball his family a couple of weeks ago. Do you know how much UMG paid for Prince’s music?

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