Mary J Blige Reveals the Reason Behind Her Divorce


When Mary J Blige filed for divorce from Kendu Issacs in July, she gave the same excuse of “irreconcilable differences” that most Hollywood celebs use.

But the singer is now ready to open up on the real reason that her marriage of 12 years came to an end.

Mary gave an interview to Good Morning America, and said the reason for the divorce was a lack of respect.

“The breaking point was when I kept asking over and over and over again for respect and to be respected. And it just seemed like I was beating a dead horse,” Mary J Blige

Mary said talking to Kendu was like talking to a wall, and since he wasn’t ready to meet her needs, she knew she had to “save” herself.

Peep the interview:

Do you blame her for leaving?


  1. She is finally doing something for herself.

    By the way, that singing and interview of Hillary Clinton, please don’t ever do that again.

  2. She should have realized that before wasting 12 years…

    Shit that MF looks like garbage, I cannot imagine he has any redeeming qualities.

    • Uh No…she is doing the right thing.

      Women need to realize they can do bad by themselves…time to take out the trash and move on.

    • The man she got was a disrespectful cheater that thought that it was he right as a man to put his dick in as many pussies as possible while he was married and have his wife fund it and turn a blind eye. Why would anyone stay with that??

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  3. How the airline stewardess ratted out Wendy’s ass! Lmao! It’s on

  4. Congrat’s to Mary for making a decision solely based on what she is not going to deal with just to be married. I think just because a person was lucky enough to marriage someone who afforded them a better lifestyle shouldn’t mean a person has to keep them that way. This man wasn’t born with a silver spoon so Mary should have the right to take the silver spoon she provided for him back. Also, if a person is not smart enough to start making more money for themselves after being surrounded by big money makers, then that is their loss.

  5. Notice, how she never said HOW he disrespected her.

  6. im sure he disrespected her in all manners..
    he probably was flaunting his dalliances in her face

  7. every time she has an album coming out there is DRAMA……is it a coincidence? I don’t think so

  8. She divorced him as soon as she got proof that a TRANSEXUAL was the next bitch. Keyshia Cole divorced that faggot Booby for the SAME reason! males nowadays love to get gaped up the butttttttt by macho masculine niggaz! so Ladies, please check your man’s bootyhole AND their entire background check…… LMFAO

    • Thanks for the info, but in this case it really did not matter the reason.

      She should have never been with him in the first place.

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