Apollo Nida’s Fiancée Gets Blasted by Her Ex-Husband!


Now that Apollo Nida’s fiancée has been revealed as a New Jersey real estate agent named Sherien Almufti, all of her dirty secrets are being exposed!

Sherien’s ex-husband, Derrick Copes, spilled the tea to Radar Online. He says he and Sherien have been divorced for two years, they share a daughter together, and he’s not happy about this prison romance!

According to Derrick, he stopped paying $450 a month in child support because Sherien has refused to stop taking their daughter to the federal pen to visit Apollo.

“My daughter is eight years old, she is not happy to go into a prison. If you want me to give you money, I will, but at the same time you have a responsibility to our daughter.” – Derrick Copes

Derrick doesn’t care if Apollo is in his daughter’s life, he’s only concerned about the prison visits.

“She took my daughter out of school a week an half ago to go to Atlanta to film. Who takes their kid out of school to go film when it’s not educational? That is not good parenting.” – Derrick Copes

This lady has lost her damn mind over some prison peen smh, but why does the child have to suffer just because the mama’s a dummy?


  1. The ex husband better pay that child support before he ends up in a cell next to Apollo.

    She is doing this because she wants to be on a reality show.

  2. Listen. The mother of your kids being a dodo bird does not relinquish your responsibility to pay child support. “My baby mamas useless so I’m not raising my child” IN WHAT WORLD?! So childish on his part. What he needs to do is take her to court, prove child negligence on her part & get full custody. In the meantime he needs to pay that child support.

  3. Her ex-husband appears to be very controlling. I see one reason why the marriage ended. He uses things to try and control her actions. In another blog, he berated her and called her awful names. He is abusive and arrogant. Derrick Copes seek mental help, ASAP! And, pay your child support!

    • She cheated on him and exposes his child to really questionable things and that is why he is pissed… That chick is a piece of work and not in a good way. Very thirsty. But I won’t say anything else

      • Well he needs to take the advice of the previous poster, Sarah:
        “What he needs to do is take her to court, prove child negligence on her part & get full custody.”
        And, be brave, tell us more of what you “know”…since you are one who knows…

        • @Anon 16:22– Boy/Girl, I live in the land of lawsuits and libel so I always watch what I say about celebs–even the wannabees. What I will say is this. Some people are crazy and some people are really, really crazy. So crazy that you have to be careful and pacify them because they will take that crazy out on the one you love. And before anyone will know about it, it will be too late cause they give a GREAT game and don’t look the type. Also, birds of a feather flock together. Also, stalkers are real and they want what you have and want to be who you are.

          • Anon, 16:22–Also, beware of opportunists, cause they will use dangerous people to hurt you and use your so called “friends” to present it to you. And lastly, Don’t owe big-headed people money cause they can be real nasty about it and revenge for them is sweet and super mean.

            • Thank you, onewhoknows! I understand now. And, I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. I “know” who you are now… God bless you and your family!

            • Those so-called “friends” will get theirs soon. It will come down on them hard…harder than what they put out. Just sit back, cross your legs and watch it happen.

          • Yeah, my husband says be careful of folks who “admire” your life, as the only way they can have your life, is if you’re not in it. Some will do whatever it takes to have your life…

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  5. I just hope she’s an overall upgrade from Phaedra. She certainly is looks wise. I consider Phaedra an ugly person inside & out. I stopped watching RHOA because of her extra wannabe ass. 😛

    • She’s not an upgrade. Just another opportunist who is being conned by Apollo. Better believe that she is running his business for free and making money for him while he fills her head with ideas of being the new RHOA housewife. What an idiot.

      • Hell her whole entire appearance looks better than Phaedra!!! She got a body to die for.


    • Maybe that is all the court said he has to pay cause she is bringing money in. Child support payments are based on a few things. You can contest that if the other parent is bringing in a good amount of cash. Stop bashing this guy cause the chick is light-skinned. She’s f*cked up for taking the child out of school to film for a trashy reality show and brings the child to prison to visit her jailbird boyfriend and it’s not the child’s father. If this chick was dark you all would be all over her.

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