Angelina Jolie Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt

angelina jolie divorce brad pitt

Angelina Jolie is pulling the plug on her marriage to Brad Pitt…and she has officially filed for divorce.

The actress filed the legal documents on Monday, and she cited “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the breakup.

Sources told TMZ the divorce has to do with Brad’s style of parenting. She feels he’s too extreme with his methods. The actress also became “fed up” with Brad’s consumption of weed and possibly alcohol. When mixed together, it gave him “anger problems.” So, to protect her children, she decided to leave.

They also want to make it clear there’s no “third person” involved in the decision to divorce. But judging by their history, we find that hard to believe…

Angelina wants physical custody of the couple’s six kids, and she wants Brad to have visitation.

The couple reportedly separated on September 15, 2016, and Angelina isn’t asking for any spousal support.

Although they have been together since 2004, they barely got married in August 2014.

Is this Angelina’s karma for stealing Brad from Jennifer Aniston?


  1. How you got him is how you lose him cheat with him he cheats on you that's the story.

  2. When are people going to stop with that "she stole Brad Pitt". You can't steal a person away. He went to her. Also Jennifer Aniston has been riding the coat tail of being the "dumped wife" for over ten years now. Everyone knows their marriage was over before Brad hooked up with Angelina. Brad just let Jen save face.

    • Ange definintely wasn't innocent either. Going after a married person is wrong. No excuses.

      • She did not go after him. Sometimes people fall in love, lust whatever and it is what it is. Same thing happened with tom hanks & rita, they were married to other people when they did a movie and wound up divorcing their spouses for each other & are still together.

        Sometimes it works and more times it does not. Like the OP said that marriage to jen had been over they just had not divorced yet.

        People have been waiting for 12 years for this break up, now they got it.

        • You wait for the other person to get divorced then you date or whatever. If you know Angies history you KNOW she went after brad. Karrine steffans is bad but angie is a woman in love? Go to a white blog like tmz and go preach that BS

        • And PS. just because rita and tom are still together doesn't mean there isn't filth going on in there.

          • These are grown ass people they do whatever they want and live with the consequences.

            No one here or on this earth is any one else's moral judge, because last I heard no one on this earth is an 100% sin free saint.

            • @ Anon 11:23-Don't have to be a sin free saint or a moral judge to know the difference between right and wrong and point it out. @Sarah is right. When you do wrong, you might get wrong. That is the consequence they have to live with.

              • Which means no one can tell anyone else what is right or wrong for them when it comes to relationships.

                You live with your choice and if their choice is wrong, they obviously find that out.

              • Bull. We live in a society that judges between right and wrong everyday and tells people what do. We have norms and laws that say how we should respond and behave in relationships for a reason. Brad should have waited to be separated before he took up with Angie. Your argument is the argument of cowards and the selfish. Just cause you want to do something doesn't make it right or mean you should do it.

              • and I hate when people say they "live with their choices" because usually there are other people around them that have to suffer and live with the aftermath of whatever dumbass choice "they" made and pick up the pieces of the crap that is left behind.

              • We also live in a world where as an adult people have a choice to make bad decisions.

                You live and learn, so let these people live and learn.

              • So….. I can make the bad decision to murder you and then say in the end I had to "live and learn"? That is why we have rapists, murders, peophiles and the like..cause this society teaches the lie that you "live and learn" and are free to make whatever bad decision that you want with little repercussions. That is why most people don't speak up against wrong–cause no one wants to take a stand. Meanwhile, other lives are affected other than the "wise" adult who makes the dumbass decision.

              • Anon 11:23 Please stop being a hypocrite and quoting the Bible while you support deplorable behavior. I was merely stating my opinion, which I am free to do. And no I don't have ADD, nor am stupid– I was giving an answer that was in complete context to what you were saying. Obviously, it went over your head so I won't expand on it. I am not a heroin addict, nor am I an adulterer, so maybe I do have a right to say what I want about this issue.

              • Bitch you do not know what I support, since your reading comprehension & skills are shitworthy.

                And you are ADD you ignorant bastard.

              • You are a sad person. I wish nothing for you…This will be my last response to you, so you can get the last word, you pathetic piece of skin. This seems to be the one bright spot in your dull life. I don't care about you or what you support. You are a faceless nothing in a comment section. And that is where I will leave you.

              • LMFAO…everything you said applies to you…look in the mirror moron and then write hypocrite on your five-gallon head.

                And if I am all you say I am why the f*ck are you replying…f*cking ignorant bitch.

              • Angie engaged with Brad in the act of adultery, which until recently was a crime (I think in some Southern states it still is).

                Judgment and judging are two different things. Angie was a heroin addict. I don't think she had any morals to begin with.

          • Exactly Sarah. When you see something like this, know that it started at least 5 years earlier.

        • Neither one of them should of been falling in anything as he was a MARRIED MAN. And whether she or he want to admit it or not, they had an affair. I, for one, never expected it to last.

    • You are right, no matter what these "my shit don't stink," but we all know it does, people say.

              • I can only learn by watching so show me the technique you use to suck off your dad every night.

            • Be original…wait you have to have a brain for that.

              I am sure he taught you well enough already, since you are so into learning…

              • Good comeback!!! That was the most original piece of wording I have every seen. You must me some kind of Rhode Scholar or something. Please don't waste your talents on this site. It's time for the world to see your remarkable skills.

              • I know you have nothing else worth a damn to say…take head to your father's bed, trailer park.

  3. I believe there is a lot more to this story. In Hollyweird, you are told who to marry and how long the marriage should last.

    They are all freaks. Jennifer Aniston is a nobody who needs to get a life.

    Maybe Brad just want to spend the rest of his life with George Clooney

  4. Celebrities are narcissists. That's why they get into Hollywood. No way they're going to sacrifice their ego for the greater good when they came to Hollywood to be worshiped in the first place. They're only fooling themselves to think they can have a normal marriage when their life is anything but. They get women thrown at them every second. The ones who do have long marriages have agreements where swinging is allowed.

    • Thank you!!!!!!!! I wish people would get and understand that hollyweird plays by a different set of rules
      They are not normal like regular soceity

  5. All I can remember about Angie is when those pix leaked of her doin' dope. I never saw her in the same light again.

  6. Angelina was thrown into early menopause when she had a partial hysterectomy. Speaking as a post menopausal woman, I don't have the tolerance for bull ? like I used to. She's probably had enough of Brad's crap!

  7. People forgot the disgusting tramp Ange was before she cleaned up her image and started adopting kids from all over. #smh

    • @Sarah!…No she wasn't a tramp!…She was, and still is a heroin addicted whore!…

      • Really?? Didn't know that, I thought she stopped with that nonsense years ago. I hope you are wrong BQ, for those kid's sake…

        • Its just in pill form now!…Opiates are always on deck at her home!…Those children are being abused!…They never love or care for children, they just continued to create monsters,and psychopaths that are devoid of empathy! They're the next generation of goons, that are going to run the industry, and program other poor children, to do the same!

            • @Scorpiess!….Yeah she definitely has an eating disorder, amongst other things!….She has also flipped the genders of her natural children, much like Will and Jada's nervous kids!

  8. Angie's people have already started making him look bad. I imagine this is how Kim will do Kanye when their turn comes lol.

  9. These aren't just regular everyday people!…They're apart of a Cabal!…They don't exist in a mundane level, like moist do!…They have an agenda, and they're consistent, because they enjoy having control!…They aren't these lucky people, that just made it in the industry!…Remember Angelina kissed her own brother passionately in the mouth publicly!….And this is a person, that you'll believe is well enough to raise children!?????Okaaaaaay!

    • Angela is allegedly a very high level rank in that organization and call a lot of shots
      Also I heard she is some type of UN type of Ambassodor rep they send other countries for whatever "humanitarian " reason(s)

      • @Anon19:41! Yes baby, that's true!…That's why they adopt all of these foreign children, because they abuse them, f*ck them up mentally, and then when they're older, they send them back to their Nations to run them!…The Devil has mastered the game, they're great Chess players!

      • @Chris!…No, her father used to rape her, let's not play with it!…He forcefully penetrated, his own child!…He also encouraged incest, between she, and her brother!…

          • She had a fascination with knifes and pretty much said so in previous interviews. And it was rumored that she was into knife play in the bedroom–complete with blood and cutting while she was getting down. Remember her and Billy Bob use to wear vials of each other's blood?

  10. Wonder if this is some sort of financial ploy because I read on another site a while back that the woman is very very sick and may not have much time left. This is why she got married in the first place. IDK but sometimes rich folks divide shit up so the tax man and the others don't get it.

  11. Jolie looks sick! I don't know what she has or what she uses, but that white bitch looks sick!

  12. Remember Jolie is the woman who said she had a crush on her own brother. White people in hollywood are f*cking weirdos!

  13. I don't think Brad will fight this. He could throw all manner of accusations at her: her heroin use and her anorexia, but somehow I don't think he will – although it is low of her to accuse him of being a pisshead stoner who can't keep his pecker in his pants. Wasn't she rumoured to be seeing some old artist guy? She is not faithful either but who is in Hollyweird? If someone in the industry wants to f*ck your wife / husband you can't really object.

  14. Come on now. It didn't take her all these years and a tribe of children later to determine she didn't like his parenting skills. She's getting a dose of her own medicine in that he's more than likely CHEATING ON HER ASS. She just doesn't want folks to call her out on how she got him.

  15. Angie drunks blood and into witchcraft she raised her daughter to be gay and her dad said he was a proud father while he watched her kiss her brother

  16. Payback is a dish served cold, lol she lost him how she got him, wonder what is running through Jen's mind right about now?!??

    • Jen cheated with Justin Theraux – so – it's Hollywood. Everyone a ho. Ain't no saints cause they all sinners.

            • You mad because you have no friends and only your dad will give you attention, while he is using as a trash can?

              I guess I would be too, if I were in your situation… 🙂

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              • You have not made one real comeback and we are talking about you being your father's trash can, wait let me put in terms you would understand…cumdumpster.

          • Besides, if I die then you will be all alone on this comment section. Then who would you harass?

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              • I'm sure you are wrong about that…You would certainly miss me. Why so mean, sweetheart? I made one comment about you hours ago and you have started this silly war. Nice to see that you are easily manipulated, but in truth it was a comment. Get over it.

              • You are still here "trying" to talk shit too, so you must be equally easy to ruffle… when you STFU and move on so will I.

              • You are like a dog with a bone, huh. Well lucky for you I have to get ready for work… you know, the thing that you don't do. And later, I'll be spending time with people that love me. Other than you, of course. So have a good day, stop being holier than thou, cut back on the aggression and try a sense of humor. I'll be seeing you around, sport!

              • You would know all about being a dog with all the practicing on your father's bone, huh?

                Trust no one really loves you, but you keep thinking that, inbred.

                And you won't be seeing me just the bottom of your pops sack.

        • Sweetie, Justin was in a 14 year relationship when he started f*ckin' wit Jennifer Anniston. They both dirty. People think Jen A is perfect cause she fool you with her white smile and straight hair. Bish is full on a ho, too. Don't get it twisted.

  17. So quickly people forget jen met her husband on a movie set and while he was living with his chick for eleven years. She surely had no problem getting with him although he was already taken….pffft.

    • IKR. HW is not right. They all do crazy things. Justin was in a relationship and Jen whisked him right off.

    • Correction he was with her fourteen yrs…yeah that aniston is soooo much better than jolie, (NEVER) lol.

      • People don't want to see that part. Gotta keep their bronzed blond bimbo high up on that mountain.

    • Is jen the subject of this post? Is it not ange and brad getting divorced? Kim kardashian does a whole lot of shit…does it mean we're gonna discuss her in this post. Please think…just think.

      • Are you that stupid to not understand the hypocrisy of people talking shit about jolie when this bitch he was married to did the exact same shit with her current husband? You should, especially since you are one of the main ones spouting that it is wrong to cheat shit on here.

        • I'm not saying jen is innocent but Jolie does this ALL THE TIME and THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT HER, NOT JEN.

        • NO ONE said jen is innocent, quote the blogger who said Jen is innocent….I'll wait.

  18. People need to remember that Angelina went after Billy Bob thornton when he had a fiance, she went after Olivier Martinez when he was with kylie and kylie had CANCER and of course you all know how she got brad. This is a habit and anyone defending this trick is only doing so because she is white. Somehow superhead is wrong as hell but angelina "fell in love". Please… she's never had a man who was single when he met her. She's nothing but a spoiled white trash anorexic crackhead to me.

  19. All these comments are something else…I'm just seeing people jump through hoops, insult each other just to defend a white trashy thot! LMAO black people amaze me sometimes!
    Anyway in other news, Brads side chick is PREGNANT. This is too tasty…too tasty.

      • Did I defend her?? Because my issue is the defense of her shit. Just answer that one question and expose your lack of reading comprehension. Go on…make my day.

          • "her" is Angelina in my comment. Reading Comprehension!!!! Can the USA secretary of education intervene dear Lord! LMAO!!!

  20. Yeah some black people are amazing, especially the ones who talk out of both sides of their mouth while caring so much about writing paragraphs about the very trash they say means nothing.

  21. The conclusion today is that America's education system is in need of a massive overhaul. The level of reading comprehension is abysmal. Jesus!

  22. The conclusion is some people are so blinded by their own hate, they have no idea how blinded they are by it as well as how they make themselves look like imbeciles making their non-points are, lol.

  23. Somebody clear up this rumor; Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were f*ck buddies on the set of the movie Interview With A Vampire. True or false?

    • No one really cares. They both have had to do strange things for some change in hwood one got turned out & uses scientology as a front. The other tried to maintain some kind of normalcy by creating a family both scenarios = fail.

  24. I have seen Brad naked and trust me, she won't be missing much, he has a tiny dick.

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