Kanye West Serenades Fan Who Brought Him to Tears

kanye sings fan tears

At Kanye’s Miami stop on his Pablo tour, a concertgoer moved him to tears.

The fan caught Yeezy’s attention after she was spotted in the crowd wearing an R.I.P. Donda West T-Shirt, and she had a Kanye-inspired tattoo on her forearm.

Kanye got emotional after he spotted her. He asked the fan for her name, and when she replied “Crystal,” he began to serenade her in front of the entire crowd.

It was a sweet moment, don’t you agree?


  1. How in the F#@* did he see her tatoo and or shirt from the elevated stage..He couldn't hear her when she screamed her name….GTFOH

  2. Staged! I've been to his show its dark as f*ck and he's 20 feet or more in the air. He can't see a damn soul let alone a girl in a Donda West shirt. Nice try Mr. West

    • See!..They think we're all stoopid, and can't see through this flagrant shit!

  3. Can't stop the crazy from leaking out. Rantyeezie's done. The Kallasbassass Klowns got him twisted

  4. Fake as f*ck. And of course he picked a mixed looking light skin chick. Fuck Kanye he hates black women.

    • Yeah all those weird looking black gay nerds he used to have around him wearing those tight ass jeans like Nas said jay z and his crew rocked fellas ask beanie, and Pharrell, and Swizz beatz and all those southern dudes puff and JH at was signing only because the south was popping and the new York cars like jay and puff and the rest wanted to make money off them

  5. It's all marketing strategy, now Some girls if not all that attends his concert will end up buying one of his product just to get recognized.

  6. Heard him say he can shoot lasers out his eyes now he's been watching too many x men flicks

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