Toni Braxton Hit With Huge Tax Lien

toni braxton tax lien

Another celeb has been popped for neglecting to pay their taxes. This time, it’s Toni Braxton who is being accused of refusing to pay close to $125K in back taxes in the state of California.

According to The Jasmine Brand, just two years after a judge discharged her second bankruptcy after she claimed she was $10 million in debt, the songstress still can’t get her finances in order.

According to the official California docs, the lien was filed on August 17th in the amount of $124,316.

If she doesn’t settle the balance ASAP, the state will begin seizing her property and assets.

WTF is wrong with these celebs? How hard is it to pay your damn taxes?!!!

Do you think Birdman will help Toni pay her tax bill?


    • I'm about sick of this BITCH!! She's not even trying anymore. I think she's on a suicide mission and trying to leave as much debt before she eats a bottle of pills. You know she's cRaZY messing with Birdman. You KNOW Toni has lifelong fans and can make *some* money anytime she wants.

      Its almost like she's just said Fuck 'Em I'll do what I want forget the IRS. She's living in La La land like nothing matters. First I felt sorry for her. Then I felt bad for her. Then I was like WASSUP with That Toni!? Now I just want the IRS to 'Wesley Snipes' her ass and LOCK HER UP!! Somebody needs to shake her into the real world. This Shit is Pitiful!!

  1. i told you these black celebs are going down i told you they don't control their wealth all that shit you see on forbes is bullshit everyday a black celeb or whomever is getting hit with taxes they are going to take them down very hard you hear me.

    • @Stephen!…..Absolutely correct!….When we were saying that on other threads, people were talking shit and denying it!…You can't tell me that we're not being targeted!

  2. we are headed for another crash this time will be the last the last time so if i was you you better get ready. next year 2017 expect a lot of crazy shit

    • 2016 was the year of revelations. Black celebs have terrible accountants who are setting them up to fail. It is a damn shame that we believe a certain sect (read: God's supposedly chosen) can do a perfect job. Hell naw, they are causing these celebs to pay the taxes for California that they get away with not paying.

      Toni is done though. A bankruptcy discharge does not exclude alimony, child support, student loans or tax liens.

  3. Also, "just two years after a job discharged her second bankruptcy"

    HSK: don't you mean two years after judge discharged her second bankruptcy?

    Anyway, she's done. You can only file for bankruptcy every seven years. She need to save some money and manage it better. She need to stop having plastic surgery, skin lightening treatments and fake hair and nail extensions. That shit costs a lot of money.

  4. That's not a lot for a 'star' to owe, but if she doesn't handle it quickly it will become a problem.
    Interesting how the tax info is being leaked all over the place on black folks. Where the white folks with tax arrears at? What they owe?

  5. They need to stop buying mansions, and living in certain neighborhoods!…I know that's what they're used to, but it's not conducive to their current financial standings!…Accounts aren't needed, count your own money, because the accountant is robbing them blind!…Nicole Murphy, Rihanna, NeNe leeks, etc etc were ruined by accountants, for millions! Oprah counts her own money, and writes every check, ever wonder why she does that!??

    • Typo!…NeNe wasn't ruined for millions, but she claims her accountants made an oversight! Nicole had 40 million dollars from Eddie Murphy divorce settlement, and her account stole more than half of that!… They know that Blacks are child-like in the mind, and we're all targeted because of that!…We have to be vigilant, and handle our own ASAP!

      • Our loving, kind, and peaceable nature, is what's truly set the forefront of our demise!…I know that we're not the worst people in the world, we're actually the exact opposite of that, but our methods of doing things have to change! I know that they won't on a mass scale, but this message is for those, that are smart enough to giive a f*ck!

        • Do we go to white accountants instead of our own because we have been lead to believe that they are the only ones who know what they're doing? We don't trust / value other blacks to do a good job and then we get taken to the cleaners anyway. If I was rich I would keep it all under the mattress ?

  6. I worked in banking for 16 years and the key is account for your own money. However if your going to have an accountant do not allow them access to your funds,do not make them a signer of your account. Do not allow them to write checks, make withdrawals or power of attorney. Just use them for tax preparation and tax advice.

  7. All I hope is that she doesn't give up any of her boys to "Birdman" or anyone else!

    • @Chris!…The eldest one does, but Baby face is a stand up man!…Kenneth and Toni are from the same tribe, they can pass for family!…???? Chris I Love You! I swear, you are something else!…

  8. If she'd sell that damn SUV Birdman brought her she could pay her back taxes…..SMDH! #SillyHaux

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