Nikki Mudarris Leaks Gender of Joseline Hernandez’s Baby

nikki muddaris joseline hernandez baby gender

If you thought Joseline Hernandez was just bloated after eating one too many Chipotle burritos, you were wrong. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star really does have a baby growing in her womb.

Even though Joseline has kept quiet on the gender of her baby, Nikki Mudarris accidentally spilled the tea during an interview with VH1.

“She said I hope this child has my genes and I was like ‘well b***, she gon’ be beautiful. It’s a girl. She’s very content…” – Nikki Mudarris

Joseline is still trying to convince us that Stevie J. is the father, but Stevie denies those allegations. Even if Stevie decides not to step up, at least Joseline has Nikki to depend on.

“I told her I’m gonna be the father.” – Nikki Mudarris



  1. Stevie is gonna wished he had taken that DNA test. God knows he is going to regret it! That same child U turn away is the same child U are going to look in the face on your death bed. I betcha Joseliné's baby is the one that will more likely ia going to save his ass than the rest.

  2. I still say that this bitch is a weird science experiment!….I don't believe thast he's pregnant, and if he does have a child in his man pouch, I wanna know what poor Black woman's womb did they steal, and give an unnecessary hysterectomy to, in order to achieve this Nazi agenda?…. I ain't for the bullshit, that's is not a woman! Fuck what you heard!

    • Yo i dont know who you are but you be on point queen you are certainly aware of your surroundings real shyt

    • There was a story on mto last week with some scientists allegedly saying they were going to make artificial wombs for men and trangenders to carry babies
      1 poster asked was the babies going to be artificial too?

      • Yeah I read that ten years ago that they was trying to find a way to impregnate men

  3. Don't you non believers know that Beyonce and only Beyonce can get pregnant and have a baby by just thinking about it Beyonce doesn't need a man's seed she can conceive when she gets ready

    Beyonce oh queen Sasha forgive them for they not know what they do

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