“Bring It” Dance Coach Arrested for Exposing Teen to HIV


john conner III bring it arrestedJohn Conner III, the dance coach on the Lifetime reality show “Bring It,” was arrested in Memphis on Friday for criminal exposure to HIV, soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor, and statutory rape by an authority figure.

John, who was 26 at the time, and the victim who was 16, met on social media last year and arranged to meet up. They had unprotected sex several times and also sent each other texts that included nude photos and discussions of sexual activity.

John took to his Facebook to deny the allegations.

john conner III bring it arrested

bring it dance coach teen hiv arrested


  1. that show bring it is nothing more than a child molester dream these mothers are pimping out their daughters for fame it would be nothing for them to sell their daughters out to hollywood

    • i don;t watch the show i took a peek and was digusted as a man i couldn't do my girls like that these hood rat mothers. black women let me ask you something? why every "reality" show they have you as a loud mouth woman think about that.

      • Most of the ratchet reality housewife shows are WHITE WOMEN so shut your stink ass mouth!

      • @Stephen why do hood rat down low black male jailbirds deliberately infect black women with the HIV and AIDS virus?, you gaslighing moron.

        BW swirl the least and have HIV aids the most thus it's black male punk asses infecting them. Stay on topic or expect to get handled.

    • Yooo, great observation. i didn't catch that.
      dudes are mad thirsty nowadays.
      he definitely should know better.
      not a day goes by that my eyes
      are not briefly drawn to some firm,
      incredibly shapely, scantily clad female
      body on the train—only to learn moments
      later (after she turns to my direction)
      that oftentimes she is as "fresh-faced"
      and GULLIBLE as my 13yo niece. Its
      embarrassing, i'm a man tho… all i can
      do is Ctrl + Alt + Delete any thought, vision,
      image or utterance that has tried to burn
      itself into my psyche and move on.
      this dude sounds like a kid predator tho.

    • i never blame black women but they do play a part in this they so are happy to have their daughters on televison so they get a little bit of fame they don't care look at all of the hollywood child stars this has nothing to do with race. and allow a man like this around them what do you expect to happen those are dressed like hookers and that's entertaining

      • @Stephen!…Facts!…What kind of mother promotes a life of entertainment, I'll tell you, one who lives vicariously through their child!…Aka- a pathetic loser, that's trying to recapture the lost aspects of their youth, by pimping out their children!…Its sad to say, but most Black women today are pretty stoopid, selfish, and they just don't get it, when it comes to this reality that we exist in!

      • Absolutely nothing but facts ? Just listen to Corey Feldman. Who in their right mind would allow their child anywhere near Hollywood or any TV studio anywhere? Just a simple search online would allow you to make the correct descision regarding the welfare of your kids. Some mothers just don't care and some factor it in as part of making it in the industry. Shaking my head.

      • Exactly. Many black women are straight up f*cked in the head, and it's permeating the culture and influenced its most vulnerable subjects- the children, namely our young girls. Whenever I hear of stories like this, black women are usually the first ones to come out and defend this bullshit to the point where I just sit in awe.

        • Why is it that every damn body in the world thinks they can walk a mile in a black woman's ass whenever they take a notion to?

          You got a slew of white mamas making their baby girls up to look like painted up whores and throwing them in "beauty" pageants…hello Jon Benet, Honey Boo Boo, etc…and I don't hear you ripping their mamas for it.

          If the truth be told, the entertainment world isn't the only culprit when it comes to exploiting kids. Kids aren't "safe" doing much of anything these days. They're being molested by priests in church, coaches on sports teams, etc.

          So let's not turn this into a black women ain't shit thing because if more black fathers stuck around to help raise their children they could squash a lot of the mess going on with their children.



    • No! That is a majorette dance group. How do U think that those girls be on college bands started dancing at? Shows like Bring It…Hello? Also, Coach Dee helping them girls to win scholarships and be prepared to either go to college or get a regular job.Those parents are not exploiting those kids. They are keeping them busy, stating out of trouble, and give them a positive vision about life in general. These majorette groups are very popular in the South. I don't see nothing wrong.

  2. Most people today are bat shit crazy!…The women "seem" worse, because in the midst of all the madness, we're stuck holding the proverbial bag, I e raising the children, holding down the fort at home, and at work!…Black woman wantvasn easdy out, and an easy fix to our day to day existences!.. Most women are unbalanced, because the men aren't pulling their weight, their just exploiting, and objectifying us!

    • BQ… Knock off this racist generalizing of Black women or you will be banned! You are wrong on every levels. Either you are a troll or have a seriously flawed character.

  3. Pimpin is the oldest game in the world. We just get to watch it on every channel nowadays instead of reading about it or visiting the show someplace in person.

  4. Y'all! John is gay. He down had sex with two of dancers from his squad. The this fool tried to killed himself before he went to turn himself in.

    • @DaRadiant!….Uuuuugh, we can see his brows, Chile!…Straight Niggas don't tweeze their brows!…and looks demented!…?

      • BQ…Ummmmm thats a lie! I should know. I have male hetero clients come to me and get there brow tweeze, wax, shave and pluck. My baby brother/ cousin ( our moms are identical twins, so we're are sibling cousins) damn sure he gets his shaved and he is straight.

        • @Daradiant1!…If you look like Sasquatch, I cacan understand getting your sdsdhit together, for the sake of grooming and hygiene, I get it! But these heterosexual, borderline homo ass Negroes ain't getting a pass over here soooo, I disagree boo!…Does your male family member eye brows look like his, and have an arch to them, like a 90's pop star?…If so they might be twisted, I'm just saying!…Now scroll back up, and look at this niggas brows again!…I don't do f*ck shit, and a lot of our people are gay, even if they choose not to tell us about their goings on!…I got live for you now, but C'mon shun?

          • @DaRadiant1!….I got Love for you!…I really need you to look at that pic, he's tweezing himself!…He didn't go to a professional for those brows, unless the professional, was his lil cousin Tootsie or something!

            • It's nothing wrong with getting your brows tweeze. I need a neat looking dude, not old man hairy were wolf! ??

  5. He turned himself in because he's guilty. There's a special place in he'll for people who hurt children.

  6. When Bring It first came on my little girl loved to watch it, after my Husband caught an episode and saw them squatting down shaking their butts that was the end of my daughter watching that show.

  7. The Dancing Dolls coach is an ex porn star so surely non of you thought that this was going to be a family oriented reality show. Matter of fact, can any of you name a reality show that you'd be ok letting your kids watch? I can't. And this is not a BLACK thing. This is a MONEY thing. This is about how much Money those Jhews in Hollyweird can make off exploiting you, your family, and anybody else desperate for money and fame.

    • But Diana did tell her kids about that happen when she was 19 years. The reason why she did that short stint because her family was really struggling. I forgot how bad it was, but it was bad to the point she needed to make some fast cash.

  8. No wonder The South has the highest HIV rates than any part of the US! It's sad I live in the South and this is why women sharing men! Cause men like John makea it so hard to find a good decent heterosexual man. Can U blame some of these chicks being side chicks, mistresses, girlfriends etc?

  9. Fuck this guy for real. Throw him under the bus and castrate him. Shit like this is unforgivable, and extremely heinous. Also notice how they never mentioned the gender of the 16 year old he molested? He was molesting a boy, and they might as well just drop the ball of truth on that one. Sick bastard.

    @the forum admin- why are my comments being deleted?

  10. This guy needs to go to prison to get real justice. Why couldn't he find a man his own age and then go find some condoms. He's a piece of sh&t and he can rot in the pen (in gen. pop.) for all I care.

    • @Anonymouse!…These gays don't want men their bown age, it's a disorder, that in most cases borders on pederasty, and that's what most Black folks don't want to deal with!…This shit ain't normal, and most middle aged homosexual men can't find a long term man, nobody wants an old asshole!.Do you?

      • No one wants an old beer belly man, with a baritone voice, moaning and staring them in the face!… Some old chewed out, diseased bottom, with the ass ring blown out, shit leaking out, because he doesn't have a grip, and its abscessed!.. No one wants to discuss this, it's an epidemic, and they can't find keepers, because its just a chosen lifestyle, of carnal desires! Its never going to bring about anything but pain, and desolation!

          • @Anonymouse!…And the truth, shall set you free!….Amend! Hallelujah!((Aunt Esther's voice)!??????

        • Sounds like you have been dealing with this all your life. Thank you for being honest about what your life is truly like. Try a Nerf Football to Plug your Ass Hole its just the right size and very absorbent

        • I'm not defending the lifestyle I just want to clarify. Being gay is not the same as being a pedofile. Men looking for underage boys is a entirely different problem that this guy has and unfortunately for the HIV thing nobody seems to care about getting it or transmitting it to others and that is in the homosexual and heterosexual life style.

          • Women should not have to worry about getting HIV unless the person they are with is on the dl…in which case they would not know to be worried.

            And there are same sex-oriented pedos, so in all cases they are not two different things.

      • lmao and they try to talk about women having no "walls" and being ran through XD

        • @Truman!….Okay!…We all know that most of these so-called men are competing with us, instead of going against their true enemies!…Soft targets, (women and children) are easy to attack with little to no recourse! No walls indeed, pieces of shit!

          • And you know BQ that is really the psychology of it: they are competing with women because they don't have their entire essence of manhood. Somewhere along the way it cracked. This is what this whole transgender thing is about: using men with a deformed gender spirit to attack, demoralize and defeat women.

            • @Mousey!….Exactly, you hit the nail on the head!….It's an attack against the female principle!….The Black female principle, the Archetype of humanity!….Caucasians are trisexuals by nature, so they don't count!…Its all about f*cking Blacks up!

              • What about the flurries and the bronies check those out they make the gays and lesbians look normal

  11. LMAO, well damn that's graphic! XD But yeah I definitely agree! And of course you don't hear black folks speaking on this. It'll just be another incident swept under the rug, just like the afrika bambooty situation. :/

    Negros never fail to amaze me…. And I don't mean that in a positive either.

  12. They should give this sick bastard the death penalty he will enjoy prison all those men trying to f*ck him and claim him it will be like Disney world to him! Child molestors should be executed I have no remorse for them! And that spelling wtf they no my past .. bitch while u in the pen getting done up & rehearsing for your new boyfriend read a book !

    • Agreed, he will enjoy prison…infecting more men who will come out and continue the white man's genocide cycle.

      He should be strung up, shot up, gassed, or fried died and laid to the side.

      • Kelly deserves to die and Mike is dead, sooo yeah the same is being said about them.

  13. Wats the appeal in sodomy..I'm straight I wouldn't even sodomize a female.its some sick wm ailment. First introduced From the Greeks and romans,and arabs to blk Africans .anus is meant for excretion.. If that dude did sodomize the kid while being hiv+..the chances of kid getting it is high.back door sex increases the odds of contracting.way higher than straight sex..(of course it can be contracted through Virginial sex but the ass is worse)

  14. I like the show and I think that Diana is helping them develop character (despite what she did her life previously). I saw some comments on black woman and reality shows and it not being good for girls. There are immoral people in all parts of live in all colors shapes and sizes. Little boys got assaulted at Penn State by a white man so we don't need to start beating up on each other because of this pervert.

    • Sad to say that is nice in theory….some people's self-hate on here is so deep they are clueless as to what is coming out of their warped minds. They might as well be playing for the other team.

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